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Last Voyage Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Tricks Every Player Should Know

Semidome’s Last Voyage is currently available for iOS devices only, and it’s described by its creator as an “adventure through space and mind in ten unique chapters.” You get to solve different puzzles, travel through “psychedelic” portals, and enjoy movie-like graphics and a 60-minute soundtrack that has been described by some as better than the music gamers would typically listen to on their devices. And while this game is definitely set in outer space, it is also a title that is “not about spaceships, but rather what lies beyond our culture and technology.”

It’s a mysterious game that would make you think, but we wouldn’t want you to think so hard about how to do well for a beginner, which is why we devised these Last Voyage tips and tricks for you.

1. Keep On Pushing

Ever had a boss who’d only tell you the bare minimum information about a task, but be all over you the moment you mess things up due to said lack of information? Last Voyage is just like that boss, right down to how the game would explain why you made that mistake, albeit in brief. But unlike bosses, who’d eventually do away with employees who keep making mistakes, you’re free to keep on trying in Last Voyage. Take note of where you missed the mark whenever you’re replaying a failed level.

2. Any Chapter Can Be Played In Any Order

On the other hand, Last Voyage is very unique from other mobile games, regardless of genre. Almost all other games give you no choice but to complete Level 1 before Level 2, Levels 1-10 before Level 11, and so on, and so forth. But in Last Voyage, the levels can be played in any order, which is quite different and interesting.

3. Avoid Red Items

When in doubt, avoid all items you see that are the color red. These include, but are not limited to red alerts or red traffic lights. Red should immediately be associated with danger, or something that you should tread carefully around, if not outright avoid. If you’re not sure about the next move to make, just trust your gut feel and avoid all red objects.

4. Seriously, Listen To The Soundtrack

You may prefer listening to some rock or rap or whatever genre of music when playing mobile games – why not listen to the music you love the most to keep you pumped while playing? However, we do agree with those who say that Last Voyage has an excellent soundtrack – listen to it and it might inspire you to some top-notch play.

5. There Is No Time Limit

Again, we’re going back to the very first tip, where we told you that the game doesn’t really tell you much information on what to do, but punishes you heavily for even the smallest of mistakes in a level. But another thing you should keep in mind here is that there are no time limits in any of the levels. You’re free to take as much time as you need, especially when making sure you can complete those abstract shapes.