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Knights Fight: Medieval Arena Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks to Beat Your Opponents

Although Knights Fight: Medieval Arena is an iOS-only game as of this writing, it’s one of the more promising newer titles on the App Store these days. Shori Games Limited’s new game is a multiplayer fighting title, and while not really in MOBA territory, the game features real-life players whom you can compete against in deadly duels. You can play against friends and strangers alike, choose your own armor and weapons, use different strategies in battle, use basic attacks or string together combos, or prove your honor as a knight in Challenges. It’s like UFC in medieval times, but instead of your bare fists and feet, you’re fighting with swords, shields, and armor.

While this is a game where duels against real players are the main selling point, the game also allows you to compete against the computer AI. So how can you improve your chances of victory, regardless whether you’re facing human or AI opponents? What moves should you pull off in battle to ensure yourself that win over your human or AI rival? We’ve got the answers to those questions in this Knights Fight: Medieval Arena strategy guide, which is specifically made for first-time players.

1. Know How To Properly Time Your Attacks

Remember that swords are heavy pieces of equipment; when swinging your sword, it’s going to take some time for that swing to properly materialize. That takes button-mashing out of the equation, and makes proper timing much more important than it normally would be. Additionally, timing will play a part – a much bigger part – when it comes to your special attacks, which have specific cool-down times; the cool-down timer starts the moment you launch the special attack, so keep that in mind. Timing will also be a factor when you’re trying to string together a combo. All told, it’s all about timing in this game, and making sure your special attacks are launched properly.

2. Defense Trumps Offense

You’ve heard it from us myriad times, and if you’re a sports fan, you know the adage which goes “offense wins games, but defense wins championships.” The bottom line here is that defense is arguably more important than offense in Knights Fight: Medieval Arena, and you can play defense mainly by being a step ahead of your AI or human opponent. This entails knowing the right time when to block or parry an opponent’s swing, and using your defensive-oriented play to scope an opponent’s play style, especially if they’re human. Block in order to set up a counter-attack, and go on offense when you’ve painted your opponent against the proverbial corner.

3. What Does Each Attack Do?

Now that we’ve told you the most fundamental tips when fighting, let’s talk about the different types of attacks. Each of your attacks have distinct capabilities, and it all starts with your default attack. It’s a slow swing that does little damage, but the good thing about this move is that it won’t take you too long to recover. That means you can follow the above tip and work on your defense by blocking your opponent’s move.

Special attacks start out with your swift kick, which is activated by hitting the green fist icon on the interface. This is, as the name implies, an extremely fast move, but damage is quite limited if you choose to use this move. We suggest using this move to break up a powerful attack, and using it as a defensive move on offense, a way to back the opposing knight into a corner. As it has a powerful knockback, you can definitely use your swift kick on both ends – on defense and on offense.

The yellow sword represents the quick overhead slice, which works in a similar way to the kick as it’s fast to execute, but doesn’t do much damage. You can use it as well when trying to stop a big move. Lastly, your jumping stab can be executed by hitting the red thrusting sword. Damage inflicted is average, but you’ll want to watch out for the high possibility the move may be telegraphed.

4. What Combos Can You String Together?

We don’t normally list combo strings, but since they’ll serve as a great way for you to get an edge over your opponent, we’ll be showing them to you below. Like your special attacks, which come in three easy-to-remember variants, there are three types of combos, though you’ll have to pay closer attention due to the steps involved in stringing them together.

The Low Sweep is executed as such: Normal > Yellow > Green. This could throw off most opponents, and hit them with a low slash, even if they block your regular move at first. The Spin Slash (Normal > Yellow > Red) could deal out a solid amount of damage, and is best-used as a quick move right after you block an opponent’s attack. Lastly, the Ultra Combo (Green > Yellow > Red) is similar to the Spin Slash, but only faster and more capable of dealing out copious amount of damage. Pay close attention to your opening if you use this latter combo and put it together in battle.

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