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Legend City Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Restore Milosh City to its Former Glory

Legend City is a base building game developed by TeamLOM, where you are put in charge of restoring Milosh City to its former glory. The rest of the world is in ruins, and you start off with only a few districts and some basic services to cater to future residents. How will you shape Milosh City and maintain your power in the face of the enemy?

legend city intro

Legend City will have you building up Milosh City in order to consolidate your power and along the way, you will hire Agents to help maintain your rule and help explore the world outside your City. Whether it is exploring the seas or cracking down on looters, your Agents will lead the forefront of any operation. Keep your best Agents at the ready by training them and giving them equipment. You can even pit your Agents against the Agents of other players to see how well they square off against each other.

Of course, you are not running the City by yourself, and you get a lovely Secretary as part of the deal. Aside from managing day-to-day affairs, you can date your Secretary, potentially making your relationship blossom into something more. You do not need to stop at just one Secretary however, as you can hire more for their “services” if you want to.

legend city filler a

While this type of game is incredibly familiar to some people, this guide will help players new to the genre figure out what to do first. The game leans heavily on microtransactions. Thankfully, there happens to be just enough free microtransactions for players to do, though they might have to miss out on the PvP elements. Stay with us to learn what Legend City has to offer!

A Night Out

Since you start out as a new face in town, the game will first introduce you to your Secretary. You have a selection of three Secretaries and you can only pick one of them. They have some short backstories but, in the end, they are just for flavor. To move forward, you have to pick the Secretary you like the most. As we mentioned in the introduction, you can hire additional Secretaries in case none of the girls in the current selection tickle your fancy.

legend city secretary choice

Since you just hired your Secretary, the game will set you two on a date to get to know each other better. First, you can give your Secretary gifts to improve her affection. Your date will then let you select a hotspot somewhere in Milosh City. Generally, the date consists of a drinking game, where you and your date try to guess the value of a couple of dice, with the loser having to take a drink.

Both of you have a limit of how much alcohol you can imbibe, so you will have to choose your liquor wisely. You can spend Diamonds, the premium currency of Legend City, to buy items to improve your chances of winning the drinking game. For the sake of demonstration, the drinking game will rig the odds in your favor and you and your now-drunken Secretary decide to consummate the date.

legend city secretary date

This is as far as we will go on the date in question, as the content may be a little too racy for our readers. Regardless, completing the date will net you some rewards, but your Secretary will have to rest before you can go on another date. You can, however, still give her gifts to improve her affection towards you. Now that the introductory date is out of the way, the game will teach you how to secure a foothold on Milosh City.

From the Ground Up

legend city building construction

To maintain control of Milosh City, you will need cash. To make cash, you will need to create housing and jobs. There should be some free space to the left of the City, and the game will first instruct you to build a Villa to house new people; this should not take long to complete. There are three categories of buildings: Residential, Commercial, and Tourist. All these buildings can be upgraded, moved around, or demolished as needed.

Later on, you will unlock dedicated buildings to produce certain equipment, but these tend to be guarded by hostile mobs, and thus, must be cleared out before you can make use of them. Available lots are tied to your account rank, which can be increased by completing certain tasks that will allow you to further expand. We will discuss this later. For now, you will have to build a Department Store to earn money.

legend city building ui

All Commercial buildings generate money while you are away, but require regular restocking in order to keep generating cash. When a building’s stockpile is emptied it will notify you with an icon above the building itself.

Restocking comes in two varieties: a standard restock order that only costs cash and gives the selected buildings enough goods for one day, and a premium restock that essentially gives the stores three days’ worth of goods but requires Diamonds to purchase, allowing you to leave your stores alone for longer periods while they keep generating money.

If push comes to shove, you can levy your stores for instant cash, but this action will generate some unrest in your City. This method can only be used 10 times a day. Alternatively, you can promote your services via spending some earned money or Diamonds, increasing their popularity as you go, and allowing them to earn money faster.

Advertising using money results in smaller popularity gains, while advertising with Diamonds results in greater gains. Regardless of your choice, you can only advertise your stores up to 20 times a day. Any money your stores earn will be stockpiled up to a certain point, and the maximum amount of money that can be stored is also affected by your account rank.

legend city commercial promotion

Income is not the only thing you have to maintain in Milosh City, as you are also in command of the public services to keep the City running. For now, you just have to manage both a police station and a fire station, and just like the commercial buildings, they will need regular restocking of supplies to keep the City in tiptop shape.

In addition, some of the actions you do will affect the overall stability of Milosh, among which are decisions that pop up from time to time at your Commercial buildings. You are given two options to deal with a certain crisis, and while you get rewards regardless of your choice, some of them may have a negative effect on City stability. Too low, and you will have to deal with rioters and decreased productivity. Stability regenerates over time, and the rate of recovery is affected by the status of your public service buildings.

legend city public services

Lastly, you can build decorative buildings to draw the attention of tourists, but you will have to research them at the Drawing R&D building located close to the fire station. You have to research blueprints in order construct those buildings.

At first, you can only build fountains. But as you progress, you will gain access to more elaborate buildings and even several real-world monuments you can place in your City. Tourists naturally generate income, but in exchange for not requiring supplies, these monuments more or less act as multipliers for your commercial buildings.

legend city landmarks

Managing your City increases two values: your reputation and your tax revenue. If both values reach certain thresholds, you are made eligible for a promotion, increasing your account rank as a result. Along with increasing how much money your commercial buildings can store while you are away, promotions unlock more of the City to customize and interact with.

The game will typically give you daily tasks related to expanding your City, so you can keep advancing up the ranks. You are also given a few goodies for completing these daily tasks.

legend city account rank

Since we mentioned rioters earlier, it will take a lot more than management and reputation to keep the City under your control. You can hire Agents to serve as enforcers, either to quell unrest or to explore the world outside Milosh.

Managing Muscle

legend city agent recruitment

You can acquire Agents by heading over to the Agent Academy where you will be presented with three gacha options to recruit new Agents:

  • General Recruit: This gacha will offer Agents from 1-4 Stars and costs Gold, a resource obtained by completing global events or daily tasks. This gacha can only be used 10 times a day.
  • Advanced Recruit: This gacha will offer Agents from 2-5 Stars and instead require special tickets in order to use them. A 4-Star or better Agent is guaranteed after 10 pulls, and the game gives you five of those tickets right off the bat. They can be used repeatedly as long as you still have tickets.
  • Honor Recruit: This gacha offers Agents from 2-6 Stars and uses a separate system of tickets compared to the Advanced Recruit gacha. However, take note that this offers no guaranteed Agents after enough pulls have been made.
legend city agent gacha

The game will instruct you to use the Advanced Recruit to get your first batch of Agents, and you must put them in a team before they can be sent out on missions. Teams can have up to seven Agents, and you can only have up to three teams at the ready. At first, you only have one team slot available, with more slots getting unlocked as you increase your account rank.

Agents can be trained with money to improve their stats but only up to a certain level as denoted by your account rank. Once your first team has been set up, you can take the helicopter and explore the world outside Milosh.

legend city global map

The main quest consists of Global Events, which simply pit your selected team against preset formations found on the world map. These fights are automatic, and basically have your forces beat the enemies to death before they do the same. Your team’s overall performance is denoted by a Power rating that is calculated from the strength of all Agents in the team.

Naturally, you want to keep that value higher than whatever the enemy can throw at you. You cannot explore the world map in one go however, as each visit costs Action Points, or AP. You only have 200 AP to expend per day so you have to choose your visits wisely.

Either way, completing a Global Event awards money and resources, along with extra items such as timer reductions, equipment for your Agents, or gifts for your Secretary. Completing enough events also unlocks some extra rewards as depicted beneath the map, cumulating in a free Agent. Events can be replayed in order to farm rewards as needed.

legend city global fight

The Seas and the Streets

By reaching District Chief V, you will be able to access two more areas around Milosh City: the docks and the roadster factory. Both mechanics will be discussed here as the roadster factory needs resources you can find via the docks. With this logic, we will start with the docks first.

legend city docks

The docks allow you to sail the open seas along with your Agents, either for resources or goodies. Like the Global Events before it, the sea uses an energy system that limits how many places you can visit before you have to return to Milosh City, albeit reskinned as food. The sea UI tasks you with exploring enough of the current sea to unlock the next one in line, and different points of interest reward different levels of progress.

Generally, island encounters such as caches or smugglers, whose fights are played out like standard Global Events on land, will award more exploration progress compared to rescuing overboard people or flotsam. There is also a boss encounter in the sea which offers a lot of progress, but is naturally a tougher fight and requires more food to undertake. All these encounters can offer resources and rewards, though on rare occasions you might find yourself a few dollars poorer because the cargo turned out to be booby-trapped.

Once sufficient exploration has been made or once you have run out of food, you will have to head back to shore. If you have explored enough of the current sea, the next one in line is unlocked. Aside from whatever treasures you have found in your travels, finishing a sea excursion will reward you a car engine, which you will need to build vehicles.

legend city sea sailing

Back at Milosh, the roadster factory is currently guarded by mobs. You will have to send a team of Agents to clear it out and reclaim it for your own use. The roadster factory, as the name suggests, builds vehicles for your Agents, acting as Power multipliers along with any equipment you may find. All available vehicles are based on real-world models, though with some naming liberties to avoid the wrath of copyright.

Vehicles come in tiers and cost both money and an engine with a matching tier to construct. The completed vehicle can then be assigned to one of your Agents as needed, preferably one who is the strongest member of the team as this will boost their damage output and health. These vehicles can be upgraded using gears and money, with their maximum level affected by your rank once more.

legend city car factory

Aside from any engines you find during sea exploration, all new accounts in Legend City start with one engine to build up a vehicle the moment the roadster factory comes under your control. More factories like this one can also be found around Milosh City, but they require higher ranks to unlock. Though it may sound tempting to build a vehicle for each of your best Agents, engines are hard to come by and constantly building cars will eat a hole in your revenue.

legend city car production

Market Purchases and Alliances

The in-game market can help cover any deficits in resources if you need to construct a building. However, it also has some freebies so that you do not have to worry about spending as much real money. At the time we were playing this, the game had a 30-day log in reward system that encouraged regular play. In the event that you miss a day or two, you can collect the reward backlog by spending Diamonds to obtain them.

As you can expect, this makes missing multiple days very painful for your wallet, so you will have to decide which of the missed rewards you should take. Other than that, the store has offerings typical of games like Legend City, such as bundles for Agents and Secretaries, and Diamond purchases.

legend city rewards

Legend City also allows the player to join Unions, the in-game term for alliances, and pit their teams against each other to see which one comes out on top. To unlock this feature however, we needed to reach a higher rank and we were unable to reach it during our play time. Legend City also holds contests where Teams can duke it out for rewards, giving incentive to test your team’s mettle against others. This is purely up to you to decide however, and you can go through the entire game without butting heads against other players.

legend city event bulletin

Master of Milosh

Now that we have the basics of Legend City covered, we can start discussing how to improve both the City and your earnings.

legend city team vs opponent
  • The most obvious piece of advice is to log in regularly. Stores need regular restocking and any missed login bonuses will eat through your Diamonds. This can get annoying for some players, but it helps keep your slice of Milosh City producing at maximum efficiency. Besides your stores, public services have to be observed and restocked to keep riots at a minimum. They do not decay as badly as your stores, and thus do not have to be checked as often.
  • If you plan to take to the seas, consider finding the boss encounter first before tackling the rest of the sea. The boss encounter will certainly consume the most food and gives out the most exploration progress upon defeat. With the encounter out of the way, you can explore the rest of the sea without worrying about running short on food. We also recommend doing the island encounters over the encounters floating in the water, as they simply give you more exploration progress.
  • While you can upgrade your Agents along with any Roadsters you have in your possession, remember that their maximum level is tied to your account rank. If an upgrade fails to confirm even if you have enough resources, your rank might not be high enough to access it. Check your revenue and reputation to see how far you have left to go before the next level.
legend city agent details
  • Do not forget to upgrade your buildings as well. While real estate is ultimately limited by your account rank, the only things stopping you from upgrading your structures are time and resources. This way you do not have to worry about losing space, and once you start accessing more of the City, you can freely customize your layout as you see fit. Just remember that some buildings like the fire station will stay where they are and cannot be moved.
  • Lastly, Legend City gives you daily tasks to complete in exchange for extra cash, along with Gold to summon Agents. Some of these tasks are easy to complete, and in the event that some of them prove too difficult to finish due to your circumstances, you can leave them be and wait for the next day to refresh them. It can help with income especially early in the game, as the amount of money earned from your stores will probably not be enough to maintain rapid development.
legend city political rookie

And that concludes our guide to Legend City. We hope that our advice and information help you bring Milosh City to its former glory. If you have any tips and tricks you would like to share, please let us know in the comments area below!