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Idle Super Factory Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Maximize Your Profits

Idle Super Factory is a factory idle management game from Twitchy Finger, that’s out now on iOS and Android. As simple and straightforward as it seems, and likewise comparable to the overabundant idle clicker games on mobile platforms, Idle Super Factory surprisingly provides a lengthy adventure in terms of progression and comes packed with its own brand of unique features and mechanics aimed towards giving players long-term goals that are actually challenging to achieve.

With 5 maps for a total of 25 unique stages to unlock and conquer, Idle Super Factory’s style of a production line’s linear and consistent behavior actually mixes well with the variety of products, managers, and boosts you can unlock and apply to each one. While idle clicker games may be intrinsically targeted towards casual gamers who can make good progress with even the smallest amount of free time they can spend on the game, players who enjoy a different take on the business simulation genre can also get hooked on Idle Super Factory.

Idle Super Factory comes with a brief story introduction as well as a quick tutorial to set you up to speed with the core mechanics. Like all other hyper-casual games, you can expect it to be easy enough for just about anyone to pick up and play. Like all idle clicker business sim games, Idle Super Factory lets you earn profits continuously even if you are offline and away, which means that you will always have progress, regardless of what you do and how you handle the business.

More time spent on your virtual factory or more frequent visits will positively impact your income generation, and if that is not enough to fill your need for a speedy progression, then check out our Idle Super Factory guide below! We have come up with a comprehensive guide that comes with a bunch of tips and strategies so you can become a top super factory tycoon in no time!

1. Ensure That The Free Income Multiplier Stays Active

Idle Super Factory, much like most idle clicker games always make it so that players will be raring to get into their business as soon as they load up the app on their device. Sometimes, even a 1-minute long introduction and tutorial seems so long when you are overly excited to grow your enterprise in that you would not pay as much attention to anything else save for the core objectives in the game.

income multiplier idle super factory

Once the tutorial ends and you are ready to start running your idle factory, however, you should click on the profit multiplier banner at the lower right side of your screen for an option to activate a 2x income booster. To do so, you must play a short video ad for the income booster to be active for the next 4 hours. The video ad can stretch anywhere between 15 to 30 seconds, which may seem long for some players but totally worth the effort considering it doubles productivity and profits for 4 hours.

You can stack the effects of the multiplier a number of times but you do not necessarily have to. The important thing is that once you activate it, you should make sure that it stays active while you are managing your idle factory. The best strategy is to watch your first video ad to activate the boost for 4 hours. Once you have done that, you can proceed to running your factory.

After a few machine unlocks, machine upgrades, manager recruitment, and manager skill activations, you can start stocking up on income boost effects by streaming more ads. There are other items you can acquire and use to multiply your profits even further, but at the very least, ensuring that every effort you make to generate profits at twice the normal rate should be prioritized.

2. Follow The Objectives

It may be a rare sight for an idle clicker game to actually have a list of objectives for you to serve as an extra guide. This is because idle clicker business sim games all center around a basic objective, which is to earn more and more profits as you push to expand your business.

For the most part, you will likely accomplish a lot of the objectives in Idle Super Factory even without much knowledge of each item on the list. For efficiency’s sake, just the same, it is still best to read through them to have a path to follow as you engage in the continuous growth of your enterprise.

objective reward idle super factory

The objectives in Idle Super Factory can be accessed through its icon on the right side of your screen. In some cases, the progress bar it shows can give you a clearer idea of how close or far you are towards accomplishing the current feat. You can click on it to see the list of objectives on each stage.

On top of serving as a solid guide to help you progress faster in your venture, there are rewards as well that can further help boost your progression.

3. Keep As Little Idle Cash As Possible

It is practically a rule of thumb in every idle clicker business sim game to always invest money as soon as you earn them. This actually rests on the idea that you can only keep on earning profits and will never experience any losses in your virtual business venture.

While profits are constantly flowing regardless of how you choose to run your business, every bit of investment you make reflects on the amount of profits you earn by the second.

idle cash idle super factory

Idle Super Factory may be designed to ensure that profits are realized even if you do not spend time actually managing your business. As profits are directly related to investments, however, the best way to go is to rid yourself of idle cash as fast as possible.

For beginners, it can be especially addictive to see your cash grow over time and keep it that way, spending every now and then but ensuring there is some cash left behind. But, again, you will never run out of cash in Idle Super Factory and the sooner you spend them, the sooner your profits will grow.

4. Hire Managers For Each Machine

Every piece of machinery within your factory needs to be clicked on to ensure that production keeps on running. While you can certainly do so manually and tend to a horde of other tasks, simply hiring a manager for a small cost renders the production process fully automated. This means that profits will keep on streaming even if you are out and away from your factory and you can tend to upgrades and other activities whenever you are up running the factory yourself.

The cost of hiring managers may exponentially grow the more you hire, but relative to the rate of growth of your need for them to help clear the plate in your hands, each one is well worth the cash expenditure. Note that the automation of the machines are just one of the benefits of having a manager as each manager you hire has special abilities that boost production performance or lessen the cost of upgrades.

hiring managers idle super factory

It may not be as clear within or slightly after the tutorial but you need to manually activate each manager’s special skill to make use of it. You can tap on the white area beside the machine to hire a manager and directly assign him if the spot is vacant. On the manager window, you can see the special ability of the manager, particularly the effect and the duration of the effect. Once a manager has been stationed on a machine, you will need to tap on the icon in front of them to activate their special abilities.

As much as possible, you would want these abilities activated whenever they are available but be sure to check on each one’s ability as well as you will have to strategize later on with regard to when to activate their skills.

5. Invest In Additional Managers As Well

Ensuring that each machine runs in full automation is just the start of your journey towards profit maximization to become the top idle factory tycoon in Idle Super Factory. Once you have experienced the benefit that each one can provide you after activating their special abilities, you would want to keep using special abilities as often as you possibly can.

It is only natural for the managers themselves to get exhausted which is why special effects they carry can only remain active for a limited period of time. Beyond that, a cool down period of varying periods will take place before you can activate their special skill again. The ability icon in front of each manager will start flashing whenever they are activated. After the skill has lapsed, the buttons will still be pressed and the cool down timer will be present.

processor manager idle super factory

You can actually wait out for the cool down period to finish and simply activate the manager’s special ability again afterwards. For a more profitable venture, though, you can instead hire additional managers to assign a different one to a machine whose manager’s special ability is on cool down.

Just to relate to this better, you should understand that there are 3 different machines within your factory, each with its own function and set of managers that can be assigned to it. The machines, which can be unlocked and operated in numbers are the actual production line in charge of manufacturing your products. Managers assigned here can either speed up the manufacturing process or lower the upgrade cost of the machine.

On the upper left side of your factory is the processor, which handles the collection of finished products through the cart that travels across all machines, collecting products indicated by their aggregate value. Lastly, the delivery machine at the upper right corner of your factory handles distribution. You can see workers gather products collected by the processor and brings them to the chute for delivery.

Your idle factory’s products are finally converted into yellow cash once they reach the bin. For both machines, managers can speed up processing, expand load capacity, or also cut down upgrade costs for a limited period of time.

6. Prioritize Upgrades Of Newer Machines

Simply ensuring that there is as little idle cash left with you is already a step towards the right direction in ensuring that your factory is as profitable as can be but simply investing in upgrades is not equivalent to strategic perfection. Like in most idle business sim games, you can expect that newer machines in Idle Super Factory comes at a much higher price to unlock and the exponentially growing costs of upgrades associated with it also follows the steep climb of costs.

In effect, however, newer machines generate profits that reflect their cost and essentially give you back more than the amount of cash you invested in its operation and upgrade. This rationalizes the idea that your resources ought to be focused on upgrading the newest machine within your factory although to some extent, opting for a different approach can be an acceptable alternative. The strategy to use should depend on how much active playing time you still have.

machine upgrade idle super factory

If you have just logged in and visited your factory after a long break, you will have idle earnings to claim. This should be at the very least sufficient to purchase some upgrades on your newest machine, or even be enough to unlock the next machine if you have yet to unlock all of them. In these scenarios, you should always consider the most expensive upgrade costs and then consider the next higher one only if you can no longer afford the next upgrade level.

As it is always best to empty out your idle yellow cash supply empty or close to it, you can continue investing them in machines from the most expensive upgrades down to the most affordable ones. Be sure to consider tapping on the multiple upgrade options for faster upgrades. You can choose to upgrade 10x, 50x, or even 100x at a time if you find yourself overflowing with a lot of extra cash.

7. Maintain Balance Across Production, Processing, And Delivery

In relation to our aforementioned tip regarding investment prioritization as far as machines are concerned, what we refer to are the production machines that actually manufacture the products you are selling. These machines may serve as the heart of your virtual business, but they are not everything. Investing heavily in these machines is always a good thing but ignoring to balance their upgrades out across the processing and delivery sections of your factory will make excess upgrades useless.

A basic consideration to keep in mind in Idle Super Factory is that products are not measured in quantity and are instead defined in their equivalent yellow cash value. Newer machines will yield more yellow cash per second, exponentially extending the gap from the older machines with each subsequent upgrade.

Now, if you check the details of the processing section, what you should look into more than anything is its hold capacity. This refers to the limit it can hold per trip across the machines that manufacture your products. Suppose that the hold limit is 1,000 yellow cash and the average yellow cash production of machines 1 through 4 is already more than 1,000, then the processing cart will no longer be fetching the outputs of machines 5 and beyond.

maintaining balance idle super factory

Considering both the processing section and all machines, therefore, you should ensure that the outputs of the latter should be well within the former’s hold capacity per trip and if it is not, then it means that you have to invest more in upgrading the processing section.

Products within the processing section are also measured in yellow cash value, although they will not yet add up to your earned yellow cash balance until after they have completed the delivery procedure. You will notice that the delivery section has workers that carry the products from the rear end of processing down to the delivery bin, with each worker also having a load limit for each trip.

Looking closely at the division between these 2 sections, you may often see a huge sum of products, expressed in currency, at the start of the delivery section. This means that there is a hold up in this section as the workers in the delivery section cannot deliver the products fast enough. If this is the case, then you should shift your investing scheme to prioritize upgrades on the delivery section.

8. Keep An Eye Out For Investment Offers

Working routinely to grow your factory, maximizing profits, and unlocking other factories in Idle Super Factory will surely keep you occupied as it entails a lot of multitasking even with the help of every manager you can hire. Though you may easily get comfortable following a solid strategy considering all of the tips and strategies mentioned above, you can stray from it a bit differently from time to time, as you pursue targets based on the requirements of the investment offers.

From time to time, you will be visited by a guy in a trike holding a megaphone on the left side of your factory. Clicking on him will present you with a choice across 3 investment offers. You can always opt to close it out and continue on with the usual production process but picking any of the 3 choices provides you with 2 rewards, one of which can be obtained instantly and another, a more valuable one, claimable after meeting the condition.

investment offer idle super factory

The investment offers always come with differing difficulties as indicated by stars in their respective columns, so be sure to choose wisely. Likewise, pay close attention to the condition as you should only choose the ones that you are certain to complete within the limited period of time provided. To be honest, each offer can be achieved within the time provided and if you go about the 3-star risk level ones with the right strategy, you can accomplish it well within the time limit.

In some cases, these may require a bit more than just the 2x income multiplier you should always keep active so be ready to whip out some boost cards from your inventory that you can access through the boost icon at the lower left side of your screen.

9. Take Advantage Of Other Ad Boosts

Video ads have long since become an integral part of many free-to-play mobile games, most especially those falling within the casual game genre. Although some players may still find it as an annoyance to see ads in mobile games in video or any other format, it is important to consider the fact that these ads are often necessary to keep the game available for everyone to play for free.
Fortunately enough with Idle Super Factory, there are no ads that pop up randomly to bother you from continuously enjoying your virtual business venture. Each ad you will see or play can only be triggered following your choice and doing so comes with its own benefits that are hard to ignore, especially if you are raring to make progress in the game.

For starters, the 4-hour income multiplier we talked about in our first tip falls within the numerous ad boost options in Idle Super Factory. Whenever you have been out and away from your factory, the idle rewards you can obtain once you come back can also be doubled after you play a video ad. You can also claim free stuff from the shop daily for playing an ad. There is an ad campaign icon at the upper left side of your screen that provides you with various rewards depending on the number of video ads you play.

idle super factory tricks

On one side, you can consider playing these video ads as a means for you to take a break from actively managing your growing factory. If you are not into ads, you can always avoid it at your own choice. Relative to this, you should know that you can always play Idle Super Factory offline. You basically only need to connect to the internet to be able to play video ads and claim benefits form each one.

And that wraps up our guide for Idle Super Factory. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of useful tips and strategies you can readily apply to your subsequent visits to your virtual enterprise and that you enjoyed reading it as well. If you came across a different tip, trick, or strategy on top of what we already presented, you can always share them with us in the comments!