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Legend of Slime: Idle RPG Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Get Stronger

What happens when slimes have had enough of being beaten up for easy experience? This game, apparently.

legend of slime idle rpg tips

Legend of Slime: Idle RPG is an iOS and Android title, where you take control of a slime defender of the monster forest. In this game, you’ll be tasked to fend off hordes of adventurers looking to score some quick experience and loot. To help you in your quest, you’ll find and equip (absorb?) equipment, learn new skills, and find loyal companions.

While this game is very simple and intuitive, those new to the genre may want a brief walkthrough on how to get stronger. If this is your first foray into idle RPGs, then read on and check out our Legend of Slime: Idle RPG beginner’s guide!

Becoming The World’s Strongest Slime!

There’s no shortage of adventurers looking to score easy experience and loot by beating the crap out of you and your monster buddies. To stand up to them and protect the monster forest, you’ll need to turn the tables on them and become the world’s strongest slime!

legend of slime idle rpg your slime
This is your slime. There are many like it, but this one is yours.

There are lots of ways to improve your slime, and here’s the rundown on each of them.

Stats and Improving Them

Your slime has several stats, many of which can be upgraded by paying gold.

  • ATK is your slime’s attack power. Your normal attacks will always do damage equal to your ATK, barring critical hits. Your ATK also serves as the base value from which your skills will derive their damage.
  • HP is your slime’s hit points. Run out of hit points, and you’ll be kicked out of the stage you’re trying to complete.
  • HP Recovery determines your HP regeneration, namely how much HP you regenerate per tick. Note that HP does not regenerate in combat!
  • ASPD is your attack speed, expressed in game as attacks per second. An ASPD of 1.00 means 1 attack per second, while 1.1 means 1.1 attacks per second. Don’t expect to get too much value out of this without seriously pumping it up; the fact that this stat goes up by 0.01 per upgrade means you’ll need a lot of gold too.
  • Critical Hit Chance is the percent chance that you’ll score a stronger critical hit. Each level increases critical hit rate by 0.1%.
  • Critical Hit Damage is the bonus damage multiplier on a critical hit. This starts at 120%, meaning that by default, your crits do 20% more damage. Each level increases this multiplier by 1%.
  • Double and Triple Shot are unlockable upgrades that allow you to fire more projectiles per attack. These are unlocked by investing in your ASPD (Double Shot), then investing in your Double Shot level (Triple Shot).


Before continuing, one important thing to note in this game is how it displays values. 1000 isn’t 1k, it’s 1A. Every 1000 points from then will result in a letter change: 1000As (technically a million) is 1B, and so on and so forth.


Your slime has two equipment slots: one for a weapon, and one for armor. By equipping and upgrading your equipment, you’ll be able to bequeath your slime powerful passive bonuses and give it much greater potency in battle.

legend of slime idle rpg gear
Do slimes have hands? Does it really matter?

Equipment is mainly acquired from the equipment gacha. Each roll requires gems, with two options available to you: 11 summons for 500 gems, or 35 summons for 1500 gems, which nets you two bonus rolls. You can also opt to watch an add for a free 11 roll, up to thrice per day, but do note that this method has a cooldown of 10 minutes, ie, you’ll need to wait 10 minutes to roll again using the ad method.

Rolling on the gacha via an ad also gives you +1 bonus roll for each time you’ve already watched an ad for that kind of gacha, so the next time you get 12 rolls, and so on, to a maximum of 35 rolls per ad!

legend of slime idle rpg roll
One man’s trash is still technically trash.

The amount of free rolls you get per day may seem suspicious to you, and indeed it is. Before you get anything really good from the equipment gacha, you’ll need to level it up by playing it – yes, even if all you get is garbage. Rare (blue) gear only starts appearing after you’ve leveled up your gacha to level 3, but at the very least, it has a 10% appearance rate. You can check your drop rates by tapping the I button beside each gacha banner.

legend of slime idle rpg rate
Never tell me the odds, because they’re stupidly low.

The wealth of junk you’ll accumulate isn’t entirely useless though. Weapons and armor can be fused with duplicates of themselves to increase their levels and base stats. On one hand, this allows you to have a good pool of upgraded items. On the other, it means that upgrading rarer stuff becomes that much harder.

On the plus side, each individual weapon also passively boosts your attack power, based on its rarity and upgrade level. Because of this, be sure to upgrade all your weapons – even the ones you don’t use.


Just like equipment, skills can be acquired from the skill gacha. Unfortunately, this means that skills also run on the same mechanics as equipment. In short, this means: needing to roll repeatedly to level up the skill banner to get better stuff, ad rolls that yield bonus items, sacrificing similar skills to level up existing ones.

legend of slime idle rpg skill
Behold, my library!

Unlike equipment, each skill has its own thing to offer. Some skills deal direct damage to your enemies, other give buffs, and some even have spell lifesteal. Just owning skills also nets you a passive boost to attack power, based on the number of skills you have, their rarity, and their upgrade levels.

legend of slime idle rpg lightning strikes

Skills need to be equipped to a skill slot before they have any effect. The good thing here is that you gain skill slots as you progress through the game. Once equipped, you can use a skill by tapping on it when its icon is completely lit up, which denotes that it’s off cooldown. As Legend of Slime: Idle RPG is an idle game though, you’ll likely switch to auto-skill, which can be activated by tapping the Auto button to the left side of the skill buttons. 


Companions come from the companion gacha. This means that they’re subject to the same restrictions as the equipment and skill gacha: banner level ups, ads that give bonus rolls, and using duplicates to strengthen existing companions.

legend of slime idle rpg companions
Some of them are monsters too.

Companions offer both an active and passive boost. Passively, owning companions gives you an ATK boost which is dependent on how many pets you have and how high their upgrade levels are. But when equipped, your companions will attack your enemies on the battlefield, greatly increasing your slime’s firepower.

legend of slime idle rpg chicken
I’m glad I didn’t eat you!

You can tap on each companion to see its stats – do note that by default, they have very low attack speed. Just like skill slots, you’ll unlock companion slots as you clear stages in the campaign.

Funding The World’s Strongest Slime!

All the upgrades you’ll be doing will chew through your resources fast. You need gold for buying basic stat upgrades, and gems for rolling in the gacha, which basically means that you need gems for everything else. Because of this, you’ll want a steady income of both.

Completing Stages and Gaining Passive Income

An idle game wouldn’t be idle if it didn’t farm resources for you automatically.

legend of slime idle rpg auto
Passive income is the best kind of income.

As you may have noticed in the top part of the screen, the game automatically runs in the background and fights monsters. This means that the game generates gold on its own. In fact, the game will actually proceed as far as it can in the campaign, as stages will be cleared while the game is left to its own devices.

legend of slime idle rpg dead

This also extends to stages you can’t beat. If you’re defeated in a stage, the game will simply continue autocombat in the last stage you completed, at least until you decide to challenge the boss that beat you. Do note that there is a timer when fighting a boss – if you run out of time, you lose.

legend of slime idle rpg farming resources offline
Offline gathering? Yes please.

Your slime will continue fighting humans and farming coins even while you’re offline. While you’re not playing the game, your slime will farm resources for up to 720 minutes (12 hours). The next time you log in, you’ll be given the opportunity to gain extra resources by watching an ad. If you’ve been online for a long time, I highly suggest going for the ad bonus as it does make quite a difference.

Flying Ads

If you’re grinding out coins to beat the next level, keep an eye out for flying ad boxes.

legend of slime idle rpg flying ads
Fading fast.

These ad boxes contain valuable loot – often a large sum of gold or some gems – but require you to watch an ad to get them. These boxes also fade quickly, and if you let them pass you by, you’ll need to wait to find a new one. Don’t fret though, as they’re not terribly uncommon.


As you proceed through the campaign, you’ll gain access to 4 dungeons, which give you a lot of resources. As this is a beginner’s guide, I’ll cover the first two dungeons: Boss Rush and Gold Rush.

legend of slime idle rpg boss rush
Is there no one else to fight?

The Boss Rush pits you against 10 tough foes in quick succession. As the name might suggest, each of these enemies are bosses, and they’ll put up quite a fight. If you manage to beat them all though, you’ll get to bring home gems depending on how difficult the boss rush you completed was. If you can’t beat the current rush you’re in, don’t worry as you can tune the difficulty before beginning a boss rush – just tap the arrows.

legend of slime idle rpg gold rush
But it’s almost harvesting season!

Gold Rush, on the other hand, sees you raiding a cargo wagon. You’ll be under a time limit for this one – the more damage you do to the cart, the more gold you’ll be able to bring home. And if you manage to completely wreck the cart, you’ll gain a much bigger payoff. As with the boss rush, the amount of gold you take home depends on the difficulty of the Gold Rush you compete in.

These dungeons require keys to enter, which can be acquired from daily quests. Alternately, you can watch ads (up to twice per day) if you don’t have the appropriate keys.

Dailies, Quests, and More

There’s a lot of free stuff up for grabs in Legend of Slime: Idle RPG. As a general rule, tap on anything that either has a red dot on it or has a video play button.

legend of slime idle rpg daily quest
Daily quests are always nice.

The upper right of the screen features one-time quests which unlock new content as well as give you a general idea of where to go. Below those are the daily quests, which give you gems for completing tasks. On the upper left of the menu are the daily roulette, as well as the battle pass. Make sure you’re constantly checking these for free stuff!

Mining and Researching for the Strongest Slime!

By the time you reach area 3, you’ll no doubt have run into roadblocks that can only be overcome by grinding. For instance, enemies begin having HP in the millions while your damage just barely touches the high hundred thousands.

Mining Operations

Luckily, there’s a better way to overcome this. By clearing stage 3-10, you’ll gain access to the mines.

legend of slime idle rpg mining operations
Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole…

In the mines, you’ll be able to use pickaxes, dynamite, and drills to unearth valuable ore – the stony things in the brown dirt. Of course, you can also get other items in the deep dark, such as gems, but the main thing we’re here for is ore.

To destroy a block, just drag a tool over it. A pickaxe will destroy 1 tile, dynamite blasts a whole area, and a drill will destroy a vertical section, as well as inflict some splash at its bottom. Dynamite and drills are acquired through packages or (on rare occasions) finding more of them in the mines. Pickaxes, on the other hand, replenish slowly over time.

Note that there are some rules in place here: you can’t snipe ore or gems in the middle of some rocks; you have to destroy the rocks to get to the goods. Also, each time you destroy a block at the bottom of the level, the camera automatically moves down to the lowest possible level, meaning you’ll forfeit anything that gets left behind.


After you’ve collected a good store of ore, it’s time to use that to do some research.

legend of slime idle rpg research
Big bonuses for a little investment!

Research offers you a large, branching tech tree to sink your ore into. Each research node provides big passive bonuses that will greatly boost your power, from large percent attack boosts to more survivability and even increasing pickaxe performance so you can do more research. Research projects take time, but you can avert this either by paying gems or watching an ad.

The Road of Legends

The journey to becoming the strongest slime in the world is long, but don’t worry – you have all the time in the world.

legend of slime idle rpg end
Let’s finish with this cliffhanger.

And this wraps up this beginner’s guide to Legend of Slime: Idle RPG, and I hope you were able to pick something up to help you in your quest. If I missed anything, or if you have anything else to share, let me know in the comment section below!


Saturday 26th of August 2023

Thanks for the tips.

If anyone wants some free Gems please use my friend code. We both get prizes for it!



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Anyone please help? Thank you


Friday 17th of March 2023

hello, can i ask a question. i'm at Hell II now, so my Skill Summon has reached Lv 8, but all of my Common Skills is not max leveled yet. is there any way to get many Common Skills other than from Summoning? or is there any trick? thanks, nice guide btw


Thursday 27th of April 2023

@ShinjiF, not really unless you purchase them directly from other vendor types. But don’t worry too much about white ones as they offer the very least gain overall. You will eventually get them along the way while mining or otherwise. I


Monday 30th of January 2023

What combination in the Slots do you use to get the Max Atk Power from the Traits section?


Friday 10th of February 2023

@Wil, 4 oranges and 1 red seem to be the best combination if I believe what I saw from different guides. Although, I did find nowhere the formulas used in the game, so I can't figure out the real difference betwwen orange and green traits.


Monday 16th of January 2023

How do I do a quick action and what is it?