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Keepy Ducky Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Get a High Score and Unlock More Goodies

Keepy Ducky is a new Android and iOS endless casual game from iBallisticSquid, who also happens to be a well-known YouTuber who originally created the game as a quick and funny diversion in the world of Minecraft. Two years after its debut as a Minecraft mini-game, Keepy Ducky is now a mobile title, and it promises a chance for gamers to relive this adventure full of ducks, snow, and animal companions. Your goal is to keep ducks in the air for as long as you could, but you’ll have to do that by shooting it with snowballs. The moment a duck falls to the ground, that’s the end of your run. It’s as simple as that, as this is yet another one of those no-bells-and-whistles games that could even get non-gamers addicted.

If you’re trying to get that duck in the air for longer, trying to beat your high score, or trying to unlock new characters and give them new outfits, we’ve got just the kind of reading material for you right here. Check out our list of Keepy Ducky tips and hints and you’ll be doing all of that in no time. Or so we hope.

1. Make Sure You’ve Always Got Enough Snowballs

There’s no rule in the game that prevents you from throwing snowballs at a specific pace – do so as fast or as slow as you feel is right. The important thing, really, is to be sure you’ve got enough snowballs so that you can go on and keep your ducks in the air. If you get the chance to gather more snowballs, swipe left and right, as that’ll allow you to add to your snowball count and have enough ammo to fire at the ducks. And when it comes to firing snowballs, you can do so with multiple fingers, or by alternating fingers on your left and right hand, to fire at multiple ducks and keep them floating for as long as possible.

2. How Do You Earn Coins In The Game?

Coins would randomly appear on the screen, falling out of ducks and adding to your total. This would happen about every ten snowball hits or thereabouts, and if you’re just starting out, you may find the process of earning coins naturally to be way too slow for your liking. Fortunately, the game allows you to watch ad videos by going to the card pack menu and clicking on the button that allows you to watch these clips. Each video is worth 50 coins each, and as you’ll find out, watching videos is indeed the fastest way to earn more coins in Keepy Ducky.

3. What’s The Deal With The Card Packs?

We did mention a card pack menu about, but you need not worry, as this game is endless casual, not TCG/CCG. Buying card packs allows you, for one, to get new items for your primary character, such as new clothing items. You may get coins inside a card pack as well, but the most useful things you’ll get from the card packs include pets.

4. A Brief Overview Of Pets

By adding a pet to your roster, you’ll be adding a new character with a unique special ability. Yes, this is just like it is in RPGs, but iBallsticSquid still keeps this mechanic relatively simple. Once you’ve got a pet, add them to your lineup, and see how their abilities work. Don’t be shy to experiment with various pet types, and test all their abilities out. Regardless of which pet you choose, though, they’ll be of great help when things start getting hairy and you’re having trouble keeping all those ducks floating.

5. Upgrade Your Pets

You can also spend some coins to upgrade your pet level; no need to worry about pets losing their abilities and their corresponding upgrades if you switch pets. By leveling pets up, their abilities’ cool down times will decrease. You’ll also be able to unlock new abilities for them once they reach levels 10, 20, and 30.

6. How To Unlock More Stages

It’s all about scoring enough points here. When unlocking new stages, you have to reach a certain score in the previous level in order to move on. For moving on from Meadows to Blizzard, you’ll need 800 points, and for moving on from Blizzard to Inferno, you’re going to need a thousand points. As this is still a new game, we should be seeing more stages and levels added, so keep on doing your best to earn as many points as possible!