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Infinite Skater Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Space Inch’s Infinite Skater is a brand new iOS title, a game that sort-of lives up to its name – it’s a skateboarding game for iPhone and iPad. According to the game developer, In this “psychedelic adventure,” you can “choose your incarnation, make offerings to spirit animals, ride eagles in the sky, and leap obstacles on a white wolf.”

It’s a trippy game, to be sure, but one thing you wouldn’t want to do is trip, or should we say, wipe out on your skateboard. You want to go as far as possible and score more points, and with those goals in mind, we suggest checking out our exclusive list of Infinite Skater tips and tricks.

1. Visit The Spirit Animals To Level Up Faster

You might be wondering why you have to deal with spirit animals in a game that’s supposed to be about skateboarding. The reason behind this is because doing so will allow you to level up faster and unlock different types of terrain. In other words, you want to visit the spirit animals regularly if you want to access more content and keep your adventure going.

2. How To Deal With The Obstacles

Like you would in other skateboarding games for mobile, you’ll want to know what to do in order to avoid the game’s different obstacles. For instance, if you need to figure out what to do next in the game, you can try jumping on the quarter pipe ramps. And if you see that there’s some ice ahead of you, get ready to jump. The ice can get to you real quick, so it pays to be quick on your board and ready to jump. Rails, on the other hand, can be grinded on in an attempt to avoid some of the sneakier obstacles in the game. As for the caves, you’ll also want to use the ramps to your advantage and skate over the caves.

3. Complete The Missions

On the Missions screen, you’ll see a list of quests that you need to complete in order to earn some nice rewards as a prize. These quests are usually completed organically, meaning you don’t always need to do anything special, just as long as you’re playing the game naturally. And if you forget what your missions are, you can always pause the game and check what you have to do. Remember to return to the Missions screen so you can redeem your rewards.

4. Score More By Using The Shields

When gunning for more points to beat your highest score or beat out your friends, one thing you can do is to make use of the shields. It’s very simple, yet quite effective.

5. Catch The Eagle Once You Reach Level 5

Once you’re at Level 5 in Infinite Skater, you can get a chance to jump as high as you could to catch the eagle and ride it. This isn’t always a particularly high-flying eagle, though, as it will generally fly low enough for you to catch it – that is, if you’re able to jump high enough.

This is our compilation of Infinite Skater tips and tricks. We will update this guide, whenever we come up with new hints for this exciting Space Inch game.