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HiLow! Guide: 3 Tips & Tricks to Play Your Cards Right

A perfect blend of fast paced decision making and classic solitaire; HiLow is a choice pick for all card fans. Developed by Appsolute Games, HiLow combines the best of arcade endless gaming with a nostalgic feeling of playing cards. The game is available to download and play for free on the iOS through the Apple iTunes store. It comes in a small sized package of 55.8MB and can easily run on low end devices as well making it a popular pick for everyone regardless of their age or smartphone model.

The primary objective is to collect as many chips as you can in order to unlock new features in the game. These features include new decks of cards and increased user customizability. The objective might sound simple and easy but HiLow has become famous since its release for being very hard to play from the start. You will immediately feel a sense of rush from the moment you tap your first high or low card and this sense of urgency is what makes the game so exciting to play.

Beginners have a hard time getting used to the fast paced tapping of HiLow and even seasoned players find it difficult to cope with the mental focus needed to progress in the game. Not to worry however because this guide has the tips that target train your mind and fingers so that you respond better to the flow of HiLow. Don’t wait for the article to finish! Pick up your phone and start tapping along to the tips.

1. Get To Know Your Cards

HiLow is all about breaking your focus through the use of playing cards with numbers all over the face of the cards. If you are new to the card world it is very easy to get confused and you might end up tapping the wrong card even though you know which one is correct. The fast pace of the game also creates further difficulty as the cards are moving too fast for you to remember their correct positions.

The game can be very easy for those players who frequently visit the casino or gamble using cards. However if you are not into those activities, a very easy workaround is available. Buy a standard set of playing cards from your local store. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but make sure they have clear numbers printed on the faces. It is better if you have a friend with you for this exercise but it can also be performed alone. Arrange the deck of cards in a similar way to the game: two rows parallel to each other. Initially, arrange the cards in the default order so you can get an idea of the card that comes higher or lower to the next card. When you have gained a sufficient idea of the different cards in the deck it is time to move on to the next phase.

In this phase you will ask your friend to shuffle the cards in front of you so that they are arranged in a random order. As you move up the rows he will keep interchanging cards from the two rows just like HiLow. This exercise will give you control over the movement of the cards as you will be physically interacting with them rather than only virtually through the game. When you play the game afterwards you will notice a marked improvement in your performance and your focus will have greatly improved.

2. Timing Is The Key To Success

HiLow is like any other endless time based challenger and having good timing is very important for getting a higher score. When you first play the game it is only natural to tap away like a madman because the cards are moving so fast that you cannot differentiate between them easily. However follow the first tip and as you play many times you will begin to adjust your focus in order to better judge the movement of the cards.

It is in this phase where you need to work on your timing of tapping the cards. There is a very short window for you to tap on a higher or lower numbered card before it crosses the “death line”. To stay in the game you must tap quickly before this happens but not with such haste that you tap the wrong card because you will lose under both conditions. To beat the game, you will have to train your timing such that it stays in the “sweet zone”. This is not a predefined zone in the game and varies from person to person. The main theme of this zone is to find the ideal tapping speed at which you can comfortably tap as well as view the next card in line. Managing your timing in this manner will ensure that you always stay one step ahead of the game.

Practice, practice and practice is the only way to get a perfect timing and you will see much improvement after just a few tries with this new objective ahead of you.

3. Grab Chips Whenever You Get A Chance

Just as in real life, the main currency in HiLow is the chips that you collect while playing the game. Normally this would seem like a done deal; reach a certain amount of cards and you would receive a chip. However the developers of this game decided to make it more of a challenge. The Chips appear randomly on a card and it is up to you to tap that card before it crosses the “death line” or else you do not get rewarded.

This can be frustrating at times when you are very far into the game and suddenly a chip appears making you lose control of the careful timing that you had achieved. The key to gathering chips effectively is to always stay on the lookout for them. Whenever you see a new card at the top of the line expect it to be carrying a chip. Being mentally prepared will help you to stay focused when the chip does come in sight and you will be able to collect many more chips in this manner. Once you have collected a significant amount of chips, there are many options and customizations that you can unlock to make HiLow an even more engaging experience.

HiLow is a brilliant game for the senses and deeply engages players while also improving their reaction time. Practice and follow these three tips to get the most out of your gaming experience. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and go HiLow!