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Cats Are Cute (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a cat lover, then building your own town filled with kitties would probably be a dream come true. Cats Are Cute is a relaxing idle game for Android and iOS devices where you get to collect different cats and build a town filled with them. You get to play with the cats, feed them, and watch them just do their thing around your very own Meow Town.

The game starts you off with a single cat. As you progress, you will be able to earn different currency that can be used to summon more cats. You can customize the layout of your town and even decorate each building. The more cats you have, the more you will be able to earn. Of course, that also means more work in ensuring all cats are cared for properly. Be sure to check out our Cats Are Cute cheats, tips and tricks in order to learn everything you need to know!

1. Login Every Day For Bonuses

The game gives out daily bonuses for active players. All you have to do is log in at least once per day in order to claim your reward. Rewards vary each day, but you will be able to see the entire calendar, so you will know what you will get. On top of that, new players also get extra rewards for their first 7 days. You don’t need to do anything special. Just log in and the game will recognize that you are a new player. The new player rewards give out increasing amounts of Cat Grass, the game’s premium currency, so you will want to claim all 7 of them!

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Another daily reward that you can take advantage of in Cats Are Cute is the play time bonus. This time around, you will have to stay logged in. You don’t really need to do anything here. If you are busy, just log into the game and leave it idle until you earn all of the play time bonuses. The first reward is available after staying logged in for 5 minutes while the best reward will be given out after 60 minutes of play time. Don’t forget to claim the rewards, though, by tapping on the clock icon on the top right section of your screen.

2. Interact With Kitties

As you play the game, you will notice that some of the cats will have a yellow speech balloon on top of them. Tapping on the balloon will start an interaction with them. Depending on the type of interaction, and the level of the cat, you will earn varying amounts of Heart. Hearts are needed to raise your player level, so you will want to interact with the cats as much as you can. Check out the list of interactions below in order to find out how to go about each one.

Talk – This interaction is indicated by three dots in the speech bubble. You don’t really need to do anything other than tap because the cat will just give you a one-liner. You earn a small amount of hearts for this.

Look At Me – When a cat is feeling needy, you will see a cat icon inside the speech bubble. Tap on it and the cat will tell you to look at it. That is all you need to do. Stare at the cat for 7 seconds. You can tap on the screen to keep the 7-second timer visible, but don’t swipe or interact with anything else. Just look at the cat.

Feed Me – This is indicated by an empty food bowl. As the name suggests, the cat wants you to feed him. Tap on the empty food bowl and a quick mini game will begin. Just keep tapping on the empty bowl until it is filled with treats. It will start blinking once it has enough food, and you will be given your reward.

Hide and Seek – You will see an exclamation mark inside the speech bubble if the cat wants to play hide and seek. After tapping on the exclamation mark, the cat will disappear. You will then have one minute and 30 seconds to find the cat. Don’t worry because you will most likely find him in less than 30 seconds. Just zoom out and look at the trees. Either the tail or the ears of the cat will be poking out the top of one of the trees. Tap on it to catch the cat.

3. Complete Your Daily Missions

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On the top left side of the screen is the list of your Daily Missions. Tap on it to view your daily to-do list. These mostly involve performing each type of interaction twice. Other missions include tapping 500 times, watching 5 ads, and using the Catstagram three times. There are 10 missions in total, and each one you complete will reward you with Cat Grass. Completing them all will reward you with 200 Cat Grass. Make sure you take time to complete all missions daily as it is a great way to earn free premium currency for your cat summons.

4. Upgrade Buildings First

Once you have earned a good amount of Fish, the regular currency, it is time to level up some stuff. Every cat and building can be upgraded until it is the same level as your player level. Upgrading them increases the rewards they give out. You will want to upgrade buildings first because they passively give out Fish. Fish is needed to upgrade both cats and buildings, so you will need a lot of it. Higher level cats only give out more Hearts for each interaction. You don’t really need to earn more Hearts until you have fully upgraded the entire town. Otherwise, you will be playing catchup the entire game because the level cap will keep increasing.

5. Meow Every Hour

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As we mentioned above, you will need a whole lot of Fish in order to upgrade everything. Using the Meow button will help you earn a lot if you are able to do it consistently. The Meow button is found in the lower right corner of your screen. Tap on it and you will be taken to a mini game where you need to tap as much as you can before time runs out. You earn Hearts and Fish based on the number of times you were able to tap. The amount of Fish you earn is multiplied by the number of cats that are living in your town. You can also double all your earnings by watching a video advertisement at the end of the mini game. The Meow button goes on a 60-minute cooldown after each use. Try to return to the game every hour to Meow in order to maximize your resource gain.

6. Raise Your Meow Level

Your Meow level is your player level in Cats Are Cute. It determines the cap of the cats and buildings in your town. Another incentive to keep raising your Meow level, however, is the rewards you receive whenever you do. Each new level will reward you with Fish and Cat Grass. On top of that, you also earn a new Title when you reach milestone levels. You become closer to your cats with each new Title you earn. What’s even better is that you earn a large amount of Fish and Cat Grass whenever you are awarded a new Title. Just keep playing the game in order to continuously raise your Meow level.

7. Keep On Drawing

The game has a gacha system for summoning new cats. You can get new cats by spending 6,000 Fish for a Normal summon, 600 Cat Grass for a Special summon, and 1200 Cat Grass for an Event Summon. Normal summons will most likely give you Common grade cats. The Special summon has an improved chance of giving you rarer cats. The higher the rarity of the cat, the more Fish you will earn from his building. The Event summon has a featured cat each day. You will have triple the chance of drawing the featured cat if you use the Event summon.

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Since you just want to recruit as many cats as possible during the early stages of the game, it is better if you use Special summon. You need to save your Fish for upgrades, and 6,000 Fish can be pretty expensive when you are starting out. You also don’t need to draw specific cats until late into the game when you have most of the cats already. Drawing duplicates of the same cat will also reward you with Toys that you can use to decorate buildings and teach cats new skills, so you don’t have to worry about non-Event summons.

As a final note on summons, make sure you claim your mileage reward. You will see a bar with three dots at the top of the summons window. Each Event and Special summon you perform will reward you with 2 mileage points. Normal summons reward you with 1 mileage point. When the bar reaches the first dot, you can claim a reward. It is better if you wait until it reaches the second or third dot, though. The first dot is a free Normal summon. The second dot is a free Special summon. The third, of course, is a free Event summon.

8. Decors And Skills

Just as we mentioned, you earn Toys for drawing duplicate cats. You can then spend these toys on decorations of buildings or for teaching your cats new skills. Both decorations and skills are aesthetic options. Decorations just add new items to each building. Skills will change what your cat is doing while it is hanging out. For example, Tiny will usually hang out in front of his house and walk around by default. If you teach him his second skill, he will climb up the chimney of his house. These things don’t really add to the Hearts or Fish that you earn but it is a fun way to customize your town further. In general, it is better if you spent Toys on decorations because there is a chance to fail in learning a new skill. You might want to hold off on learning new skills until you have a lot of Toys to spare.

9. Complete Your Cat Collection

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Did you know that your cats belong to certain categories? There are several categories of cats and completing each one will give you a reward. This is another reason for you to keep drawing more cats. Even if you don’t get a rare one, it will still be one step closer to completing a category. You can check out your cat collection by tapping on the square icon beside the play time bonus icon at the top of your screen. You will see a red dot on it if you managed to complete a category.

10. Claim Your Achievement Rewards

While we are on the topic of completing things, the game also gives out rewards for reaching different milestones. Tap on the trophy icon at the top of your screen to see the different achievements you can accomplish. Achievements give out varying amounts of Cat Grass depending on the difficulty of the goal. The different Achievements usually just involve various tasks in the game like earning fish from buildings, collecting a number of cats, playing hide and seek, and so on. You will also see a red dot on the trophy icon once a reward is available for you to claim.

11. Watch Ads For Freebies

One of the great things about Cats Are Cute is that it doesn’t have pop-up ads. The only ads you will see are the ones that you choose to watch. We mentioned earlier that you can watch an ad to double the rewards of the Meow button. You can also watch more ads to earn some extra Cat Grass and Fish by heading into the Shop. At the top of the Shop is a section for freebies. Tap on each one in order to earn your freebies. The ad offers go on cooldown for 10 minutes after each video. You can watch as many ads per day as long as it is not on cooldown. If you have free time, you can potentially earn a bunch of currency for free by watching a lot of ads.

Building your very own Meow Town is a lot of fun, especially when you rely on our Cats Are Cute cheats, tips and tricks for help! In case you know additional tips, that we haven’t included in this guide, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!


Sunday 11th of October 2020

No se cual es el gato tiny, no me aparece ninguno llamado asi, saben porque?


Monday 25th of May 2020

Do the cats go in specific locations? Ive noticed some of my buildings dont have a move option, just curious if they need to go in certain spots?


Thursday 14th of May 2020

I am at level 67, have all 60 cats that have all their skills, all friends and all decors. However, in the “Goals Achieved” Menu in the to right corner (the cup icon) there is a task that says “Own 70 cats”. As far as I know, the producer stated there are only 60 cats in the game. Does that mean there are “hidden” cats or might there be an update that will give us more cats to collect?


Friday 15th of May 2020

Hey! How long did it took you to get all cats? I’m level 62 now and i’m missing 7 cats... I tried the premium and event draw over 20 times and i didn’t get one cat more? How many draws did you need? And for the 70 cats goal... i think there’s coming an update soon with more cats and maybe mating


Monday 26th of August 2019

I keep having my cats fail to learn new skills. I’m tapping as fast as I can getting a 34 to 37 score but they fail. Is this normal. Has anyone gotten to the point they mate and have kittens?

Pat mv

Monday 27th of January 2020

What I do to get 100% to achieve their new skill is I use both hands, three fingers to tap. This makes getting to 100% easier for me. Although I havent tried that mate part yet, I think this is still under development.. or I just havent reached that level yet.


Monday 1st of April 2019

I was hoping to get all the tricks on how to get the "friends": the dog, the chicken, the racoon, the bird... These apear under specific conditions but you never know how many they are and how to get them. If someone has more please tell me :D


Wednesday 8th of July 2020

Tiny's house next to next door will give you a corgi. Having 3 or more restaurants will give you chirpy, a bird. having 3 or more relaxation facilities will give you cuckoo, a chicken. Having 3 or more resting facilities will give you piggy. Tapping on a tree 200 times will give you the raccoon, tapping on the lake 200 times will give you peli, and reaching player level 50 will give you chicky, a tiny little chicken.

Pat mv

Monday 27th of January 2020

Try tapping on the lake, it give you a pelican once you reach a certain amount of taps.


Sunday 2nd of June 2019

I have done it... put Tinys house next to Next Door!