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Idle Gym Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Build Your Fitness Empire

Are you a gym buff? Well, even if you aren’t, gyms make good money nowadays due to the growing number of gym and health buffs around. Idle Gym gives you the reigns to your very own chain of gyms. This is and idle simulation game for iOS and Android platforms that puts you in charge of managing several gyms. You start out with a tiny little gym that has a single piece of equipment. Don’t worry because the other customers will patiently wait outside until the first person is done with his workout.

As you earn more money, you will be able to afford different types of equipment as well as some upgrades for your gym, including air conditioning and a shower room. Soon, you will be able to open up new gyms in other locations, allowing you to earn even more money. That also means things will become more hectic, though. Check out our Idle Gym guide for tips, cheats and tricks in order to learn how to manage your fitness empire!

1. Don’t Forget To Level Up

Before anything else, the first thing you need to learn is to level up. Aside from money, you also gain experience every time a customer completes his workout. You can see your progress in terms of experience by checking the orange bar at the top right corner of your screen. This bar shows your current level and how far along you are in terms of leveling up. Once the bar is full, it will turn into a Level Up button. You need to tap on it in order to level up. Make sure you do this as soon as possible or you will end up wasting experience from the other customers that complete their workout while the bar is full.

how to level up in idle gym

When you tap on the Level Up button, you will see a window that shows you the amount of coins you earn as a reward for leveling up. You will also see a button that offers to multiply your earnings in exchange for watching a video advertisement. Always accept this offer because levels will come slower as you progress. You will need all the extra money you can get in order to upgrade your gym and keep up with the demands of higher levels.

2. Log In Every Day For Rewards

As you can expect in most mobile games these days, login rewards are available for every day that you play. The more consecutive days that you log in, the bigger the rewards. In this case, the rewards are gems, the game’s premium currency. If you are a free player, the daily login is a good way to get some premium currency without having to spend anything. You will notice an ad offer button at the bottom of the daily login window. Make sure you always tap on it because it doubles your daily gem reward in exchange for watching a short video. Pay attention to this because there is no way to accept the offer again for the same day if you accidentally claimed the reward without watching a video.

3. Get More Free Gems

idle gym free gems

Another easy way to get more free gems is by taking the ad offer from the gem purchase menu at the top left corner of your screen. Tap on the plus icon beside your gem count to access it. This offer is available every 8 hours, and you will see a red dot on the plus icon if it is up. Make sure you claim it as soon as it is available because the 8-hour timer will not begin until you claim the reward. You will get 20 to 100 gems every time you claim this, so if you get lucky, you can get up to 300 gems in 24 hours.

4. Roll For More Rewards

idle gym rewards

On the lower right area of your screen in a wheel button. Tap on it to open up a prize wheel. The prize wheel contains random amounts of gems and coins. You can get up to 1000 gems here if you are lucky. The game gives you one free roll per day. After the free roll, all subsequent rolls will cost one video advertisement. The good news is that you can roll as many times as you want if you don’t mind watching a whole lot of ads. When your gym is still starting out, we recommend that you roll a lot in order to get extra money and gems. Progress can be extremely slow in the beginning, and you will have nothing better to do in the early levels of each gym anyway, so you may as well spend time watching some ads.

5. Watch Out For Floating Energy Drinks

As you play Idle Gym, you will sometimes see an energy drink bottle bouncing around the screen. If you ignore it, the bottle will eventually just float out of the screen and disappear. Our advice? Don’t ignore it. That energy drink will reward you with a considerable amount of coins depending on the level of your current gym. Tap on it and it will automatically trigger a 30-second video advertisement. As soon as the ad is done, you will receive your coins.

6. Always Claim The Timed Boosts

idle gym timed boosts

You will occasionally see a round icon below the orange level bar. This will either be a rocket icon or a green 2x icon. The rocket icon will boost your gym’s speed for 90 seconds. The green 2x icon will double your experience gained for 90 seconds. As you have probably guessed by now, claiming either one of these boosts will mean watching a video advertisement. That’s alright because the boost will be well worth it, especially when you reach higher levels when the progress becomes too slow. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to accept other ad offers while the 90-second boost is in effect, so make sure you claim the gem offer and the floating energy drink first.

7. Multiply Your Offline Earnings, Here’s How

how to multiply earnings in idle gym

Depending on the boosts you were able to unlock, the game lets you earn some more after you log off. When you return to the game, these earnings will be the first things to greet you. Idle Gym gives you the option to multiply these earnings in exchange for – you guessed it – watching a video advertisement. As with the previous offers, it would be a good idea to accept these as much as you can. You need all the extra income, especially in higher levels. The only exception to this would probably be if you accidentally closed the game and received the offer to multiply a measly amount when you relaunch it.

8. Purchase Upgrades Evenly

Now that you know how to earn all those coins, it is time you understand how to spend them. There are three primary upgrades in the game, and you will see them at the bottom of the screen. The first upgrade is for Price. As the name suggest, this increases the price of each workout, meaning you earn more from every customer. The second upgrade is for Speed, which means your customers will finish working out faster. Finally, the third upgrade is for Equipment. This upgrade adds more equipment to your gym, allowing more customers to enter at the same time.

It is recommended that you try to upgrade all three evenly. Upgrade costs increase exponentially as the level goes up, so it will be impractical to invest all your money in a single category. If you were to give a slight advantage to any of them, it would probably best to invest in Equipment as it gives you an extra slot, and it costs the least among the three.

9. Choose Extra Gym Upgrades Wisely

Aside from the three primary upgrades, you can unlock extra upgrades by tapping on the sign outside your gym. The first tab allows you to unlock and upgrade a gym manager. Doing so will keep your gym open for a certain amount of time depending on your manager’s upgrade level. Unlocking and upgrading the manager costs gems. It is best if you just spend the initial 100 gems to unlock him then log back into the game every hour to refresh his effect.

idle gym upgrades

The second tab allows you to spend gems to unlock and upgrade individual customers. Each customer will give you a percentage boost in either Gold or Experience. Upgrading them will increase the percentage. Not all customers are available from the start. You will need to progress in Idle Gym before you can even get the option to unlock them.

The final tab is where you can spend coins instead of gems. The initial two options in this tab is for Queue Capacity and Frequency. Queue Capacity increases the number of customers who are willing to wait outside of your gym. It’s not too useful but you will at least have a full set of customers ready to replace the ones inside the gym as soon as they are done. Frequency increases the rate of customers arriving at your gym. This is a more useful upgrade, and you should invest in it whenever you notice that the queue outside your gym is often empty.

The next three upgrades will be unlocked when the current gym reaches levels 5, 10, and 15 respectively. The first one is for Energy Drinks. Upgrading this will increase the price per customer by a fixed amount. It’s pretty useless after the early stages, so don’t invest too much in it. The second one is for Air Conditioning. It gives you a percentage increase in Speed. It’s a good boost to your existing Speed level. It’s a good investment, but only if you can no longer afford the next upgrade for the primary Speed upgrade. The third upgrade is for the Shower Room and it gives you a percentage boost in Price. Same with the Air Conditioning, invest in it only when you have left over money from the primary upgrades.

10. Leave The Game Running

If you don’t want to have to go back to the game every hour just to refresh your manager, an alternate solution is to just leave Idle Gym running. Plug your device to a power source, turn off the power saving function for the display, then leave the game running. You will continue to earn money for as long as the device is on. Keep in mind that you will still need to manually level up, so check back from time to time to see if you have earned enough experience.

If you are starting over at a new gym, try to get through the first few levels before leaving the game on, so you don’t end up having to go back every couple of minutes to tap on the Level Up button. Try to reach at least level 15 before leaving the game idle. This will give you access to all the upgrades and the level slows down by a bit after this point, giving you more time to do other things while the game plays itself.

11. Open A New Location Right Away

When you reach a certain level in your current gym, you will be able to open up a new one at a different location. You will have to start over with a level 1 gym at the new location, but you will be able to earn more. You also will not be able to unlock other locations without starting over, so you may as well do it. There is no point in waiting for more earnings at the current location because you won’t be able to carry over anything other than the gem purchases. You can also return to any of the previous locations to continue your progress there once you have set up your new gym.

idle gym location

To unlock the MapleLeaf, you need to reach level 20 at the PinWheel. To unlock the Snowboy, you need to reach level 30 at the MapleLeaf. Finally, to unlock the HappyValley, you need to reach level 40 at the SnowBoy. Once you have all locations unlocked, you will be able to jump back and forth between them in order to manage them all.

Running one gym is tough but running an entire chain of them at the same time is even more challenging. Be sure to use our Idle Gym tips, cheats and tricks above and you will be building up your gym empire in no time!