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Icontrivia: Wrestlers Answers to All Levels & Cheat Sheet

Are you a WWE fan? Or are you the type who used to care for professional wrestling, but tuned out the moment somebody told you it was scripted? Or maybe you’ve got someone special in your life who likes his or her “sports entertainment” but couldn’t care less about it. Regardless which category you fall under, Icontrivia: Wrestlers is a great way to kill the time, as the game shows you incomplete caricatures of wrestlers (no facial features), with the option to reveal or remove letters to help you come closer to guessing which wrestler is being depicted. The game covers multiple generations of pro wrestling, so you’ve got a mix of legendary and present-day WWE Superstars included in here.

You can play against your Facebook friends or share puzzles on Facebook or Twitter if you need some help. Or, if you want those answers faster than an RKO out of nowhere, we’ve got them right here. These tips for Icontrivia: Wrestlers have all the answers, so read on if you’re stuck somewhere in the game, or if you don’t have much knowledge of professional wrestling and need to solve those puzzles quickly.

Level 1: The Undertaker
Level 2: Shawn Michaels
Level 3: Batista
Level 4: Kane
Level 5: Christian
Level 6: Big Show
Level 7: Cody Rhodes
Level 8: The Rock
Level 9: Eve Torres
Level 10: Steve Austin

Level 11: Andre The Giant
Level 12: Kofi Kingston
Level 13: Chris Jericho
Level 14: Bill Goldberg
Level 15: Jerry Lawler
Level 16: Bret Hart
Level 17: Sting
Level 18: Triple H
Level 19: Beth Phoenix
Level 20: Randy Savage

Level 21: John Cena
Level 22: Justin Gabriel
Level 23: Kurt Angle
Level 24: Brock Lesnar
Level 25: Brian Pillman
Level 26: Randy Orton
Level 27: Pat Patterson
Level 28: Mr. Perfect
Level 29: Kelly Kelly
Level 30: Mick Foley

Level 31: Iron Sheik
Level 32: Drew McIntyre
Level 33: Arn Anderson
Level 34: Edge
Level 35: Dynamite Kid
Level 36: Jimmy Snuka
Level 37: Bruiser Brody
Level 38: Rey Mysterio
Level 39: Natalya
Level 40: John Morrison

Level 41: Rob Van Dam
Level 42: William Regal
Level 43: Booker T
Level 44: Roddy Piper
Level 45: Buddy Rogers
Level 46: Scott Steiner
Level 47: Evan Bourne
Level 48: Ric Flair
Level 49: Brie Bella
Level 50: Matt Hardy