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LINE Games Launches Exciting Mobile CCG ‘Destiny Child’ on iOS and Android

One of the most anticipated mobile CCG games of the year, Destiny Child, has just been officially released in 164 countries worldwide. The game received great feedback during its earlier releases in Japan and Korea, sparking the interest of players from around the globe. It is now available in five different languages, including English, Chinese, and French.

destiny child

Destiny Child was developed by LINE Games in collaboration with SHIFTUP. The game follows the story of a Demon King candidate who winds up in the mortal world along with his three loyal succubi. The game’s protagonist must then recruit more followers called Childs and assemble a team in order to make his way back to the top. Players can progress through the main plot or explore the individual stories of each Child.

The game features Live 2D technology which animates characters as though they are living and breathing on screen. This is one of the things that sets Destiny Child apart from the typical CCG that normally features static portraits of collectible characters. To top it all off, the game also features artworks from world-famous illustrator, Hyung-tae Kim. Artwork has become such a crucial part of the game’s development that it has regularly held illustration competitions for its Korean and Japanese versions. Members of the Destiny Child community were also invited to participate in offline artwork exhibits, further reinforcing art in its core.

In terms of gameplay, players are given several game modes to explore in Destiny Child. These include scenario-based quests for players who prefer to follow the stories, and PVP battles like Devil Rumble for the more competitive members of the community. The game also offers daily missions like Underground and Event Dungeon where players can earn various rewards.

Destiny Child introduced the Devil Fiesta event during its global launch on December 6. The event gives players the chance to earn valuable prizes like a 5-star character summon scroll and 10,000 onyx. These are great rewards that will help players get a head start in the game.

Destiny Child can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store. Multiple login options are available, including Facebook, LINE, and Google accounts.