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Knights and Glory Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Earn More Cards

The latest mobile game from FredBear Games Ltd, Knights and Glory – Tactical Battle Simulator, which was launched just last December, quickly became its most popular game earning over 100,000 downloads in just a little over a month after its release. Available for both Android and iOS platforms, Knights and Glory has topped charts in several countries and earned largely positive reviews as well. As a strategy game with simple mechanics and uniquely addictive gameplay, Knights and Glory comes as an easy surprise that you’ll never expect to get hooked to once you try it. There are various challenges to conquer in campaign and adventure mode but being able to defend well and winning against other players in conquest holds the more rewarding victories. It’s a fun game to play with friends so if you’re into a game that doesn’t require a lot of time and grinding for you to progress, give Knights and Glory a try and see what all the game is all about.

As the unseen commander behind your troops, Knights and Glory situates you on a seemingly never-ending quest amass an army and strengthen your troops. Your troops are basically categorized as infantry, archers, or cavalry and the most significant characteristics revolve around the phase of the turn within which they will initiate action. Infantry troops on the front line always attack first and will be targeting the first set of enemies they come into contact with. Archers go next and have different targets depending on the type you have. Cavalry go last and will go through the opposing army. Your generals basically attack along with one of the three basic troops but they have much higher stats. You will also have tacticians who possess unique abilities that have a unique impact on the battlefield.

As you can only choose one for each type of card, you have to strategize on which ones to use for a given battle and modify it from time to time for other battles. As you continue to win more battles and earn more cards, you can upgrade your troops, generals, and tacticians. Strength and higher stats alone though won’t win every battle as careful analysis of the enemy roster and how to best deal with them coupled with a sound strategic troop assembly.

Knights and Glory doesn’t have much tutorial in it but walking you through the first few battles as well as the initial troop upgrades will more than suffice for you to be able to get a good grasp of the game’s mechanics. There are no complex upgrade systems or difficult skills to master and perhaps, in most cases, patience will be your best weapon. One of the important skills you need to have is identifying the components of the opponent’s army. It may be a case of trial and error in some case, but there will always be more than one way of winning in every battle.

Knights and Glory is also designed in such a way that no same roster will work perfectly against all sorts of armies. As such, it is important to pay attention to as well to what the cars you have unlocked can do to know how to utilize them best in battle. It’s more likely that you will breeze through the initial stages before you reach a challenging point where you may have some trouble as to how to further strengthen your roster or despite having higher level troops, you may wonder why there are enemy troops you can’t fully win against. If you’re looking for faster ways of beefing up your troops or simply looking for more efficient ways to progress through the game faster, our Knights and Glory beginner’s guide, featuring tips, cheats and strategies, will surely help you on your way to having top tier troops and armies.

1. Focus On Progressing Through The Campaign

As the most basic game mode in Knights and Glory, the campaign is your key towards unlocking more troops for your roster. As it is best to always have a lot of choices as far as troop-building is concerned. As you complete each stage in the campaign, you will be rewarded based on the star ratings you earn which depends on the percentage of troops you have left as you win the battle. There’s no need to worry though if you fail to secure a 3-star win on your first go as you can endlessly retry any stage at no additional cost (since there’s no stamina in the game). Be sure to aim for getting 3-stars though as you can earn additional rewards for doing so.

knights and glory cheats

In preparation for the new types of troops and generals you will meet in campaign mode, feel free to browse through the cards section on the bottom right of the screen as you can view details of cards you have yet to unlock to see their stats and an idea of what they can do. You will still learn more about each card as you face them in battle but at least, have an idea early on which cards have which rarity so you will know who to watch out for as you gaze upon the enemy roster before the battle.

2. Spend Some Time In The Training Camp

knights and glory training camp

Knights and Glory’s training camp game mode is like a puzzle scenario where you have to determine the best combination of troops to fully annihilate the given enemy roster. It’s a good way to get some ideas on how to best come up with a good selection of troops when faced with various enemy troop compositions. There are currently only six stages available now but with a reward of 6 diamonds per stage, it’s an easy way to earn 36 diamonds since you need to only win with 1 star to claim the reward.

3. Join A Clan As Soon As You Can

As clans, alliances, and guild system has long become a staple for a large sum of online games, it has become an important aspect of every game that has one. Clans typically provide more quests, rewards, and such other perks and can even offer shop items that would otherwise be difficult to acquire. There are only advantages to being part of a clan in any game and as such, you should always make it a point to apply and be a part of one as soon as you are able to.

knights and glory clan

In Knights and Glory though, there are currently no activities or rewards yet that you can get by being a part of the clan. What it has right now, though, is a way for you to be able to request cards you need from fellow clan members. As this would be an excellent way to build up the troops, generals, or advisors that you want to prioritize enhancing, be sure to take advantage of it. Whenever you can, be a good guildmate and donate cards to people who need them. Doing so may encourage the designated recipients to send cards to you whenever they can. You can send and receive cards up to 2 times every 8 hours so if you are really looking to strengthen your forces fast, you may want to take note of the time relative to making requests.

4. Make Sure To Expend Keys On Conquest

The Conquest is Knights and Glory’s PvP arena of sorts as you search for other players’ armies and test your strength and wits against them. You are free to choose and look for other players whom you feel you can win against. As you can see the details of your target army, you can identify which group in their army poses a threat the most. Take note of each card’s level, number and rarity to help you determine the troops you will be using. You can earn gold based on the star rating you receive on your victory but more importantly, you can obtain treasure chests that you can unlock with keys. Depending on the relative difficulty of the army you defeated, chests you obtain may contain more rare cards and require more keys to open. To be sure you get the most out of the conquest treasure chests, you should strive to earn a full set of four chests and use your keys to open up the better ones first.

knights and glory conquest

Keys can only be stocked to a maximum amount of 10 so be sure to spend it every once in a while. If you need more keys, you can watch ads for a couple but the free keys you get through this method also follow a cool down period.

5. Remember To Set-Up And Update Your Defense

As you engage in conquest to take treasure chests from random enemies, you can be made a target of other players as well at any time. To ensure the relative safety of your treasure chests, remember to set up a good defense as soon as you can. By clicking on the Defense Icon in your base, you can choose from among all troops in your inventory which ones you want as part of your defense. Keep in mind that in Knights and Glory, some troops are better for offense as some excel more on defense. The set of cards you use in your army for adventuring, therefore, may not be the best ones to use as guardians of your caravan unless the gap between levels of each card make it so that some excel in both offense and defense.

knights and glory defensive strategies

As you reach new levels, your army grows in size as well, meaning you can add in more troops the higher your level is. As you level up, make it a point to update your defense’s roster to ensure that it is always at maximum capacity and power.

6. Take Note Of Caravan Arrival Times

The Caravan Post in your home base generates treasure chests over time. You will have two chest slots that can both be filled up before the countdown for the arrival of new ones come to a halt. Be sure that you always check this out for treasure chests that you can claim and once you claim both chests, take note of the time it will take so you can immediately nab the chests and earn its rewards.

knights and glory caravan

Unattended treasure chests here may be taken away from you by other players through conquest and leaving treasure chests alone for a long time means putting them at risk for even more players to scout and attack you. Though Knights and Glory doesn’t require you to squeeze in a lot of time in the game to progress fast, an efficient approach towards getting ahead in this game requires a little dedication as far as log in time and frequency is concerned.

7. Aim To Obtain Rare Cards From Archery

The Archery in Knights and Glory is a sort of mini-game that you can play within your home base. There is a spinning wheel and you can earn rewards based on the total value you get with two shots. You can earn measly sums of coins but if you hit the star on both shots, you will receive some rare cards.

knights and glory rare cards

As the initial spin of the wheel is relatively slower, it will be likely that you will be able to hit your mark. If you are having a bit of trouble timing your shot, try counting off as you see your target hit the spot where you want it to be when you release the arrow. On the second shot where the wheel spins a lot faster, it will be easier to keep the eye and the rhythmic counting on the arrow you just shot and keep an advanced mark to compensate for the delay between your counting and the speed within which your arrow travels from the release point to its target.

Regardless of what tactic you use, it will still be difficult to master but in any case, don’t feel bad about it since you’ll at least be earning a few coins from a fun and challenging mini-game. If you do this often, you’ll be sure to get the timing right eventually. Keys regenerate over time but you can also watch some video ads to earn free ones.

8. Visit The Shop Each Day

The Shop in Knights and Glory is labelled as Special Deals, and though you might not be outright attracted to it, there are actually some cool deals to find inside. For one, you can claim a free loot chest daily which contains cards like the usual chests that you receive. Additionally, you can also earn 2 wooden chests just by watching a 7 to 15-second video ad. Though you may want to earn more from watching more ads, there is a cool down period for it as well, so if you want to earn more free chests every day, take note of the refresh time along with the other times that you should be taking note of to progress more efficiently.

knights and glory shop

The typical shop aspect comes down to being able to buy some cards you may need to speed up the upgrade of your troops. Some cards cost only gold but some costs diamonds. The stocks also has a refresh time so be sure to check what is being sold as you may not always have the patience to randomly acquire the cards you need and getting them sooner from the shop will work best for you. With regard to diamond purchases though, it may be best to spend them on important rare cards or keep them in stock for the really expensive chests.

9. Prioritize When Upgrading Cards

Depending on how much you play Knights and Glory, you will more likely earn a lot of cards fast enough but may not always have enough gold to upgrade each card that can be upgraded. As such, be sure to be a little selective early on and choose the cards that you like the most first before doing deep upgrades. As upgrade costs grow with each new card level reached, it will only become more difficult to upgrade all cards once each one has reached high levels.

knights and glory upgrading cards

For starters, at least focus on one card under each troop category. Understand that some cards start out strong but the weaker ones, when upgraded becomes equally or even more effective. Additionally, you may prefer to stick with a card you like but then, considering its rarity, you might not be able to upgrade it as easily. In any case, save a bit of gold for instances when you finally obtain the cards you need from your most preferred troops and when you earn more than enough gold, feel free to do some upgrades on the rest of your cards.

As enhancing cards also earn you experience points to level up, you have to do it regularly so you can reach new levels and have a bigger army. The whole point of this tip is to simply establish a method of prioritizing following the limitations of your gold in hand. Don’t keep more gold than you will need for foreseeable upgrades. As you progress and earn more gold and cards, upgrade each to the first few levels as they will be relatively cheap later on in the game.

10. Use The Daily Attempts In Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is more like the campaign with a very challenging twist. Your goal here is to earn as many points as you can by clearing as many stages in the island as possible. The challenges become greater as you move forward but what makes it difficult is that you can only use each card once for the entire island. If you are just starting out in the game and haven’t acquired a lot of cards yet, then chances are you won’t make it that far but just the same, expend the attempts you have daily and earn as many points as you can. In any case, each stage you defeat earns you coins, diamonds, and even cards. You may want to use the weaker troops in your roster first and keep in mind that you can opt to not maximize deployment and be selective enough to only put in enough troops to win the stage.

knights and glory daily adventure mode

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why you should upgrade the cards in your inventory. Considering the costs attributable to do all upgrades though, you can stick with the prioritization tactic and wait to earn more gold to upgrade the cards you have. If you feel that you can do better with a reset and another shot to start on a new island, use the anchor and set sail to a new one. You can gain additional resources by finishing the initial stages and have a chance to secure a higher score as well.

11. Advisors Are Key To Strategy

Each and every bit of card you unlock and earn brings more options to your strategic approach to every battle you engage in. All components of your battle deck have its value and careful planning must be exercised as you select your troops for each battle. While every infantry card more or less plays around the usual stats, unit count, and aspects that make them unique from one another, as much the rest of the other cards do, advisors provide a more distinctive variability which makes them a little more useful in crafting strategies than the rest.

Just to sight as an example, Ivan the Boneless is an advisor that debuffs all units in the opposing army reducing their attack values once at the start of the battle and every three counts after. While this is a personal favorite, Ivan’s effectiveness grows lower as the enemy troop count wears thin. Likewise, his debuff skill may not be as useful against an army with few strong troops. On another note, Heo Jun is the only advisor who can heal troops which makes him a good choice as well if you are certain that his healing abilities will be utilized well in battle. Having an army full of numerous, but somewhat weak troops may not leave much for Heo Jun to heal after the enemy’s attack. As such, he is a much better fit for battle decks that have fewer but tougher units. Take note of how long each advisor takes before they use their special skills as some require a much shorter time to do so. To top it all off, you have to always consider the current level of the advisors you want to use in your battle deck as good skills at low levels may be scarcely effective and will not earn you the results that you expect.

There are a lot of combinations to mix and match as you collect more cards in the game. There are fairly enough means as well for you to test out your battle deck before using them in other matches. In any case, be sure to try out and discover your own killer deck but remember as well that there will probably no single deck that can beat all others.

12. Check The Achievements Regularly And Claim Your Diamonds

On top of the immediate rewards you obtain from various activities you partake in as you play Knights and Glory, there are milestones to reach as well that reward diamond incentives. As diamonds, being the premium currency in the game, is a lot harder to farm and earn, exert some effort to try and accomplish the listed goals under the achievements icon. You can see this at the upper right of your screen and sometimes, you may even reach certain milestones without you knowing. Just to be sure, make it a habit to check this from time to time just to see how close you are towards the completion of a certain goal.

knights and glory achievements

There are rewards as well that you receive through your mail and to be sure that you obtain them the soonest, also check the mail icon on the lower left of the screen just above conquest. Rewards from adventure mode scores and other events all go here so if you’re doing well enough in adventure mode or participating actively in events on the game’s official Facebook page, be sure to regularly click the mail icon.

That’s pretty much all we have for our Knights and Glory beginner’s guide. We hope you were able to read through all the simple tips and strategies we presented in our guide and that you learned a lot from it as well. As we all look forward to seeing more updates on the game, some more cards and game modes may become available sooner or later and perhaps, we may come up with another Knights and Glory guide in the future. In case we failed to mention a tip or strategy that you know or discovered, please do not hesitate to let us know through the comment section below!