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Kick the Buddyman: Mad Lab Tips, Tricks & Hints for the Best Beatings

Alpino Studio launched a new Kick the Buddyman game for iOS gamers called Kick the Buddyman: Mad Lab. According to the developer, Mad Lab is a gorgeous place for you to become a brilliant scientist. As you may have guessed, you’ll be performing your experiments on the one and only Buddyman himself, the “most durable rag doll you’ve ever seen.” Other than that, gamers familiar with the Kick the Buddyman franchise can expect more addictive fun on their iPhones or iPads, but if you’re not familiar with Buddyman, the basic premise here is that your main objective is to give that rag doll/dummy the beating of his life.

So how can you unleash this hellacious beating on mad scientist Buddyman? Read this list of Kick the Buddyman: Mad Lab tips and tricks and we’ll be glad to give you some helpful hints on how to unleash the most brutal beating possible and thusly succeed in the game.

1. When And How Can You Purchase A Weapon?

For starters, your only weapon will be a wimpy little finger. Not too exciting, right? It isn’t, but once you’ve earned a total of 800 coins, you can go ahead and buy a weapon. But how to get those coins?

What you’ll have to do is to knock out the Buddyman and choose one or both of these buttons – the free gift of coins, which is available every 24 hours or so, or the ad video button, which appears after each of your knockouts. Use both buttons whenever possible to accumulate more coins for weapons.

2. What Weapons Should You Prioritize?

Early on in the game, the black hole would be the best weapon to use. It’s versatile, as you can set it up anywhere in the lab. And it’s also easy to lure Buddyman towards the black hole; just place it in a corner and tilt your phone a bit so that Buddyman slowly falls into the black hole. Once you earn your second 800 coins, you can then buy another weapon and use in between attacks with the black hole. Using both your actual weapon and the black hole could add to your quick KOs and of course, give you more coins.

3. Some Of The Game’s Best Weapon Combos

Want even quicker knockouts on a more regular basis? Try combining a black hole with bacteria. The bacteria works by forming a toxic green cloud that remains on the screen as long as your finger is holding down and moves wherever you drag your finger. By dragging the bacteria toward the black hole, you’ll get Buddyman each time he emerges from the hole.

Alternately, you can try the black hole/adrenaline combo – shooting Buddyman with an adrenaline gun will force him to run in circles at blazing speed, eventually running toward the black hole and getting trapped inside.

4. You Can Also Buy Weapons With Real Money

We aren’t really the biggest fans of paying real money to buy in-game items, but if you should do so in Kick the Buddyman: Mad Lab, it’ll only cost you 99 cents per pop. There are also premium weapons available which cannot be purchased with coins, and each of these weapons will cost $1.99 each. All in all, those are pretty affordable prices, though we would suggest saving your real money for the premium weapons.