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Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Walkthrough: A Complete Guide to Reunite the Four Friends

Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis is a horror game developed by Keplerians, and is planned to be the penultimate title of the series. Continuing from the previous Ice Scream games, it revolves around four friends, J, Mike, Charlie, and Lis, as they are kidnapped by the insane ice cream man named Rod, who desires to make the perfect ice cream flavor by literally squeezing the flavor out of his customers. So far, J, Mike, and Charlie have reunited in a safe area of the factory and are looking for Lis, and hopefully, a way to stop Rod and escape the factory.

ice scream 7 intro

Compared to previous titles, gameplay in Ice Scream 7 has not changed much. You try to solve puzzles throughout the factory to progress by avoiding the grasp of Rod and his robotic lackeys and getting captured once more. Expect a lot of traveling through vents to get around them, though be aware that Rod can also travel through those same vents when the need arises.

You are not completely defenseless, as the kids are resourceful enough to carry some homemade traps to temporarily stun any pursuers long enough to get away. That said, the game does not have a save system so you are expected to beat it in one shot if you want all four kids reunited.

ice scream 7 filler a

Since this is a walkthrough, we will discuss how to proceed at every stage of the escape. We will not give away every solution to the puzzles within, as you will have to figure these out yourself. So, stay with us and check out our Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis walkthrough to find out if the kids manage to join up successfully.

1. A Refreshing Refresher Course

ice scream 7 difficulty select

As with all Ice Scream games, you can select one of four difficulties that essentially alters how Rod and his minions react to noises, their movement speed, and the number of tries you get before a game is over. For this walkthrough, we played on the “Ghost” difficulty which effectively makes you invisible.

Neither Rod nor his robotic cronies will react to any sounds you make but in exchange, your playthrough will be interrupted by an ad every few minutes. You can disable the ads outright with an in-app purchase, or you can switch off your mobile device’s internet connection before starting up Ice Scream 7, and keep it off until you are done playing. Ghost mode also helps with practice runs.

ice scream 7 filler b

Continuing the trend set by Ice Scream 5, you will have to switch between two characters to make progress: in this case, between Mike and Lis. This is unlocked shortly a while after progressing through the game as Lis and takes place in a dedicated room which also doubles as a safe area where the inactive character cannot be caught. You can even transfer items one at a time via a dedicated slot, allowing the other character to take the item when you switch characters.

The children each have a single trap to use that will stun Rod or the Mini-Rods for a minute before they wake up. You can get more traps by watching an ad if you want, but most of the time you will be outmaneuvering Rod and company by traveling through vents and taking shortcuts.

2. Lab Rats

ice scream 7 lis intro

As mentioned previously, when you start a new game you first play as Lis, who finds herself in a small maze with a Mini-Rod observing her. The exit to the maze is, relative to Lis’s position, to the left, and to open the exit you have to solve a small puzzle. The puzzle consists of bringing a selected shape, either a sphere, a pyramid, or a cube, to a section of the maze with a matching symbol.

ice scream 7 maze start

The required shape is randomized between playthroughs, and all of the destinations will require you to crouch to reach your destination. Once the matching shape has been delivered, the exit opens up. Lis can either take the door or use a nearby vent to travel through a grate. Either choice will bring Lis to the laboratory proper, where Mini-Rods will start making their rounds and try to stun the kids if they catch them.

ice scream 7 maze exit

About half of Lis’s part of the lab is blocked off for the time being, but you can still search available rooms for items needed to solve later puzzles. The most important room is marked with a green telephone icon: that is where you can swap control between Mike and Lis and can also be used to stockpile key items in relative safety. There are three areas of note that Lis will have to deal with later on:

ice scream 7 labs
  • A door locked with a keycard reader. This has a note from Rod reminding himself that he keeps the keycard in a storage locker away from the factory.
ice scream 7 keycard reader
  • A room with a rather thin hamster in a cage. There is another room containing a mixer, which feeds its concoction to the hamster via a pipe connecting both it and the cage, but the door leading to that room is locked from the inside, preventing access until you can unlock the keycard door.
ice scream 7 hamster cage
  • A disabled fuse box that is keeping one of the rooms locked tight. It is too far away for Lis to reach on her own. The fuse box should be close to where you leave the maze.
ice scream 7 fuse box

The important thing here is the door with the keycard reader, so make sure to interact with that before going to the saferoom. From there, a cutscene will play where Mike drops into the opposite side of the saferoom and reunites with Lis, with J watching them from the safety of the control room.

Lis explains that she needs the keycard to access the rest of the lab, and J instructs Charlie to follow Rod, as he just so happens to be paying a visit to the storage lockers. Charlie sneaks onboard Rod’s ice cream truck, though not without trying to follow it on foot and promptly realizing that would be a bad idea.

ice scream 7 mike and lis

3. Scrounging in Storage

ice scream 7 storage area

The next portion of the game has you controlling Charlie as he searches for the keycard. There are two locations you can visit before returning to the factory: the storage lockers themselves and a shack somewhere in town.

The only real threat here is Rod, but this is balanced out by the smaller area of both places. You can “travel” to a different location by heading back into the ice cream truck, shutting the doors, and interacting with the map inside. Rod will “gladly” ferry Charlie around as needed. Rod will alternate between patrolling the given location and maintaining his truck.

ice scream 7 inside truck

Focusing back on the storage lockers, the keycard is located in a safe at the far side of the storage lockers. The safe requires three keys to unlock: cyan, magenta, and yellow.

ice scream 7 keycard safe

The cyan key is the first one you can find, as it should be in a small intersection in the center of the storage area. That intersection also has an arcade game you can play called Runnerpillar 2, which you can beat for an extra surprise. We will not tell you what that surprise is, but there should be a button that closes the storage locker where the arcade cabinet is located so that Rod does not disturb you while you try to beat it. The choice is yours, but just remember to bring the cyan key to the safe.

ice scream 7 arcade
ice scream 7 blue key

Our next goal is the magenta key, which can be found at the shack. Before you go there, look for an open storage locker close to the safe. You should find a pool cue that Charlie can pick up. Take the pool cue and head to the shack.

ice scream 7 pool cue
ice scream 7 shack outside

The shack itself cannot be entered, but there should be a box on the roof that Charlie can dislodge with the pool cue. This should drop the box and reveal the magenta key, but before you leave, look for a blue hydraulic jack somewhere outside. You can bring both items along by dropping one item in the truck while holding the other item. Make sure you have both the key and the jack and return to the storage lockers.

ice scream 7 roof box
ice scream 7 car jack

Place the magenta key in its matching lock, and look around for a red go-kart. It should be in an open locker very close to the ice cream truck, so interacting with it will be very difficult. The last key should be under the kart, but Charlie cannot lift it by himself.

ice scream 7 go kart

Get the jack and place it under the kart to lift it and reveal the yellow key. Bring the key to the safe to open it, revealing both the keycard and a newspaper mentioning some familiar names. Take the keycard and return to the factory.

ice scream 7 yellow key
ice scream 7 keycard news

4. Rescue and Engineering

ice scream 7 charlie cake

After Charlie returns to the factory, he gives the keycard to Mike via the hatches and helps himself to a random cake nearby. Though the keycard lands on Mike’s side of the saferoom, Lis needs to use it first. Place it in the transfer slot and take control of Lis, then pick up the keycard. Be careful, as Rod will now patrol the lab alongside his robotic goons.

ice scream 7 keycard unlock

Now that Lis can access more of the lab, try to search for the following things for later puzzles:

  • A vial of Proteins. In our playthrough, we found the vial underneath a table near the saferoom. You can deposit it into the mixer which has three slots labeled “I”, “P”, and “S.” Pour the Proteins into the “P” slot, leaving two more ingredients to find.
ice scream 7 protein vial
ice scream 7 mixer
  • A jar labeled “Criceta Cerebri” or in layman’s terms, a hamster’s brain.
ice scream 7 hamster brain
  • A sample of familiar-looking super sticky gum.
ice scream 7 sticky gum
  • A pipette, which we found lying on one of the desks in the mixer room. If your searches bring you to the mixer room, feel free to unlock the door leading to the hamster cage.
ice scream 7 pipette
  • Another keycard reader is attached to a nearby wall, which updates the keycard from Rod’s safe to access doors with a higher security rating. Mike will need it in his section of the lab.
ice scream 7 keycard update

Now, close to the first door you unlocked with the keycard is a locked gate leading to another hatch. Said hatch connects both Lis’s and Mike’s sections of the laboratory. Your ultimate goal here is to unlock both doors so that Lis and Mike can head to the control room. In Lis’s case, the gate is controlled by some wires that lead into a vent, which is too small for Lis to reach through.

ice scream 7 lis exit

That hamster might come in useful if we can get it, but for now, update the keycard and bring it to Mike. Make sure to bring the brain, gum, pipette, and updated keycard to the saferoom as well so that you can give them to Mike later. Lis has done what she can do for the time being, so switch to Mike.

ice scream 7 mike hall

Mike’s section of the lab is more focused on engineering, so expect a few more Mini-Rods patrolling about. Mike was smart enough to bring the Electrogun along before jumping down the hatch, but it broke as it hit the ground, rendering it useless until Mike can repair it.

As with previous Ice Scream games, the Electrogun serves as a self-defense weapon that stuns Rod or his robots for about a minute and is also used to solve certain puzzles. It comes with a limited number of shots that you can replenish by watching an ad, but you will need three shots at minimum to solve all related puzzles.

ice scream 7 electrogun

Mike’s side of the saferoom leads to a hallway with a workshop at the end. This is a good place to repair the Electrogun but the entrance to the workshop is close to a door that Rod uses to enter and exit the area. The Mini-Rods can access the workshop as well. Evading their patrols, bring the busted Electrogun and place it on the workshop bench.

ice scream 7 workbench

Mike reckons that he needs two things to repair the Electrogun: something sticky to hold the parts together and a fluid that conducts electric currents. The gum Lis found in the lab is sticky enough, so all we need to find is fluid. Look around the area for a bottle of yellow conductive fluid, and as you look, take note of the following:

ice scream 7 conductive fluid
  • A container full of oil in one of the smaller rooms, with a puddle of oil underneath. Its location is randomized on each playthrough.
ice scream 7 oil spill
  • Another workshop containing parts for more Mini-Rods and an unfinished prototype Mini-Rod strapped onto a table. The workshop is locked with another keycard reader, though there should be a vent you can open from inside the workshop.
ice scream 7 rod factory
  • A pipe full of Rod’s secret ingredient, located close to the workshop. Part of the pipe appears to be leaking.
ice scream 7 leaky pipe
  • A control room scaled down for Mini-Rods, complete with a door only they can fit through. One of the terminals inside controls another door leading to the same hatch Lis saw earlier.
ice scream 7 control room

5. One Way Out

While this part of the walkthrough assumes you are continuing to play as Mike, you are free to complete Lis’s path first if you wish. Regardless of whose path you complete first, it will make no difference for the ending of the game.

While still playing as Mike, collect the gum and conductive fluid, and bring both of them to the workbench. This transforms your old Electrogun into an “electro-plasmatic gun” that more or less behaves the same way.

ice scream 7 electrogun repair

With your newly repaired weapon, take the Electrogun and aim it at the leaky pipe near the workshop. Shoot it, and the pipe should now spray the secret ingredient onto the floor.

ice scream 7 super electro

Return to the saferoom and get the updated keycard, pipette, and hamster brain from Lis. Use the keycard to open the workshop with the prototype Mini-Rod and remember to open up the vent so that you do not have to use the main entrance.

ice scream 7 factory unlock

The Mini-Rod is connected to a computer that allows someone to place commands for it to follow. It just needs three more things to be fully functional: some oil to lubricate its parts, a brain to receive those commands, and an electric jolt to start it up.

The jolt can easily be provided with the Electrogun, but it will not affect the Mini-Rod unless there is oil and an installed brain; we will have to gather those first. We will start with the brain, and the hamster brain Lis found at the lab will work perfectly. If need be, take control of Lis and locate the brain, then give it to Mike.

ice scream 7 prototype rod

As for the oil, remember which room had the leaking oil container. Take the pipette and use it to siphon oil from the container. Though there is a large enough puddle you can collect oil, you will only be able to gather oil by interacting directly with the tap. This will take some time to collect, so be mindful of your surroundings.

ice scream 7 oil collect

Once you have gathered some oil, bring the pipette to the Mini-Rod and deposit it into his chest. Once it is empty, head to the secret ingredient puddle and collect some of it with the now-empty pipette. Lis will need it for the mixer puzzle. With the brain in place and the gears all lubricated, pick up the Electrogun and shoot the robot. This should start it up and make it ready to receive orders from the computer nearby.

ice scream 7 oiled gears
ice scream 7 ingredient collect

The computer displays a map of the control room with the Mini-Rod door. Hollow squares represent free spaces, while squares that are crossed out are obstacles. Filled squares represent buttons that the Mini-Rods can press. Your goal here is to order the prototype Mini-Rod to press the upper left button. The two buttons on the right will not do anything useful, with one of them sounding the factory alarm.

The challenge here is that you can only give the Mini-Rod five commands in total, using the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west). When following the command, the Mini-Rod will go in the chosen direction until it hits a wall, then goes in the next direction until it hits a wall, and so on.

If you make a mistake with the commands, the Mini-Rod will simply walk back to the control room entrance so you can pick it up and try a new set of commands. We will not spoil the solution for you, but as a reminder, you can only give the Mini-Rod five commands to reach the button in the upper left corner.

ice scream 7 robot commands

If all goes well, the Mini-Rod will press that button, unlocking the door leading to the hatch and completing Mike’s section of the lab. Before switching to Lis, remember to give her the pipette full of the secret ingredient and the Electrogun. The Electrogun must have at least one shot for Lis to complete her puzzles, so you will have to watch an ad to replenish some rounds if you had to defend yourself.

ice scream 7 robot walk

Returning to Lis and her part of the lab, bring the pipette to the mixer and deposit it into the “I” slot, leaving one more slot to deal with. Remember that faraway fuse box keeping a door shut? Lis can use the Electrogun to activate the fuse box and open the door.

ice scream 7 fuse box
ice scream 7 fuse door

The room should contain the last substance for the mixer puzzle, a stabilizing liquid. Take the vial and deposit it into the “S” slot. With all three liquids accounted for, it is now time to treat that hamster.

ice scream 7 stabilizer

The mixer puzzle consists of finding the right proportion of liquids to cure the hamster. The proportions are measured in sixths, so you will need to interact with the liquids six times before you can give the hamster a dose. If you make a mistake while mixing up the cure, you can reset the mixer so you can start over. An incorrect formula will turn the hamster a different color before it keels over dead, with the cage quietly resetting the puzzle for you to try again.

ice scream 7 mixer puzzle

The correct formula will return the hamster to its puffy self and drop it out of its cage for Lis to pick up. As for possible combinations, the lab helpfully narrows it down to five potential solutions on some whiteboards.

ice scream 7 mixer solutions a
ice scream 7 mixer solutions b

For the sake of reference, red dots represent secret ingredients, blue dots represent proteins, and green dots represent stabilizing agents. Despite appearances, the solution to the mixer puzzle is not randomized, and one of these formulas is the correct solution across multiple playthroughs. As a hint, the two formulas in front of the mixer are wrong, leaving you with the three formulas behind the mixer.

ice scream 7 cured hamster

Once you have successfully cured the hamster, pick it up and bring it to the vent next to the locked door. Open the vent and place the hamster inside, and it will chew on the wires keeping the door locked. Congratulations! Lis and Mike are reunited and make a prompt return to the control room to meet up with J.

ice scream 7 wires hamster
ice scream 7 kids together

But what about Charlie?

ice scream 7 charlie caught

As it turns out, Charlie’s appetite has gotten the better of him, as his eating has allowed Rod to spot him and give chase. Charlie barely manages to return to the control room with Rod right behind him, locking the door shut before Rod can catch up. All four kids are reunited at least, a mixed blessing at best since Rod is just outside trying to break the door down. If you watch the credits to the end, a familiar face is paying a visit to the ice cream factory…

ice scream 7 trapped
ice scream 7 outro

Will J and his friends find a way to escape Rod’s clutches? That will have to wait until Ice Scream 8! If you have any secrets and tips to share regarding Ice Scream 7, please let us know in the comment area below!