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League of Gamers Guide: 5 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Become the Best eSports Player

Welcome to the League of Gamers! This quirky idle clicker from Brazilian game developer Tapps Games puts you in the seat of the next big eSports player. Build up your gaming rig and participate in numerous tournaments. At first, you will only be participating in local competitions. You will need to upgrade your gaming rig, improve your skills, and recruit good teammates in order to rise in the world of eSports. Slowly make your way to the top of the leagues by tapping furiously on your screen. Keep in mind that the higher you are in the rankings, the tougher it will be. Don’t worry about the genre. You can definitely succeed in this game regardless of whether you like FPS, MOBA, Strategy, or even Sport games. All you need is focus, perseverance, and our collection of League of Gamers cheats, tips and tricks to help you become a legendary gamer!

1. Choose Upgrades Strategically

There are three categories for upgrades in the game. Each one has its own set of advantages that will help you progress further in the game. Unfortunately, your resources are limited. Investing in the wrong upgrade will delay your progress in the game. Make sure you understand how each category works before you spend your hard-earned cash.

The first category is for Equipment. All gamers know that having the right gear can make a world of difference when it comes to professional eSports. Upgrading your Equipment will improve your Combat Strength for duels. If you are struggling to win duels, check if you are behind on Equipment upgrades. Don’t forget that Equipment is also responsible for the amount of earnings you get per tap. Better Equipment leads to more money!

The second category is for Item. This improves the equipped item of your character’s in-game character. Upgrading it will give you more experience and coins per tap. Make sure you upgrade this early since you will be struggling with money at the beginning of the game.

The last category for upgrades is for Teammates. Your Teammates are your passive earners. They help you gain more coins even when you are not playing. With that in mind, make sure you upgrade your Teammates as much as you can before you log off for the day. This way, you will be greeted with a large sum of money when you log back in the following day.

2. Pick The Right Skin And Relic

The game allows you to equip one computer skin and one relic. There are several options for each, so make sure you know what each does before making a choice. Keep in mind that unlocking these will cost Prestige points. That means you need to Prestige first before you can unlock any skin or relic. Prestige will reward you with points, but only in limited quantities. It is important that you invest these limited points into the right items.

Computers have three options for you to buy. Money is your priority since you will need a lot of it if you want to succeed. Start by investing in the item that increases your coins per tap. This will allow you to earn money more quickly, so it will eventually pay for itself. After that, you should unlock the item that increases combat strength. Just switch to the second one when you are about to enter a duel.

Relics offer you more choices. Of course, your priority should still be money and damage. After that, you could start investing in the relic that increase the amount of Prestige points you get. You can also spend some points on the relic that gives you better League rewards. Upgrade the relics as much as you can, but always prioritize getting more money. Remember, knowing which relic to use in each situation is key to your success in this game.

3. Watch Ads For More Earnings

Duels are the best money-earners in League of Gamers. On top of that, every win you get will add to the amount of Prestige points you earn when you reset. Winning will also help you climb the rankings in the League. The higher your rank is, the better the rewards you will receive. Just keep on playing duels until you can’t win anymore, then reset the game to cash in all those Prestige points. Rinse and repeat. Make sure you also watch the advertisement at the end of each duel in order to double your earnings. This will help give you the boost in income that you need in order to get to the top!

4. Take Advantage Of Your Power Ups

Power ups are temporary boosts that help you in the game for a limited time. You can purchase them using premium currency. Of course, if you don’t want to spend real money just yet, you can still get power ups for free. All you have to do is watch a short video advertisement, and you will be able to access some of the power ups without paying. Make sure you take advantage of this as much as you can to ensure your progress.

5. Get Rid Of Distractions, Here’s How

League of Gamers has an inordinate amount of advertisements that play throughout. This can be incredibly distracting when you are just trying to play the game. If you want to remove them without actually paying for the premium version, you could just opt to turn off the internet access of your device or switch to silent mode. Since the advertisements are stored online, it will be impossible for the game to play the videos. Keep in mind, however, that this will also disable the ad offers for getting more money and power ups. Try to weigh the pros and cons of taking the game offline, as you could definitely benefit from the ad offers that you would be missing out on. If you feel like you can endure the ads anyway, then might as well just go along with it.

That is everything you need to know in order to succeed in League of Gamers! Just stick to our guide and you will be climbing to the top in no time!