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Kung Fu All-Star Tips & Tricks: How to Complete More Three-Star Levels

Kung Fu All-Star is a new game from InterServ International, which appears to be billed as a unique MMA or martial arts-based game. Instead of a traditional game in the genre taking place in an octagon or similar setting, this is an over-the-top arcade style comedy game with RPG elements, one where you can fight as, or against the likes of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Or, if you prefer Once Upon a Time in China II and not Game of Death, the likes of Jet Li and Donnie Yen. Aside from featuring Kung Fu fighters from classic movies, the game also comes with more than 60 famous MMA fighters. This isn’t the type of game to be taken seriously, and with that in mind, it could be a lot of fun, and a different take on the genre.

How can you ensure that this game remains loads of fun? How can you defeat more fighters and get all three stars in any given level? It won’t be easy to grasp at first, but with the help of these Kung Fu All-Star tips and tricks, you can ace more levels, win more fights, and get a hang of this game much easier.

1. Make Sure Your Fighters Don’t Get Knocked Out

Want to secure your chances of getting a perfect three stars in a level? Make sure nobody on your team gets knocked out. It’s as easy as that, though at first, it might sound like something that’s easier said than done. But all you have to do is swap one character out in favor of someone else. You’ll need to watch out for the cool down period, but it’s better than having one of your fighters get knocked out. If someone appears to be close to getting knocked out, replace him with another fighter. The caveat here is that your fighters won’t recover any health while they’re ostensibly resting, but the good thing is that they won’t lose any of it either.

2. There Is An Elemental System

The game overview above says that there are some RPG elements in this game. Indeed, there are, as the fighters in the game are classified into four – they may be power, defense, or speed-oriented, or they may be weapon-oriented. And that’s where the elemental system of rock-paper-scissors comes in. Power beats defense, defense beats speed, and speed beats power. The weapon type can’t be countered, and refers to any characters who use weapons in lieu of their hands or feet.

3. Elemental Types Matter Most In Boss Fights

While it’s a good idea to remember the elemental hierarchy at all times, it really won’t play much of a role when you’re dealing with the weaker underlings. All it takes is a few hits for those characters to go down, regardless of the elemental advantage or disadvantage. But when it comes to the bosses, you’ll have to make sure you have the elemental advantage, and make the necessary swaps. If fighting an enemy, bosses included, with a disadvantage, you’ll be dealing out 1.5x damage compared to what you’d normally inflict. As such, be sure to have power, defense, and speed all represented on your team.

4. Keep Your Fighters Ranked Up

You may find it more difficult to unlock new fighters in this game, as compared to others that have such a mechanic in play. That means you will have to deal mainly with your stock fighters in the early stages of the game, and make sure you improve them accordingly. Increase their power levels through experience boosts, and rank them up whenever possible! Ranking up would require having a certain collection of items (another RPG feature) that you will accumulate through item drops in the levels. Tap on the item so you’ll know which levels they appear in as item drops.

5. Auto Battle Isn’t Worth It

Once you’re done with the third stage, you’ll have the option to activate auto battle. But should you give it a try, considering how easy it could make things going forward? Like we suggest in other games with such a feature included, you shouldn’t rely on it on a regular basis. As usual, the AI in auto battle leaves a lot to be desired, and players controlled automatically attack defeated foes even after the fact. Don’t go the lazy route when playing this game; control your fighters individually, and don’t make the mistake of letting that questionable AI control your moves in battles.