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Egg! Tips, Tricks & Guide: How to Collect and Hatch More Eggs

Nix Hydra’s mobile title called Egg! is a virtual pet game which takes place in a world where “everything is eggs” except the wizards, who are among the game’s antagonists and described as “pigs.” There are also more than 70 “creatures” for you to hatch, different mini-games for you to play within the main game, and the ability to visit your friends or make new ones in the online Eggverse. In the end, it’ll be up to you as to whether you want to raise your eggs on your own, or if you want to team up with someone else.

Want to collect more creatures and hatch more eggs in this game? We can show you how to do that, as we’ve just completed a pretty cool list of Egg! tips and tricks which you can refer to anytime you feel as if you’re stuck in the game and not sure where to go or what to do next.

1. All Eggs Are Unique, But You Don’t Need To Memorize Their Traits

All of the eggs you can collect in Egg! have a distinct set of likes and dislikes. But you won’t need to remember those likes and dislikes in most cases, as the thought bubble over each egg’s head will walk you through all the way, telling you what that egg wants the most. If you swipe away the thought bubble, you are effectively saying no to your egg, but you wouldn’t want to do this if the egg is actually spoon-feeding you the answers.

2. Earn Coins By Playing Mini-Games

In the Egg! description, we mentioned mini-games, which you can play if you’re looking to earn more coins. Coins can be used to buy your egg’s needs, such as food or shampoo, and if you’re short of coins, you can play any one of the many mini-games. Your choice of mini-game does not have any impact on whatever story is going on in the game, so play all of the mini-games, and when you find one that you’re really good at, keep on playing it. Better performance means more coins, and higher difficulty means even more coins; it’s advisable to start out easy, then move on to hard once completing the mini-games at easy difficulty becomes second nature to you.

3. Visit Other People’s Eggs For More Coins

Another way for you to earn coins is to go to the train station and visit houses of other players. You can interact with their eggs and play with them, which would allow you to earn more coins. Keep on doing this for all the eggs in a person’s house, and repeat the process as you move from one house to another. That’s a great way for you to rack up the in-game currency.

4. What Are Charms And How Can You Earn Them?

Charms are the game’s premium currency, and you will generally use them to buy more eggs. You can always spend some real money to buy them, but fortunately, there are also ways in which you can earn them without having to pay a cent of your hard-earned money. Go to the train station and visit the extra areas; you’ll find the theater in there, where you can watch an ad video to get a free charm. Yes, it’s only one free charm per video, but you can keep watching as many videos as possible until you’ve got the required 25 to buy one new egg.

5. Should You Play In Portrait Or In Landscape?

Typically, you’ll want to play the game in landscape mode, though you can also play in vertical, or portrait mode if you’ve got lots of experience playing endless runner games. That would have your egg moving upwards, and would require you to swipe side to side instead of up and down in order for you to avoid the objects. Some claim this helps them score higher, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference when it comes to playing the game in portrait vs. in landscape mode.

Moneyz plz

Saturday 11th of May 2019

I want a cheat for about 105 charms I know that’s a lot but i need I repeat need those charms is there a way to do that?


Tuesday 19th of July 2022

@Moneyz plz, there are a couple different ways to get gems but they all might take a while, the tree next to the pig shop is a gem tree you can collect, watching these ads will also give you gems, and when you tickle an egg it gives you a present with having a chance of having gems, or of course you could always pay for gems. Hope this helped =)


Saturday 31st of March 2018

Sometime when visiting other people eggs just above their books I am given a hit (circle with a finger tapping) which to me means if I tap in that spot something should happen but it never does. What gives?

None ya beeswax

Thursday 1st of July 2021

@Megs, I think that means to tickle it, cause whenever I tickle my egg or somebody else’s there’s a gift that comes and also other eggs gifts are good. Yhey even give u gems!!!!!!