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JetPack Fighter Tips, Tricks & Guide: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

Jetpack Fighter is a fairly new iOS-only action-packed platformer from Hi-Rez Studios, an interesting game which features a unique battle system and a swipe-based gameplay. In this mobile title, you can upgrade your characters and supply them with some epic weapons as you fight with enemies throughout a bunch of exciting levels. Now, if  you find yourself not knowing what to do to move forward, or how to progress further when you’ve been stuck somewhere for a while, then you may want to turn to our list of tips and tricks. So with that said, do check out our collection of Jetpack Fighter tips and hints for learning the game, collecting new fighters and completing more three-star levels.

1. Know Your Swipes

There are two swipes which you can use in the game in order to attack. The standard swipe unleashes your ordinary, run-of-the-mill attacks. The charge swipe, on the other hand, launches stronger special attacks. Simply hold your finger on your screen to set up the charge, then swipe to charge at the enemy. This doesn’t just deal out more damage to enemies, it also allows you to burst through some walls and move faster than you would by making ordinary swipes.

2. The Charge Swipe Isn’t Always The Best Form Of Offense

You might think that it’s better to do the charge swipe against a particularly hard to defeat foe. That’s not always how it goes, as charge swipes won’t be very prudent if you’re against these toughies. Instead, you want to swipe back and forth quickly, which would be the best thing to do against boss characters if you’re trying to deal a lot of damage to them.

3. Complete Quests And Achievements To Earn Free Gems

In order to get more gems, which are the game’s premium currency, you should complete more quests and achievements. Be smart when choosing these ones, as there are quests/achievements that are easier to complete, but just as effective as harder ones in helping you earn free gems. Your gems, on the other hand, can be used to purchase coins and stamina, or to continue difficult missions where you may have gotten killed.

4. Unlock New Characters By Collecting Disks

Disks are another form of in-game currency, and you will use them to unlock new characters. Fortunately, the additional characters in this game are stronger and faster than the stock fighter, so there is a payoff to spending disks on someone new. Still, you may want to hang on to your default fighter for as long as he’s useful to your cause.

5. Open Both Types Of Chests

Jetpack Fighter has two types of chests – daily chests can be opened once a day and usually come with free coins or crafting items. The special chests come with equipment blueprints and other rare items; the crafting items you find in the daily chests can be used to convert your blueprints into actual equipment for your character(s).