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Legendary: Game of Heroes Tips, Cheats & Guide to Battle Your Way to Glory

N3TWORK’s Legendary: Game of Heroes is described right from the start as the most addictive, fun, and deep puzzle adventure RPG, which allows you to explore the world of Korelis and come up with a team of heroes, as you quest, battle, collect, and evolve along the way. It’s part of a growing number of Match 3/RPG hybrids, and like a lot of newer games in that category, it includes trading card game (TCG) mechanics, giving you an interesting mash-up of different mobile gaming genres. There are hundreds of characters which you can collect and evolve, and each of those characters have their own unique skills which you can develop. You can also fight alongside your friends and share loot, and joint guilds to take part in guild events and enjoy other perks.

It’s a puzzler, it’s role-playing, it’s a TCG, and it’s a social game all in one. It’s got more than enough to set it apart from other puzzle/RPG hybrids available on the Play Store and App Store, and even if Match 3 is one of the simplest gaming types to learn in the world of mobile games, it can also be quite challenging to learn this game. That’s the reason we came up with this Legendary: Game of Heroes strategy guide, which we shall now be sharing as everything you need to learn this game as a newcomer.

1. Don’t Forget Your Healer Card

When heading out to battle, you want to keep your lineup as intact as possible once the battle has completed. So with that in mind, you should always have a healer character in your team of heroes, especially if you’re up against some unfamiliar enemies. You’ll know that a hero is a healer-type if they have a heart icon in front of the card. With their skills, they can heal a certain percentage of your health, multiplied by their recovery rate. Additionally, they can help your team stay alive by converting some gems into heart gems; you’ll need those if you took a significant hit in battle and are gripping tight to hang on. Heart gems will normally be your key to surviving longer, though you should always have a healer card as backup, just in case things get a bit too hairy.

2. Take Your Time

Do not mistake this as one of those newer games with Match 3 mechanics that make things different by giving you a time limit to solve the puzzles. This is not one of those games, as you can take as much time as you need to come up with a good match. Like in other Match 3 titles, you will earn more stars if you use less moves, as your extra moves will be converted to points. One key difference in the Match 3 in this game is that you can move gems diagonally, then locking them in place after the match.

3. What Do You Get When You’ve Got A Three-Star Rating?

By hitting three stars in all of a campaign’s levels, you can get yourself some sweet rewards in the form of gems, the game’s premium currency. That means you should always give it your all in this game, and go for a perfect three stars whenever you could. You can always replay completed levels to get three stars when you weren’t able to score such a high rating in your first try at things.

4. Remember The Elemental System

Look at the map icon’s color when you’re preparing to play a campaign level, and that will tell you what element type you will be facing in battle. Red castles correspond with fire elemental cards, and there will also be an element symbol to give you yet another clue as to what element you’ll have to deal with. But just because you see the fire icon doesn’t mean you’ll be up purely against fire-types. They’ll make up majority of the enemies, but not 100 percent of them.

5. Make Your Group As Versatile As Possible

The obvious counter to an enemy with tons of fire-types is to stock up your lineup with water-types. But the obvious is, once again, not the best solution you will have. You may want to have a diverse, versatile group of heroes, covering as many elements as possible. You’ll get element gems in various kinds regardless of your team’s composition. But what happens if you have too many heroes of the same type? For one, you won’t have too many chances to attack, unless you get extremely lucky. Try to limit the number of cards of an advantageous element type to about two or three cards, with the remaining three or more representing the other elements.

6. How To End A Combo String

Now you may have been wondering how you should deal with the combo strings you create. Now if you had just strung together a combo and you’ve only got a few seconds left on your timer, you can move a gem onto a position that does not match. That breaks up the string, but what’s interesting is how the gem that you had moved will stand its ground; it will not move back to the original location like it usually does. So if you’re stringing together a particularly long combo, you can use this simple technique so you can move the gems around the right way.

7. Join A Guild

This is one of the simplest and most fundamental tips when playing these games that have a social element. But you can only stand to benefit if you join an active guild in the game. By being a member of a guild, you can take part in those guild events that can give you a ton of rewards, receive and give gifts, and awaken your heroes. You can also strategize using the chat feature, as the game suggests you should. So if you don’t have enough friends to play this game with, you can always make “friends” with strangers and see how you fit in their guild.

Rebecca Shaffer

Tuesday 4th of February 2020

In each event, it says I have not joined the leaderboard and to earn points to join the leaderboard to win great prizes. I actively participate in each event and earn points but it still says I haven't joined. Also what are Solo Leaderboards and Guild Leaderboards? What are Legends Leagues and Overlord Leagues?


Sunday 24th of March 2019

I want to retire and give my cards to a friend. Is that possible?


Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Wher on th card does it tell you the type of the hero I am having trouble matching the type of hero I need with the current event


Wednesday 4th of July 2018

Is there an advantage to keeping the 2 and 3 star cards? Trying to decide on leveling up sacrifices and whether to spend inventory on evolving the lower star cards.

Seris Integra

Monday 23rd of April 2018

You can only send gifts to guildmates.