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Knights Fight: Medieval Arena Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks to Become the Best Fighter

The clang of metal against metal, sparking swords and whirling axes. If these words instantly conjure a picture of knights clad in shining armour fighting a duel to the death, then you must be introduced to the newest medieval dueling sensation on the Internet. Knights Fight: Medieval Arena is the latest addition to Role Playing Games from developers Shori Games Limited and like their previous titles, the gaming powerhouse has not disappointed in the least. Complete with dueling mechanisms and a wonderful flavour of multiplayer online combat experience, this game is sure to keep you hooked to the screen of your smartphone for many hours on end. Knights Fight: Medieval Arena is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store.

There are some In App purchases that grant you access to some classic looking cosmetic items for your knights as well as some ability upgrades but these purchases are in no way necessary for a normal gameplay experience. This game has some absolutely stunning graphics and visuals which are the main cause for its larger than normal size of 616MB so make sure that you have enough storage on your smartphone before you attempt to install Knights Fight Medieval Arena.

The basic concept of this game is quite simple which also contributes to its user friendly and attractive nature. You are a young Squire and you must earn the title of a Knight by proving yourself in the Arena in front of millions of common people and the Monarchy. If you have read any fantasy novel series like Game of Thrones or watched the popular TV series by the same name, you will instantly be at comfort with the in game mechanics of Knights Fight Medieval Arena. The game mainly focuses upon the dueling aspect of the life of a Knight and in addition provides interesting storytelling elements in the form of small scenes and dialogues between competitors and their supporters.

If you are already familiar with the concept of dueling in the Medieval era then this game would be quite easy for you to learn and become a master of. However not every smartphone user has had prior experience watching duels which is why this guide aims to shed some light on the best tips that will help you instantly at ease with the game mechanics. So are you ready to prove the Warrior within? Pick up your smartphone and let’s start training you to become the best Fighter in Knights Fight Medieval Arena!

1. Identify Your Dueling Style

To become a revered Knight in the Arena, you must first recognise your inner warrior. Are you a brave and fearless attacker or are you a solid pillar that no enemy can knock over. In short you have to decide whether you are an aggressive duel player or a defensive one. Once you have identified your core strength through some beginning duels, it is time for you to work and build upon your character in the game until you feel like you are actually fighting every duel yourself. Knights Fight Medieval Arena offers plenty of options for both aggressive and defensive players but selecting the best option might sometimes be a challenge due to in game purchases and upgrades.

If you are looking to play for free throughout the game, the developers have made sure of enough accessories and upgrades that can be unlocked given you provide a hundred percent of your hard work and dedication into the gameplay. There are 4 types of buttons used for attacks and defense in the game and you can play with different combinations to unleash devastating multi combo attacks on your enemy.

As is obvious, if you are an aggressive fighter you will need to focus on upgrading your weapons which are the swords and axes. To this end you must earn more coin as weapon upgrades are much costlier than defensive shields and armour but there is no doubt that wielding a sharper and lighter sword than your opponent will grant you a decided advantage in a duel.

2. Choosing The Perfect Weapon

Knights Fight Medieval Arena is a complete Medieval era game with real life dueling mechanics so expect the laws of Physics to come into play as well while you are engaged in a tense duel with your opponent. Similar to a real duel, you will have to choose whether you want to confuse your enemy with good dodging skills and increased agility or meet him head on with your bodyweight in tow. Whichever strategy you choose to play with, always remember you can change your gameplay style whenever you like to one that suits you much better.

The Power Of A Heavy Sword

If you are confident in your ability to wield a heavy sword and finish your opponent with one mighty blow, upgrading your starting weapon to a broad sword is the best option for you. Broad swords have wide edges as the name of the sword suggests and are much heavier to handle than normal double edged swords in the game. They also have a larger than normal length and are generally even bigger than normal sized warriors.

You will immediately feel the difference when you upgrade to a broad sword and your character will become much harder to control. This is due to the additional weight of the heavier sword and you will have to adjust your gameplay style accordingly. To deal with the extra weight, wait for your opponent to strike before you parry. Now using your new and upgraded broad sword, strike the enemy with the wide edge on his helmet or jab at his throat using the appropriate action buttons on the screen of your smartphone. If your aim is true which can be perfected through practice, the enemy will immediately fall down and will not be able to get up due to the extreme force of your heavy blow. With stronger Steel you will deal less blows but much more damage to your foes.

The Speed Of A Lighter Sword

Another approach you can take is opt for a lighter and more agile sword such as the Smith blade which is single edged but provides great flexibility and ease of movement to the wielder. The default sword provided to you at the start of the game is neither too light for too heavy but has almost average stats in each department. This makes it unlikely to be a combat winning sword in later levels of the game when you have to deal with much stronger fighters in the Arena. Knights Fight Medieval Arena is all about how you plan your strategy for your character and a very important part of that planning is picking the right weapon to help you in the Arena.

With a lighter sword like the Smith single edged blade, you can easily slice and dice while making your opponent dance around you. These lighter swords do not offer much in the way of parrying though so remember to always be on your guard for any hard hit combis that your opponent might try on you. Fighting with a lighter sword is always more advantageous in the asynchronous multiplayer mode with PvP battles because having the ability to move around quickly gives you more time to read your opponent’s moves and plan your own attack accordingly.

Axes and Maces

In addition to the common heavy and light swords, Knights Fight Medieval Arena also provides players with the choice of more brutish weapons like the Axe and Mace. Using these weapons is a bit different from wielding swords and they have unique combo attacks ranging from heavy axe swings to crushing mace blows. When it comes to flexibility this category of weapons is not well suited to the speedy attacker but is well known for its ability to cause a high amount of damage per hit. Choose this category if you love to play tough and want pure metal strength in your hand.

3. An Impenetrable Defense

Once you are in the Arena opposite your enemy, every other detail ceases to matter and the only two things that are important for your survival are your shield and your armour. You are given a standard set of shield and armour at the beginning of the game and they serve you quite well for the duration of early battles. However when you are faced with a real life opponent online, this metal becomes inadequate for your defensive needs. At this point you will have to choose between upgrading the standard shield and armour set to a higher level which improves it’s defense and HP stats or to sell your previous equipment in favour of a new bundle of metal for your Knight in Knights Fight Medieval Arena.

This is a crucial decision making point in the game and your choice will determine whether you will need to make further upgrades or even spend some money on in game purchases to ensure your survival in the Arena. This does not in any way entail you to not play for free but there is a much better selection of shields and armour available for a small amount of gold.

A Better Shield For Better Block

Knights Fight Medieval Arena operates on the principles of real dueling and blocking with an offhand shield is one of the most important aspects of a duel. Many times you can turn a lost situation to your advantage by blocking a critical strike from the enemy and bouncing back with your own counter strike on him. This counter move on your part is only possible when the shield that you have is strong enough to withstand the impact of that critical blow that your opponent lands on it.

In order to ensure that you have the best shield and especially if you are a defensive style player, always keep checking the inventory tab where new offers come in regularly. Some of these offers allow you to exchange your existing shield for a new one with much better stats and defense abilities. Be on the lookout for such offers because they can greatly help you step up your fighting capabilities.

When upgrading your shield you should always look towards striking a balance between hardness and weight. You may be able to get a very strong shield but it’s sheer weight will cause you to lose balance and create weak spots for your enemy to take advantage of. On the other hand a very light shield will definitely allow you to spring about in the Arena but a single strong hot from the enemy could easily penetrate your shield causing significant damage to your Knight. Keep all stats balanced and you should be ready to take on opponents of all sizes and difficulty.

The Sturdiness Of Good Armour

You must have heard of the popular phrase “Knight in shining armour” and it’s prevalence in contemporary as well as modern literature just goes to show how much value armour holds for a Knight. In Knights Fight Medieval Arena, you start with bear skin armour which only works to deflect dull ended blows and does nothing in the way of protecting you from jabs and stabs of your enemies. However, Shori Games have made sure to provide a huge collection of armour with varying stats and defensive abilities.

The choice of good armour for your character also depends on the play style that you have taken up that is aggressive or defensive. Similar to the mechanics of upgrading your shield, if you have an aggressive play style then go for lighter and stronger armour which allows more speed and flexibility for your character. These are mostly light chainmail and gold woven thread armour types and wearing these your character can easily spring back and forth and jab your opponent when he is least expecting it. This choice of armour works very well for PvP battles because speed and reflexes are the main qualities you need while fighting real life players in the Arena.

An alternative option is to upgrade to a heavier armour set like heavy chainmail or plate mail armour. This choice should be considered if you have a defensive style of play and prefer to stand resolute in the middle of the Arena while your opponent helplessly looks for a weak point to strike you. This armour is very heavy so be warned that your character will have very restricted movement and you might even confuse this factor with the game running slow on your device sometimes. This choice of armour is only for those patient players who have the will to keep standing against all odds and any type of threatening enemy in front of them.

4. The Essential Art Of Combos

Knights Fight Medieval Arena like any other Role Playing Fighting game greatly rewards players for displaying skill and experimenting with different kinds of combos in the Arena. There are 4 basic buttons each signifying a particular movement for your character. There is a big shield button in the bottom left corner separate from the attack buttons so that you do not accidentally block when you have to strike and vice versa.

The four buttons displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen of your smartphone perform the functions of kicking, punching, jab attack and slash attack with your sword. These are the basic attack combinations and you can perform various multi hit combos by combining these attacks in different orders of execution. For example you can chain together the punch, slash and jab buttons to perform the deadly roundhouse slice combo which is aimed at cutting your enemy’s throat.

Another important thing to remember while trying to land combo hits is that once you are in the animation of a specific multi hit combo, you cannot block or parry the attacks of your opponent. This means that during the duration of the convo being initiated and the actual attacks landing, you are exposed and vulnerable to your enemy. This fact would be of little concern during PvE matches but in PvP match ups, the combo animation time can often lead to a failed duel when you were very close to winning.

The key to executing a perfectly timed combo is to read the movement of your enemy in the Arena. Every player has a specific style and when you are able to identify the timings and moves your opponent is using to attack you, it will become very easy for you to initiate a combo as soon as he has finished his latest strike on your character. Initiating a combo at such a stage also ensures that you deal much more damage than normal because your opponent is left exposed immediately after attacking and cannot block as quick as the strikes from the multiple hit combo. So enjoy playing around with as many combinations as you can and remember experimenting with new moves will make you the best Fighter in the Arena!


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