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Infinite Galaxy Blends Epic Spaceship Battles and Intricate Storylines to Build an Immersive Sci-fi Experience like No Other

In Infinite Galaxy, both newbie and veteran players alike can experience the exhilaration of space exploration in a visually stunning mobile strategy game. The online sci-fi masterpiece from Camel Games of Age of Z Origins fame places you in the shoes of a resistance commander, leading your fleet to fight against the conquering Empire. The fate of the Andromeda Galaxy lies solely in your hands, but do you have what it takes to rise to the occasion?

infinite galaxy

Sci-fi action aficionados will find endless ways to quench their thirst for the genre as you build spaceports, research technologies, and unleash your skills on unwitting enemy strongholds with your resistance allies. Meanwhile, story-driven gamers will have their fill of intricate narratives, as Infinite Galaxy features gorgeous 3D environments you can explore with a colorful cast of characters fighting alongside you.

Each fully fleshed-out member of your crew (and any other staff you decide to recruit) has their own personalities and quirks, with fully voiced dialogue and engaging backstories. The tale goes even deeper as you set out to uncover truths from the past with ancient relics across the far reaches of space.

infinite galaxy

Infinite Galaxy is available for download in both the App Store and on Google Play, and it’s completely free of charge. With the impressive level of depth in its gameplay mechanics and the top-notch graphics to boot, there’s no reason not to give it a go, especially since we have a little surprise for you. Using the code “levelwinner”, all new players will receive a gift pack that can help them enjoy more of the game. Simply go to Settings > Pack Exchange > enter “levelwinner” and let the fun begin*.

*The following conditions apply: the gift code is valid for three months and cannot be used with other gift codes. Each player can only redeem the code once.