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Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend Cheats & Strategy Guide – 5 Tips to Defeat Your Enemies

Though the game initially comes about as a pure role-playing game, a further look at the title Jewel Fight will tell you the whole story. Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend is a combination RPG and Match 3 game from Bandai Namco Games America, which also means it’s a game developed by one of the most familiar names in gaming and toys for the past several years. Jewel Fight has more than 100 stages, almost 69 types of enemies, 13 coveted weapons and arms, 61 player and enemy skill types, and an enormous world map. It also comes with a classic mobile RPG staple – Arena Mode. Still, its mechanics are more faithful to Match 3 principles than anything else. Having said that, here are some Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend strategies worth trying out.

1. Match Gems With A Purpose

As always, you’ll be moving forward when you match three or more pieces (in this case jewels) of the same kind. But in Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend, you want to match the jewels that correspond to your character’s information in order to power them up. Conversely, you should also be wary of making matches that would power up your enemy. Sometimes you’ll find yourself stuck in the proverbial rock and a hard place, meaning with no choice but to power up your foes, but as long as you avoid doing this and focus on powering up your own characters, you’ll be fine.

2. Match Five Jewels To Create A Special Piece

When you match a total of five jewels, this would allow you to create a special piece that’s designed to make things hard for your enemies. The white star, for instance, will hurt your enemy over a specific period of time; once you create one, don’t move any further while it’s still inflicting damage. You may even win a round with these special gems, thus helping you stay alive longer.

3. Pay Attention To Marked Gems

These are, simply put, gems marked with a red circle and a number. That number serves as a countdown ticker – each time you score on a match, that ticker will go down by one, and eventually hit zero, which is when you’ll eat a lot of damage from your foe. So what should you do to such a gem? Simple – destroy it before proceeding any further. You can also use skills such as Warrior’s Block to increase the countdown timer by three.

4. Buy Skills In The Market

Yes, it’s possible – you can buy yourself additional skills, and if you do, make sure to tap on the info box so you can see more information about the skills. This will be important in helping you choose the right ones that can help you in your missions and do more damage against the enemy side.

5. Update Your Weapons And Armor

Like in other RPGs, upgrading weapons and armor is essential to achieving success over time – the equipment that served you well in early levels won’t cut the mustard in the later ones. We advise staying away from amulets until you can easily afford them – take note that these items cost about 50,000 gold and up!