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Last Day Rules: Survival Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Become a Top Survivor

HK Hero Entertainment Co. has been active in the mobile gaming market since 2015 and currently holds 16 games under its app portfolio. With 80 million installs generated in total by all their apps, HK Hero Entertainment Co. has definitely made its mark on the mobile gaming industry, most especially the action genre. Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival, Crisis Action, and Utopia: Origin are some of its top ranking games with the first one banking more than 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. Each of the company’s games also sport a well-above average user rating and general review so, suffice to say, each new game they release is at the very least worth checking out.

Last Day Rules: Survival is one of HK Hero Entertainment’s latest mobile titles, which has been recently launched on the iOS platform. The game is another unique take on the multiplayer sandbox survival genre. With an amazing fully 3D graphics, lush environments, and tons of activities to do, Last Day Rules: Survival is definitely a game you should dive into along with your gaming buddies.

The game takes you to an end-of-humanity fantasy world where living reverts to the stone age. To start off, you will have nothing and you will need to gather and craft everything you will need to continue surviving as well as uplift your living conditions. As the game can only be played online and in a multiplayer environment, you can expect to see fellow survivors roaming around the huge map and you will be at a constant choice to join up with some of them or loot from others.

last day rules survival strategies

There are animals to hunt as well as monsters that can make short work of you roaming the vast map but for the most part, what you should avoid are people hunting other people for loots. Last Day Rules: Survival can be played in several different ways but in any case, patience and strategy are equally important.

While Last Day Rules: Survival offers plenty of game mechanics and features to keep players interested for hours after hours of gameplay, the initial immersion into its world can be the most challenging especially considering the lack of tutorials early on. Just the same, exploration and attentiveness to what pop ups on your screen can help you get a grasp of what you need to do.

Last Day Rules: Survival can be a very tough game especially to players who have zero or very little experience playing similar games. If you have just started playing the game and looking for tips and strategies to become a top-tier survivor, then be sure to read our Last Day Rules: Survival beginner’s guide below!

1. The Objectives Serve As Your Guide

The world of Last Day Rules: Survival encourages you to explore the continent as much as you can and as you awaken in it with barely anything in hand, you would naturally want to gather as much as you can for survival. It may be a little challenging to notice at first but there are objectives at the upper left side of your screen.

last day rules survival objectives

These objectives appear in pairs and new ones will only appear after you complete both. Conveniently, these objectives generally follow an order from the most basic down to the more challenging ones making you go through a sort of tutorial in the process.

On top of this, you can and should also consult the guides accessible through the notes icon at the upper left corner of the screen. Take note that you can keep track of each objective here and that you can still accomplish some of the items on the list without following the sequence strictly. Be sure to claim rewards after completing each part of the guide as these offer spares, which are very important resources that heavily contribute to your growth and progress.

It may appear that some early tasks you will encounter in your adventure are more complex than others or somewhat daunting to initiate. You will come to discover that each task, though, objectively cycles you through all activities in the game starting from the most basic ones you need. While there will definitely be a lot of distractions as various resources litter the land, as well as distractions in the form of undead monsters and aggressive players, try to focus on the task or objectives at hand as much as you can to learn all the ropes the soonest.

2. Learn To Use The Map Efficiently

The map you have in Last Day Rules: Survival is perhaps the most important tool you have. While your trusty iron axe helps you acquire much of the basic necessities in the game and resources abound everywhere on the map, being able to use the map as efficiently as possible can tremendously boost your growth and progress in the game. The mini-map you see at the upper right corner of the screen may not be readily as useful aside from giving you an idea where you are. As such, be sure to click on it and familiarize yourself with what each resource icon represents.

how to use the map in last day rules survival

In addition to resources, which are categorized by type, there are also helpful icons to take note of such as your storage, your allies, and your most recent death location. Knowing each of these locations by heart is important for you to learn as you will constantly find yourself looking for a specific material either to accomplish an objective or to craft something you need.

At some point in your adventure, you can tick off on some resources to delimit the icons shown on the map and make it relatively easier for you to pinpoint the resource you need above all others. It may be inaccurate in some instances but the resources do show in the general area where it should be on the mini-map.

Another feature you need to take advantage of is marking spots where you may want to explore. Last Day Rules: Survival offers a vast land with plenty of items and resources to discover so if you see an icon you have not seen close before, help yourself get there more efficiently by setting a mark on the map as a guide for you.

3. Always Play Defensively

Even if you are lucky enough to play with a group of friends or have found in-game allies whom you can work with to boost your chances of survival, then there should be an extra layer of comfort knowing that you will not be in danger at most times. If you are alone and most especially if you are just starting out, then you should discipline yourself early on to always be on guard and only be aggressive towards creatures that cannot hurt you back.

last day rules survival defensive strategies

There are plenty of animals scampering around the field that you can hunt and while it can be a pain to do so with a mere axe, hunting them provides you with plenty of useful resources you will always have use for. Monsters are a different kind. Even with health kits and revives it will still be a challenge to beat them. You may be fortunate enough to craft a pistol within the first hour of gameplay and even have enough bullets to spare but if you are reckless, they can still be trouble for you.

People are what you need to keep an eye out for the most. If you see another player close, you cannot simply assume that it is a friendly one. Take time to crouch and hide in the bushes to observe other players when you see them. If they seem docile, then feel free to approach and communicate with them. Regardless of your decision, do so only with health packs in reserve and always be ready to run if things turn south fast.

4. Build Only What You Can Maintain

What anyone wants in any open-world sandbox game is naturally a home, just like in Minecraft and the truth is, chopping down a few trees here and there will net you enough wood to build your very own home base. While it is relatively easy in Last Day Rules: Survival to build a house or fort, the bigger costs resulting from it lie in its maintenance.

As such, learn to manage your resources early on by building something well within your capacity, as far as resources go. Sure, you can upgrade walls and practically every aspect of your structure with stone or steel just to boost its durability, but just the same, you have to be ready to lose it as soon as you go offline.

how to build base in last day rules survival

Given this scenario, it will be wise to only build what you expect to use while you are online and forget all about it as you log out of the game. This predicament may differ later on once you have joined an alliance but for starters, it is the best way to go. As far as investments go, prioritize those that you can equip and carry. Although you naturally lose some items when you die, investing to boost your defense and survivability should always be your top priority.

5. Be Friendly As Much As You Can

Provided that you have not made enough enemies out of the other players in the game and chose to exercise caution on your initial dive into the world of Last Day Rules: Survival, every person you encounter can become an opportunity to earn an ally. As we mentioned earlier, it is best to play defensively and try to observe anyone you come into close contact with. If you choose to approach peacefully, then don’t shy away from initiating a conversation.

how to make friends in last day rules survival

There is a white flag at the right side of your screen just under the mini-map. Tap on it and scroll as you please to choose from among a variety of dialogues you can use to converse with other players. Beyond that, you can also chat freely using the chat feature just above your item shortcut bar.

Relative to making new friends, another in-game feature you should take advantage of is the party feature at the left side of your screen. Through it, you can add and invite friends over to work on particular tasks or projects. Perhaps, if you enjoy and play the game long enough, you might even find people whom you can always gather resources and hunt with.

6. Attempt To Reclaim Dropped Items

If you get killed in Last Day Rules: Survival, some of your items will drop at the exact point where you leave the gam and you will instantly respawn in a random area. The continent is huge and even seeing the skull icon on the map close to where you currently are may take a few minutes of running.

If you know of the items you have lost, particularly rare or important ones, make an effort to mark that skull on the map and get back to it to reclaim a Death Chest. This chest contains some of the items you have lost but not all as some will be picked up by the player who slaughtered you or someone else who chanced upon it.

how to reclaim dropped items in last day rules survival

In any case, be on the lookout for players especially the one who managed to off you as they may still be around camping for a second kill. Keep in mind as well that choosing to leave the game before you reclaim your dropped items will leave you unable to see them again. It will be entirely up to you if you decide to go for it or not so be sure to do so before you do anything right after you respawn.

7. Always Keep An Eye Out For Oil Cans And Crates

There are plenty of resources to continuously gather as you travel and explore the continent in Last Day Rules: Survival. Although each one of these resources are important, none are as rewarding as oil cans and supply crates you may chance upon in the field. These loot sources are at the top of the list when it comes to valuable goodies as they will reward you with parts you will need to earn recipes for a wide variety of items and gears. On top of parts, oil cans may also reward you with other items while supply crates can earn you equipment instantly.

last day rules survival oil cans and crates

Again, as far as playing defensively is concerned, you should practice being even more conscious of your surroundings when near these resources. Rare finds naturally lure in players and chances are that if you find lumps of oil cans and supply crates in one place, then you are most probably not the only one who have discovered it. Be sure to look around before and after axing on either resource spot as it may take time to claim items from each one.

8. Complete Quests For Extra Rewards

Although you can earn parts through completing objectives in the guide, there are extra rewards you can earn based on your activities in the game. Be sure to always check daily quests through the “Supplies” icon at the upper left side of your screen and make an effort to complete each simple task. A lot of these daily tasks relate to the most important activities you should partake in as you ceaselessly gather resources throughout the land. Another way to look at is as a guide to assist you in determining which resources should you try to gather more.

how to get more rewards in last day rules survival

Each task you complete in the list earns you activity points and, at certain levels, will unlock supply crates that earn you valuable resources and items. If you can, try to always go for earning 150 activity points to obtain the top rewards from this feature.

9. Bodies Of Water Are The Safest Idle Spots

If for some reason you need to leave the game but do not necessarily want to log out of it, going into the lake and far away from shooting range will be your best bet to stay unharmed. While floating about idly, no harm can come to you other than from snipers as no player can use any item whatsoever while floating in the water.

last day rules survival best idle spots

There are no stamina or such other game mechanics that would prevent you from staying afloat in a lake or delimit the period of time within which you want to spend on it so take as much time as you need for whatever reason and be at ease while you are on afk.

And this ends our beginner’s guide for Last Day Rules: Survival. We certainly hope that you learned much from it as well as enjoyed every tip and strategy that we shared. There are certainly numerous other tips and tricks to discover as we all delve into the game so if your adventure has brought you to discovering something we don’t know, feel free to share what you know with us through the comment section!


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