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Idle Burger Empire Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build Your Burger Franchise

In the last few years Spanish game studio Codigames has certainly established itself among the leading providers of idle clicker titles. Idle Burger Empire Tycoon stands as one of Codigames’ latest games on iOS and Android, that promises to provide a lot more than what you might expect from such title.

Idle Burger Empire Tycoon is, in some ways, comparable to the plethora of idle clicker business games in the mobile gaming scene. It has simple gameplay mechanics just about anyone can pick up with ease, and that you will never experience losing. However, what sets it apart from most idle clicker games is the expansive nature of your virtual business that mixes a wide range of content to uncover as well as bits of complexity in multi-tasking as you make progress.

idle burger empire tycoon cover

With research and building features along with an abundance of upgrade options that seems to go on forever, you are sure to find yourself consistently being busy growing your startup burger joint into a world-class burger restaurant. You can likewise expect a multitude of investment options to consistently vie for your favorable decision as your ready cash will always be short of upgrading everything at once.

Idle Burger Empire Tycoon is easy to play and enjoy especially since you will always make progress regardless of how much effort and time you put in and regardless of the choices you make. More time actively tending to your virtual enterprise, however, naturally translates to more income and ultimately leads to faster progression. 

idle burger empire tycoon lucy

Beyond time and effort, though, utilizing strategic approaches towards managing your business and utilizing your earnings can tremendously improve your burger empire’s performance and that is where we come in. Our Idle Burger Empire Tycoon Beginner’s Guide includes useful tips, tricks and strategies that you can use to build your burger franchise!

1. Keep The Profit Booster Active

It is only natural for you to want to start actively managing your new burger joint as soon as you dive into Idle Burger Empire Tycoon. In addition to taking the role of an active manager and overseeing the business’ entire operations, Idle Burger Empire Tycoon also has plenty of features you would be inclined to explore right away.

idle burger empire tycoon gameplay

Before you proceed with all of that, however, we recommend clicking on the video icon at the bottom of your screen first. This is one of Idle Burger Empire Tycoon’s numerous ad boosts and is what we consider the most important.

Once you click on the icon, the Boost Profits feature will pop up and you can click on the Boost button at the right side of the page to watch a 15 to 30-second video ad and have a profit boost for the next 10 minutes. This means that what you will earn for the next 10 minutes will be equivalent to what you can earn for 15 minutes if you chose to not take advantage of this feature.

idle burger empire tycoon profit booster

The Boost Profits feature gives you an extra 50% in earnings, which is a huge boost regardless of whether you are just starting or have progressed deep enough to yield profits by the millions. This is certainly a feature that you can and should take advantage of at all times.

The Profit Boost can also be stacked to have a max boost period of 1 hour. As this boost impacts all earnings you acquire, we also recommend stacking the boost up for 1 hour before going offline. Likewise, playing 3 ads here will also earn you a valuable reward, a precious lunch box that holds cards you need to improve your business’ performance.

Note that we only recommend playing this ad boost 1 time before you go about doing your business after signing in to the game and simply take advantage of it intermittently later on so long as you keep it active while you are playing and max it out before leaving your virtual burger stand.

2. Try To Follow The Objectives

Once you start your adventure as the owner of a promising burger joint, you will only have to follow the tutorial for a few moments. Before you know it, you will be free to explore several sections of the small burger outlet by tapping on them to check for upgrade options. There are also several icons you would want to peek into as soon as you can.

As we mentioned earlier, there are essentially no right or wrong ways to go about running your burger joint in Idle Burger Empire Tycoon as, like any other idle clicker business game, even staying idle will earn you profits after you go through the introductory tutorial. If you are raring to grow your petite burger stand and maximize profits every step of the way, however, we recommend adhering to the objectives first.

idle burger empire tycoon objectives

You can access the Objectives via the checkbox icon at the lower right side of the screen. If you click on it, you will see 3 targets lined up with their cash rewards stated along with a counter on its right side. Given that you will not be earning as many profits at the start of your business, the cash rewards attached to completing the objectives will tremendously help in racking up some lumps of extra cash.

Beyond the cash rewards, which are a huge help, the more important reason for you to consider checking the objectives time after time is to utilize them as a basic guide for progression. To a great extent, the objectives are lined up from the easiest ones down to the more challenging ones or the simplest targets to the more complex ones. Most of the targets can readily be achieved as soon as you know them while some may take some time to complete, like cooking x numbers of meat or tending to x amount of customers.

You can certainly go about and do as you please and you will still be able to clear some of the objectives. In case you do accomplish some targets before they appear, they will appear completed and your rewards will be waiting for you to claim them. Although this works too, focusing on current targets and completing them one by one is still the best approach as you would want to finish some objectives, claim the respective rewards, and move on to the next set.

idle burger empire tycoon objectives 2

A new objective will replace the previous one as soon as you claim the rewards, ensuring that there will always be a trio of targets for you to set your sights on. Although at least 1 of the current 3 objectives will be almost instantly doable for a long while, there will naturally come a time when all 3 will be temporarily beyond your reach for the moment. In these instances, Idle Burger Empire Tycoon ensures that you will still have plenty to peek into and accomplish and before you know it, you will already have the means to take on objectives again.

3. Use The Basic Idle Cash Management Strategy

Basic currencies in video games, which is cash in the case of Idle Burger Empire Tycoon, are typically meant to be managed with some level of prudence across almost every game genre. Idle clicker games, particularly business sim types, are perhaps the only exception to this general rule. This is largely attributable to the base gameplay mechanic that makes cash flow continuously but, more importantly, the other basic consideration that the more cash you spend means the more money comes pouring back in.

idle burger empire tycoon chef's table

In Idle Burger Empire Tycoon, there are no such things as expenses, and every bit of cash you spend goes straight into your business. As every upgrade, research, and construction all contribute towards improving the services you provide or even directly increasing income, it simply means that the more you spend and the faster you empty your supply of idle cash, the sooner your idle income will increase.

At an early point in your adventure, you should already be making an effort to ensure that what remains of your idle cash is not sufficient to purchase anything. Otherwise, its ultimate effect is an opportunity loss relative to the earnings you gain every second. Although there are deeper strategies as to how idle cash ought to be spent for the best results, the base concept revolves around emptying your supply of it as often and as fast as you can.

4. Invest In The Cheapest Option First

Yet another basic strategy that applies to Idle Burger Empire Tycoon, much like in any other idle clicker business sim game lines up with how you should choose to spend your idle cash. Your burger empire is divided into sections or facilities like the counter, parking, chef’s table, delivery service, and so on, and each one has about 4 upgrade options listed within them. Likewise, researching how to improve your burger restaurant and performing the actual construction of the upgrades also has its attributable costs.

As a general rule, the best way to go about investing is by putting your money on the cheapest options first. Taking the order counter as an example, the first upgrade option, which is Polite Welcome, is the cheapest. This directly increases tips and profits which leads to more idle cash generated per second. In this sense, you will immediately take back what you invest in a relatively shorter time.

idle burger empire tycoon upgrades

The first option, as well as the rest of the upgrade options across every section of the burger business, follows the same structural design, making it fairly easy to apply your strategy across all of them. As each new upgrade will cost more than the previous one, be sure to check on the latter 3 upgrade options as succeeding upgrades may in some instances be costlier than other options.

Of course, you can always expect some exceptions to the general rule. For starters, adherence to clearing objectives strategically may require you to prioritize some investments over others. As clearing objectives is our priority over spending on the cheapest upgrade options, pursuing a specific objective should take precedence over adhering to our strategy of how to spend idle cash.

idle burger empire tycoon bacon griddle

There are likewise investment options that are expensive but at the same time critical to expanding or growing your burger joint tremendously so if you have enough cash to spend on them, then you can prioritize them as well. Logging in after a break for 2 hours or so will earn you a huge chunk of cash. These instances present you with an opportunity to spend on an investment that would otherwise take some time to afford. This should also prompt you to consider the bigger investment options over the cheaper ones.

5. Keep Builders And Researchers Active

Idle Burger Empire Tycoon further spices up your virtual burger business venture with a builder and researcher feature you need to work around as you continue to expand and develop your burger restaurant. Research needs to be performed first before expansions and a new set of upgrades can be performed. Once the upgrades on any of your facilities have been maxed out, the next step is to assign your builder to do the work but only if the next level of the facility has been unlocked following its research.

You do not necessarily have to max out all upgrades first before you can start researching on the next level. All initial expansion plans will be available for research but the next higher levels will only be unlocked after the research on the next level has been completed. You can access the research feature through the list with magnifying glass icon at the upper right side of the screen. Note that the research feature is composed of 3 separate tabs: Food, Bonus, and Expansion.

idle burger empire tycoon research

As a free player, you can only perform one research at a time. You can see the flask icon below your idle cash at the top left side of the screen. A 1/1 number means that you have an idle researcher. Given the abundance of research items that may be available simultaneously, we recommend aligning your research prioritization with the current set of objectives at hand. If no current objectives are aligned with the available items, then you may want to consider research options based on how long you will still be online.

idle burger empire tycoon meat shelf

Beyond the actual results and cash requirements for each research item, each one also has different completion times. If you are planning to stay online and actively manage your virtual business, then lodging in research items with shorter completion times is the best way to go. On the other hand, if you are planning to take a relatively long break from the game, then that would be the best time to research items that take the longest to complete.

Researching items stands as half of the upgrade process as you will now have to start building expansions and other upgrades for your burger shop. Keep in mind that building and researching can proceed simultaneously as the only requisites are prior research to what you are currently building, an available builder, and some cash.

idle burger empire tycoon build

Considering both builders and researchers, you should always ensure that what you see below your idle cash at the top of the screen is 0/1, meaning that both teams are actively improving your burger business. On a more advanced note, you can also consider a loosely similar completion time for both sets of teams to make it easier to keep them active.

idle burger empire tycoon rank up

6. Collect Lunch Boxes And Upgrade Perks

To add to Idle Burger Empire Tycoon’s addictive elements, there is a card collection aspect incorporated into the mechanics. Cards come from lunch boxes at random and each one has a unique perk to offer. Cards are primarily classified into different rarity grades from common ones to a single heroic grade card. Although the basic lunchbox will only net you the first lower 3 grades of cards, even the most common cards are sure to be appreciated for their amazing perks.

idle burger empire tycoon cards

Lunch boxes are primarily available at the shop and can be purchased using gems but you can earn 3 free basic lunch boxes daily from the shop, once every 10 minutes. The ad boost we discussed earlier will also reward you 1 after playing 3 ads and there are special events as well that can reward you with these items.

idle burger empire tycoon lunch boxes

Cards you obtain from the lunch boxes can be seen via the person icon at the lower right side of the screen. An indicator can be seen on top of it whenever you can upgrade the cards you have collected. You will need just 1 copy of each card to activate their effects and extra copies can be used to take them to the next level. In addition, you will also need to spend some cash when performing upgrades on the cards, but considering their lasting effects, you could consider upgrading as soon as you have enough copies of the card in question.

idle burger empire tycoon aromatic cheese

7. Remember Your Delivery Service

Actively managing your burger joint to ensure that every customer gets the best quality of service can already mean some hard work, especially if you also need to tend to research and construction on top of the continuous upgrades around every corner of your restaurant. While you have your employees to make everything automated to some extent, the delivery service your restaurant has in Idle Burger Empire Tycoon is a little more demanding than the rest.

idle burger empire tycoon delivery

Although you will also have riders on an electric bike to perform your burger stand’s delivery services, one unique gameplay mechanic attributable to this feature is the charging station for the electric bikes. Each delivery costs 1 energy and you will see the yellow bar atop the charging station lose energy over time.

idle burger empire tycoon charging station

As part of the tasks you have, while managing your business, you will have to ensure that the charging station for the delivery bikes will always have energy. It only takes a few taps to fill it up but chances are that you will often forget about it considering the plethora of other matters you actively tend to. On top of the huge cash earnings from the delivery service, there are also time-limited events related to it that grant you extra rewards so be sure to make a habit out of keeping the charging station’s energy bar at max capacity.

idle burger empire tycoon event

8. Push For Reputation Milestones

While the rationale behind operating your burger restaurant is to realize profits continuously, money is not everything in Idle Burger Empire Tycoon. As you ceaselessly exert effort to maximize profits and reinvest them back into your business, the improvements you make to your facilities and the services you provide also earn you reputation points.

You can see your reputation at the top of your screen, just beside your idle cash. Reputation grows just like your idle cash but it has a soft cap based on your restaurant’s location. As you reach a certain milestone, you can take your burger enterprise to the next level. Each new level comes with new features as well as new research and upgrade options for your burger empire.

idle burger empire tycoon super fly burger

In addition to meeting the required amount of reputation points to qualify you for this huge upgrade, you also need to spend a huge sum of cash for it, typically more than what you may have for the moment, especially if you are still finishing some upgrades on your restaurant. In general, having enough reputation points make the transition very well within your reach as there will be more than enough opportunities for you to quickly earn the needed amount of money for the level upgrade.

Moving up to the next level involves going through a reset of sorts. Your idle cash as well as the upgrades invested into each facility within your restaurant will be back to 0 since you will be managing a different restaurant. You will start upgrading everything again as your cash flow will also be reduced to how it was back when you were just starting out.

idle burger empire tycoon green field burger

Although it might initially appear as a step back, moving on to the next level makes it a lot easier to reach the former upgrade levels of each facility in your new burger shop. All your research levels, card upgrades, and gems will remain intact as well. You can expect that each new higher level or each new location you build your restaurant on will be a lot more challenging than the previous one. However, with plenty of new additions to it, the experience will not at all feel like a challenging grind but rather an exciting new adventure.

9. Take Advantage Of All Other Ad Boosts

We already tackled what we consider the most helpful ad boost, which is the profit multiplier, as well as valuable free ways of getting cards from lunch boxes. Both of these ad boosts would surely suffice to enable active players to tremendously boost their progress in the game but Idle Burger Empire Tycoon provides unlimited ways for you to take advantage of other ad boosts.

Although video ads even in free games can appear as a distraction or nuisance to some players, there are no such video ads in Idle Burger Empire Tycoon that randomly play without your expressed permission. On the contrary, if you are so eager to expand your burger empire in Idle Burger Empire Tycoon and want to exponentially boost your progress, you should be inclined to play as many of the ad boosts available to you.

idle burger empire tycoon lucky roulette

You can see a roulette icon on the upper left side of your screen. Tapping on this icon takes you to a unique feature called Lucky Roulette. You get a free spin once every 8 hours at the cost of simply playing a video ad. You can earn gems, lunch boxes, and other valuable rewards from here.

You will also consistently see different ad banners pop up at the upper right side of the screen. The top one will always be a Grant, offering you huge sums of cash for watching a video ad. Keep in mind that the amount of extra cash you can instantly obtain from this ad campaign will depend on your progress, which means that the amount will grow bigger the further your progress is in your current restaurant. This will also be affected by the common VIP pass card.

idle burger empire tycoon extra cash

Different banners will randomly pop up just below where you can claim the Cash Grant. There is a grant that gives you instant reputation points, which is very valuable especially if you are raring to take your journey to the next level. You may also see an ad boost here that makes every customer that comes in a VIP one. VIP customers have a special glow in them and tapping on these customers earns you a huge amount of tips as extra income. Some ads can also instantly replenish your supply of raw materials or make your employees twice as efficient for a limited time.

idle burger empire tycoon mega speed boost

Idle Burger Empire Tycoon is sure to provide you with tons of hours of exciting gameplay and we hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared will be instrumental to your virtual burger empire’s rapid growth and success. Again, you can relax and enjoy the game just like any casual game but taking into consideration what we discussed will surely propel your burger stand’s growth and expansion faster than ever. If you happen to have some of your very own tricks and strategies to add to our list, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments!