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Lineage 2: Revolution Beginner’s Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats & Tricks You Should Know

After a very long wait, Netmarble Games, a company that gave us a number of popular mobile titles in the past such as Star Wars: Force Arena and MARVEL Future Fight, has finally released one of the most anticipated games of the year, Lineage 2: Revolution for iOS and Android devices! Lineage fans worldwide have been clamoring for a mobile version of the game, so they can take it wherever they go. Player prayers have been answered, and the game is better than what anyone could have imagined. Experience stunning, high quality graphics in a massive open world, that’s full of adventures. Create your own player and dive right into the action. You can choose to play solo, or join a clan and reap the benefits of camaraderie. Conquer numerous dungeons and explore different territories. Collect and upgrade epic equipment for your chosen class. There are so many things for you to do in the game that it can be overwhelming for any newcomer. Make sure you read our Lineage 2: Revolution beginner’s guide to help you get started on the right track.

1. Quests, Quests and More Quests

We cannot stress enough the importance of completing quests in Lineage 2: Revolution. The current maximum level that you can achieve is over 200. It will take you forever to reach the cap if you just grind. You will need the rewards you get from quests if you want to hit the level cap within this lifetime. Luckily, there are several types of quest available for you to complete. We have listed them below for your convenience.

Daily Quests

There are multiple Daily Quests available and you can complete up to 12 of them every day. These quests are rated from C to R. C quests are the easiest while R quests are the most difficult. Of course, the more difficult a quest is, the better the rewards. If you get a list of quests that you don’t really like, you can refresh them. For example, you are looking for R quests but all you got were a bunch of C quests, you can just refresh the list for free. Keep in mind that the free refresh turns can only be done up to three times per day. After that, you will need to pay 15,000 Adena per refresh. Don’t worry if you accidentally took an R quest that is too difficult for you. All Daily Quests are automatically completed after some time.

Weekly Quests

Weekly Quests are the ones you have for the entire week. You can complete up to 15 Weekly Quests per day, with a maximum of 105 per week. You can also gain additional rewards based on the number of Weekly Quests you complete. You will know if you are about to get an additional reward based on the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. You can also refresh Weekly Quests, but keep in mind that you only have two free chances to do so.

Quest Scrolls

As the name suggests, these are quests that you can get from scrolls. You can complete up to five scroll quests per day, but you will need to have scrolls in order to start them. You can get scrolls from Field Hunts, so try to collect as many as you can. It is a good idea to choose only high-grade scrolls since you only have five chances to do these per day. If you have a lot of low-grade scrolls, don’t worry. You can create a scroll that is one grade higher by combining five of the same grade.

2. Don’t Forget To Claim Rewards

Lineage 2: Revolution is pretty generous when it comes to rewards. You just need to remember to collect the various rewards whenever you can. You will know that a reward is waiting for you when you see a red dot in the menu icons. Listed below are some of the common rewards that you should regularly check.

Login Rewards

The game gives you prizes for simply logging in. There are daily, weekly, and monthly login rewards available. Aside from these, you also get rewarded for staying logged into the game. If you stay in-game for 10 minutes, you will get Einhasad’s Blessing which gives a 3x boost for Field Hunt and Extraction Experience. If you stay in-game for an hour, you will get a random equipment box which gives you Adenas and items.

Tower of Insolence Rewards

The Tower of Insolence can be climbed as you progress in the game. The opponents in each floor gets stronger as you go higher, so it is possible for you to be stuck in a certain level once in a while. That does not stop the rewards you get from the tower, however. You can auto-clear all the floors that you have already passed. This allows you to collect a lot of runes without having to progress in the tower.

Arena Rewards

The Arena allows you to test your strength against other players in Lineage 2: Revolution. The more victories you have, the higher your rank will be. The game gives you various rewards depending on your rank by the end of each day. Make sure you remember this because you will need to manually claim your rewards from the arena every day or they will go to waste.

3. Follow The Tutorial

A lot of players do not have the patience to listen to a game tutorial. In this game, however, it is crucial that you pay attention to everything. Since there are dozens of things for you to do in the game, it is important that you fully understand the basics, or you will end up getting lost, and missing out on numerous opportunities. As an added incentive for completing the tutorial, the game will reward you with various weapons, armor pieces, Soul Crystals, and more.

4. Hold On To Your Adena

Adena is the game’s regular currency. You can earn it through various means in the game, but you will still need to spend it wisely. There are a lot of things you can spend Adena on, and you will soon realize how easily you can go broke if you don’t reign in your expenses. One common mistake new players make is to spend too much on buying potions. The game has an auto-potion feature that consumes one potion whenever your health reaches 80%. Your health will go below 80% a lot of times in the early parts of the game but it won’t necessarily mean you need a potion. Make sure you go into the settings and change that percentage to less than 50%. The more potions you save, the less you will have to spend later on. In fact, you might not even need to spend on potions at all since you will often get these as quest rewards.

Another Adena trap is the game’s system for leveling up, combining, and upgrading equipment. You might not notice it right away, but if you always upgrade and combine equipment, you will run out of Adena quickly. While it is important to have good equipment, you should spend just enough on upgrades to help you get through your current quests. Try to keep at least 90,000 Adena in your pockets in case of emergencies.

5. Find An Active Clan

Clans are the game’s version of guilds. Joining one will give you numerous benefits, so it is important that you find an active one as soon as possible. Some Clan Rewards are dependent on how active all the members are, so don’t just settle for the first Clan that accepts you. If you find that most of the members of your Clan do not log in anymore, feel free to hop to a different one. We listed the different benefits you get from Clans for your reference.

Check In Rewards

This is one of the perks that get better the more active your Clan is. It rewards you with more Clan Coins and Adena the more members check in.

Clan Dungeon

These are special dungeons that are only available to Clan members. You can team up with your Clanmates in raiding these dungeons in order to get high-grade equipment.

Clan Coins

You can get Clan Coins by donating to the Clan. These special coins can be used in the Clan Shop to buy buffs, Elixir Essences, Soul Crystals, and more.

Clan Achievements

These are achievements that you can get by working together with the other member of your Clan. You can get great rewards from these, so make sure you always aim to complete these with your Clanmates.

6. Advancement Options Will Guide You

If you are struggling to progress in the game, there may be a few things that you have missed in terms of strengthening your character. When this happens, you can check the Advancement Options to figure out what else you can do to become stronger. Just go to the Character menu then choose Advancement to see what you are missing.

7. Choose The Right Traits

There are several traits in the game that can help you achieve the playstyle that suits you the most. The first type of trait is your character’s race. Each race has its own specialization. Humans are balanced creatures that can switch styles with ease. Elves are swift and agile, allowing them to easily maneuver in battle. Dark Elves deal a lot of damage, using dark powers to obliterate those who stand in their way. Lastly, Dwarves are tough, with tons of health.

The secondary traits in the game are called classes. Your character’s class can determine his aptitude for certain battle styles. Warriors are good in melee combat. Rogues are excellent with both bows and daggers. Mages are adept in using magic and healing.

8. Check Your Skills

While it may be fun to mix and match classes and races, keep in mind that skills are also affected by these traits. There are certain skills that are restricted depending on your character’s class and weapon equipped. Make sure you read up on the specifics of your skills, so you don’t end up getting caught off-guard in the middle of battle.

That’s everything you need to know in order to succeed in Lineage 2: Revolution! Remember everything you learned from the tips and tricks we shared with you to easily level up in the game!


Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

Great tips ! it would save a lot of time to those who are starting or maybe stucked in the game ! congrats