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Light A Way Tips, Cheats & Strategies: Intermediate-Level Tips & Tricks and a How-To for Prestiging

Last time, we looked at some of the basic things you need to remember when playing (or not playing) AppXplore’s new game for iOS, Light A Way. This is an idle clicker RPG, or should we say, a pseudo-idle clicker RPG, and that’s because you need to do a lot of tapping in order to move forward, and not necessarily in the boss battles alone. When talking about the game’s premise, you play the role of the Guardian of the Light, as you move from level to level, wielding your Staff of Flare and harnessing the power of your Lumi Lantern and the Lumis within, as you try to save the world from the darkness that has enveloped the sun. The power of the light is yours, but how well can you use that power to bring light back to the world and defeat the evil forces of the abyss?

We already tackled some of the more fundamental things to do to that end in our beginner’s guide. But in this new Light A Way strategy guide, we’ll be talking about the intermediate-level tips, as well as a couple basic ones we may have missed out on. We’ll also be talking about that all-important process of prestiging, which you will obviously need to do, on account of this title being safely in the clicker game genre.

1. Always Look At Your Lumis’ Stats Before Leveling Them Up

In our first guide, we mentioned that the Lumis (the little critters dealing out damage against the Umbras) that emerge from your Lumi Lantern are arranged from top to bottom in order of least base damage to most. Once you’ve reached close to 100 stages, with your character level past 500 or so, you’ll notice that that isn’t true anymore after you’ve leveled up your Lumis tens, or even hundreds of times. There are many variables that could influence their damage stats after leveling up, but the long and the short of it is this — the top-to-bottom in order of power rule still applies in general, even if you’ll notice an exception or two at some point.

With that in mind, you’ll want to look closely at the damage stats per second for each Lumi, which can be found on the left side of their respective information bars. This should guide you as you choose which Lumis to level up before the others — even if a Lumi isn’t dealing out as much damage as one that’s above it, it’s still going to cost you more to level it up, due to the fact that it’s positioned lower!

2. There’s No Need To Upgrade Your Spells Too Often

Compared to the Lumis, you won’t need to rely on your spells too often, unless you’re taking part in a boss battle, or trying to complete one of the game’s missions. And that’s just as well — in case you haven’t noticed, it gets exponentially more expensive to level up your spells, much more so than upgrading your Lumis, For instance, you’ll have to spend in the trillions to get your first, most basic spell up to level 3! You’re better off focusing on upgrading your character, to improve the damage you deal out while tapping, and upgrading your Lumis, to give you more support while tapping during the boss battles, and to help you earn more passive income while away from the game. You won’t need to level up most of your spells for a while, so don’t let any upgrades in the spell department mess with your in-game expenditures.

3. You Can Spend Your Gems On Some Perks

We did mention that the diamonds, or gems, you earn in Light A Way can be spent on premium chests in the in-game store. That may be well and good, but it may also be a good idea to spend them on perks, which can be found to the right of the Spells tab. These perks are short-term benefits that could help you move forward faster, and these may include expelling any Umbra with a massive rain of meteors, or allowing you to tap-and-hold so that the game can automatically tap 30 times per second for two minutes. But the best perks to buy, we’d say, are the Stardust Rain perks, which instantly drop a ton of Stardust — more than whatever you may have when you purchase the perk — and consequently allow you to level up your Lumi and your character (and maybe even others) much faster than normal. These will cost you 100 gems each, and while that’s not cheap, you may have more than enough to allow you to use the perk once or twice before you prestige. (Don’t worry — we will certainly get to the prestige part in a bit!)

4. How Do The Staffs Work?

As Light A Way describes your default, starter staff, the Staff of Flares is the “sacred artifact of the Feys” and a “symbol of the light.” You can get new Staffs (and not just your default one) by opening chests and, sometimes, by taking advantage of the rewards you get in the ad videos or by tapping on the Golden Phoenix. These staffs provide specific benefits and have their own strengths and weaknesses, but as of the moment, all we’ve gotten so far is the Staff of Flares. Don’t let that discourage you, though — if you pick up a duplicate of a Staff that you already have, you can use it to upgrade that existing Staff, provided you’ve got enough dupes on you.

5. Watch More Ads By Clicking The Upper Right Button

We talked about the different benefits of watching ad videos in the beginner’s guide. But Light A Way has another way in which you can watch advertisements and reap some nice benefits while at it. On the upper right of your screen, you will see a pair of buttons; we’ll talk about the upper button first, then discuss the lower one in the very next tip. Tapping on the upper button will bring up an ad video, which you can then sit through for 30 seconds. That’s going to activate whatever the game promises once you click on the upper button; it may be additional Stardust, extra damage, free diamonds, you name it. These are all short-term benefits that may be good for only an hour, but if you’re actively playing the game at the time you watch the clips, it’s going to be completely worth your while if you watch ad videos this way.

6. Expel The Erebus

As the game describes the Erebus, it is an especially fearsome monster that appears once for every 100 Umbras you’re able to expel, and defeating it will win you some valuable treasures. Sounds good? You bet it does, and while there are a couple catches involved, you will definitely want to defeat the Erebus in battle once it gets to appear. Fortunately, there are no time limits for defeating this monster, but you may have to work extra hard at getting rid of it, due to all of its darkness (its hit points, in other words). Once you’ve defeated the Erebus, you may get one of the following — gems or Lightstones of increasing amount for the former and rarity for the latter as you complete more consecutive daily logins. You will get to win a premium chest if you’re able to last until the bitter end and complete all 14 daily logins.

There are a few small caveats to the Erebus “mini-game,” however. Chief among this is the fact that you can only defeat the Erebus once per day; no matter how many Umbras you expel in the interim, they won’t count toward your 100 if you’re trying to fight the Erebus for the second time in the same day. But even with that in mind, that’s mostly nitpicking; even a once-a-day shot at Erebus is worth the while, especially if you consider the nice chest you could once you reach the 14th day.

7. What Do Aerolites Do?

Even in the early goings of the game, you will likely encounter the term “Aerolites.” These are the small blue and purple capsule-like objects that can be accessed in the fourth-to-the-left tab of the bottom menu. You may receive an Aerolite on occasion after defeating a boss — that was definitely how we got our first one. And as far as their purpose goes, you will use them to research new runes, which can offer you even more of a boost, especially once you’ve prestiged and restarted your game from the top. (Doing that will earn you five Aerolites for the first time, which isn’t a bad deal at all!) The runes have varying effects on your flares, your character, and the rest of the Umbra-expelling gang of Light A Way, and if you aren’t satisfied with how they’re working at first, you can always upgrade them with the help of your Aerolites, thus making the effects more powerful and pronounced.

8. Everything You Need To Know About The Prestige Process

Light A Way wouldn’t be an idle clicker, or even a pseudo-idle clicker, if it didn’t have an option in which you can prestige. This is, for non-idle clicker players, a process where you effectively restart your game from the very top, losing almost everything you may have at the time of “prestiging.” In this process, which is known in the game as “Lighting Up,” all Stardust, Lumis, and Spells will be removed as you restart everything from scratch. You will, however, not be alone as you try to race from level to level faster than you did back in your last play-through. That’s because you won’t be losing your gems — you can still use them to buy stuff in the in-game store. And you won’t lose your Aerolites either, or any runes you may have unlocked during the last play-through. You won’t lose your Expel the Erebus progress either, so if you were on the 13th day, or the final day before getting the big reward for all those consecutive logins, you can Light Up and still be eligible for the 14th and last daily login.

Just as a heads-up to anyone who’s planning to do this — it’s going to take you especially long before you can Light Up. Your character will need to be at level 650 or better, which appears to be the case regardless of how often you’ve prestiged in the past. Patience is a virtue in this game, so you’ll have to grin and bear it before you’re able to Light Up.


Thursday 17th of February 2022

there is a map where they say you have to reach stage 5, how do we do that? because i light up more than 5 time thinking it was what the were expecting but it doesn't work


Saturday 26th of December 2020

Are light ups good? Should we do them? And what's the advantage of saving more nd more worlds, is there any?