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Kickerinho World Tips, Cheats & Guide: How to Learn More Soccer Tricks

Kickerinho World is a new iOS game from Tabasco Interactive that adds a unique twist to your usual football/soccer-based games – instead of hardcore sports management where you have to select lineups and formations and sign new, real-life players, this is a more casual kind of soccer game. Tabasco Interactive promises 34 different tricks for you and your team to learn, a whopping 650 challenges, and the option to challenge your friends’ teams. You can also customize your character and unlock more soccer balls for you to use in the game. And while this is a casual game compared to those hardcore soccer management sims, Tabasco has made sure to remind you that practice makes perfect – that’s their way of saying the game is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Want to learn more tricks and become a much better player than you currently are? If you’re just starting out and playing this game for the first time, it may be a bit challenging. However, we’ve compiled a list of Kickerinho World tips and hints that may help you master those tricks, and help you get ahead of the learning curve.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Kickerinho World is a game that rewards patience and a lot of practice. The early levels may be a breeze for you to complete, and you truly won’t have any trouble with them. But as you go on in the game, you’ll be asked to do more successive tricks, and at some point, you may have to do up to ten of them in a row. Still, if you regularly practice, and if you replay levels you’ve already completed to refine your technique, you won’t have any problem pulling off those tricks perfectly. And that, in fact, leads us to our next tip.

2. Perfect Those Tricks

Want another reason why practice does indeed make perfect in Kickerinho World? We already mentioned it a couple of times in this tip alone – perfection. Being able to perfectly complete all the tricks in a level will double the experience you earn at the end of the level. You’ll have an idea if you’re on the road to perfection if you see those purple sparkles flashing and emerging from the ball. Work on your timing and, for a bonus tip that can help you out a little further, you can let the ball hit the ground to quickly reset the level if you aren’t able to get it done perfectly the first time around.

3. The Knee Juggles Can Be Tricky

Although it’s only the second trick for you to learn in the game, the knee juggle can be quite the pain to pull off. That’s mainly because it virtually comes out of nowhere, with the ball landing closer to your feet than to your knee. And with that in mind, your character will only lift up their knee when they’re just about to make contact with the ball. That makes it extremely hard to determine whether you’re going to be doing a conventional foot juggle or a fancier knee juggle. Try to predict the trajectory of the ball, and be prepared to use your knees if the ball is moving toward your feet.

4. Join A Team League

Once you reach Level 3 in the game, you’ll have an opportunity to play in League mode. Despite its name, this is an endless mode where you can keep on going as far as you could, whether you’re playing solo or playing with a team. But what about that thing about joining a team? It’s good you asked, because if you play in a Team League, your scores will be compared against those of your teammates, and you can earn prizes for everyone in the team. And since some achievements require that you be part of a team, it really will be in your best interests to join one.

5. Complete More Achievements

Achievements are this game’s equivalent of quests, but unlike in other games that have timed quests, you can complete them at your own pace, and you’ll be given only a handful at a time. So if you’re too busy to focus on completing a certain achievement, you can tend to what’s more important without worrying about the achievement resetting. The catch here is that you’ll have to wait some time before the achievements refresh, but it’ll be all worth it as this is the only way you can earn gems, which are the game’s premium currency.

6. Learn New Tricks in Challenge Mode

As you progress through Challenge Mode, you’ll be learning more and more of those 34 tricks the game promises. You would definitely want to play in this mode if you want to be flashier and score more points in League mode, as well as string together more complicated combos while playing there.

That’s it for now, as far as our Kickerinhow World tips and tricks are concerned. Do you know other hints for the game? If so, please leave us a message in the comments section below!