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Legend of Ace Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

Do you often find yourself playing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games? And if at the same time, you think that you are also a huge fan of Trading Card games, be sure to check out the Legend of Ace! The very first mobile game in the world to combine these two genres is here! Released recently this year, Legend of Ace promises fair and fun gameplay to the fans of these two genres. You can choose to be your own Hero in many different ways. This is certainly suitable for players at different levels. Even beginners and casual players of the genres will find themselves drawn in by the beautiful graphics.

Best of all, you can invite your friends to join you in the PVP (player versus player) mode in Legend of Ace. The battles will only stop when you and your friends decide to take a break to recharge yourselves. The free game is basically available to everyone and there is no limit to the number of battles played. Usually, the fast-paced game will only require your 5 to 10 minutes in real life. Meanwhile, cards you obtained in Legend of Ace will not only change your Heroes’ attributes. Your Heroes will even have the chance to learn new skills. Of course, as with other online games, you can show off and compare yourself in the world rankings. So, be sure to check the leaderboard often to check out your friends’ latest standings in Legend of Ace.

First, let us have a look at the main Lobby in Legend of Ace. Don’t worry though about the initial loading as it will not cost you any data. When you log in for the first time, you have the option to use a guest account or your Facebook account to start the game. I would suggest you to use a guest account first to explore Legend of Ace. This is so that you can maximise the initial chance to use some of the Heroes which will be locked later on. You can only unlock them by purchasing with one of the two main currencies in the game. With that in mind, let’s move on to our Legend of Ace beginner’s guide, for tips and tricks on how to progress faster in the game.

1. Knowing Your Current Stats

Now, once you enter the Lobby, you will be greeted with the currently selected Hero character as the screen background. On the top left side of the Lobby, you’ll find your username with your current game level too. If you have connected your game account to Facebook, you will be able to compare your friends’ rankings with yours. On another note, be sure to sign in every day for the Daily Rewards. You can even obtain Legendary cards in Legend of Ace on every 7th and 14th day from the Daily Rewards.

legend of ace card collection

Next, have a look at the top of the screen starting with the First Recharge icon. You will actually obtain a unique Hero for free no matter how much amount you spend initially. Just beside this, you will find the current total Coins and Gems. However, bear in mind that you have to link your Facebook account first in order to recharge any of the in-game currencies for account security. Moving on, the bell symbol is for the latest announcements in Legend of Ace. Here, you can check out the new Hero, new skin and patch notes. The calendar is for your Login Reward while you can use the Feedback next to it to submit bugs, search for FAQ and find out any incomplete order you made.

Then, there is also the E-mail function where you will receive the System notifications and latest News from Legend of Ace. Not to be forgotten, you can also check your current phone battery level as well in the Lobby. A small note to be made is to check on the Chest button at the bottom right of the Lobby. You will be able to find up to 4 of your Chests waiting to be unlocked here.

Naturally, the gear icon beside E-mail serves as the Settings tab in Legend of Ace. Tapping on it will lead you to the Basic Settings control. You can control many functions, ranging from camera distance and high frame rate to display quality and language used. In contrast, the Control Settings allow you to manipulate the Attack Mode while out in the Arena. Opt for Auto Attack Mode for convenience or Free Attack Mode once you master the game basics. You can even select the Target Priority as well. Lastly, you can adjust the game music and sound effects according to your preference too.

2. Entering The Battlefield With Your Online Friends

After that, once you are ready, just dive straight into the fun part of Legend of Ace, the battles! It is easy to choose the game mode as there are only two main options. Either choose to Play for Solo Rank with other online players or enter through the Invite for Group Rank. You can easily access these two modes in the Lobby. On top of them is the tab to check out your Heroes and Cards. Notifications will pop up if you have any cards which can be chosen for your Hero or to be updated.

legend of ace victory

Once you tap on the Prep, you will be shown a list of the Heroes in Legend of Ace. The coloured profiles are the ones you can choose to play. The Hero character will also have his or her statistics shown. Furthermore, you can find out the name on the top left and the basic details on attack and defence bars on the right. Under the Ability, you will find your Hero’s abilities. Tapping on any of the five will allow you to read the information such as the amount of damage you will deal with the ability.

On the contrary, the Deck 1 and Deck 2 are the Card Decks available for you to play in Legend of Ace. When you select to Edit Deck, your Card Collection will show your current number of cards. Don’t forget to check out the Attributes of your Hero here too. You can then easily strategize your gameplay while in the arena once you decide on which Attributes to focus on. Besides, remember to upgrade your Cards to increase your chance of winning by spending some Coins. Before we move on, you can also choose different Skins for your Heroes and look at them without the details on this screen too.

legend of ace battle tips

As you enter the battle, you will be able to confirm your Cards selected. Wait for the game to begin before moving out from where you appear inside the arena. Initially, when your rank is low, it is better to group with your teammates and move together. Your goal in Legend of Ace is to destroy the turrets and the main turret in the enemies’ base. Along the way, you can level up your Hero by attacking the other NPCs available. If time runs out before any of you manage to destroy the main turret, the team with the lowest number of times Heroes are killed will win.

As a reminder, try to not to die for too many times as your respawn time will increase each time. Stay close to your turrets for healing if you find your Health is decreasing. Always stay alert and use the Cards which appear on the top right of the screen to upgrade your Hero within the battle. If you find your pace of levelling up is too slow, attack the NPC whenever your home base is not in danger. At the end of the game, you will be able to find out how each of you fare while playing the battle. There will be the MVP for each team as well. This is based on the total scores received during the battle.

3. Rewarding Yourself As You Strive To Be The Strongest

Finally, whether you win or lose the battle, you will gain EXP for your game and your Hero. Other than that, you will usually gain Chests as rewards when you win. Now, for the Chests, most will need time to unlock though you can quicken the pace by using Gems. Back to the Lobby of Legend of Ace, you will notice some features at the bottom left side of the screen. Here, you can choose Custom to build your very own team with your friends. Otherwise, head over to the Replay where you will get to watch Local Replay of your previous battles.

legend of ace guide

You will also be able to find new friends on the Friends tab. Here, you can check on any request you receive from other players to be Friends and your current Friends’ list. Next to this, you can enter the Shop in the game. Other than Hero, Skin and Cards, you can also shop for some items such as Double EXP. Furthermore, you get to check your bag content through My Bag tab. Just above all these icons, you will be able to use the Chat feature in Legend of Ace where you can chat with the online players.

Another important thing to note while playing Legend of Ace is to check on your Quest tab often. Once you reach certain levels and number of wins, you are likely to obtain rewards through the Growth Rewards. Rewards range from winning Chests to unlocking a new Hero for your gameplay. Last but not least, don’t forget to check often on the Trial of Heroes for rewards too. You will obtain rewards just by picking different Heroes to play in the battle.

This ends our Legend of Ace beginner’s guide. We hope you’ve learned something useful and if you have additional tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving a message in the comment section!


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