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Eatventure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Restaurant Tycoon

Do you think you have what it takes to run your very own restaurant?

In the wise words of one cartoon about a talking sponge: it takes dedication, perseverance, and sweat (mostly your sweat). You, being the owner, are accountable for everything, from a restaurant’s qualities to its shortcomings. You have to make sure it’s adequately-run, its staff timely and properly paid, and most importantly, it needs to have a steady influx of customers.

The customers here are the most important part since they’re the ones keeping your business alive and thriving. Eventually, you will face challenges throughout your restaurant’s journey—and you can get first-hand experience in the idle simulation mobile game Eatventure.

eatventure cover
Your humble beginnings.

German developer Lessmore UG brings to the app market arena yet another restaurant management simulator, though it stands out for its minimalist art style as well as fast-paced gameplay. Yes, we mean this even for an idle game. Eatventure is all about the humble beginnings of your very own restaurant journey. It’s all uphill from here since you won’t be running a little lemonade stand forever. If it’s this uphill climb that you’re currently struggling with, read our Eatventure guide below and we’ll give you all you need to know about how to effectively run your establishments!

What is Eatventure and How Does It Play?

Eatventure is an idle restaurant simulator wherein you take care of your own establishment while maximizing ways on how you can improve its products as well as its business. What we meant about the lemonade stand is real!

eatventure lemonade stand
When life gives you lemons…

You indeed start out with a humble lemonade stand. It’s with this lemonade stand that you’ll build your restaurant empire and become the next in-game Gordon Ramsay (probably). Upon earning your first few coins, you’ll be prompted to make your lemonade stand better, be it through more profits from your lemonade or by upgrading the stand’s performance as a whole. The latter can be summarized into having better equipment or better lemons, while the former simply involves the price of the product your patrons are willing to pay for.

After fully upgrading everything (sans your character, because we’ll talk about that later), you’ll be able to renovate your business into something else. The lemonade stand becomes a snack bar, the snack bar becomes a café, the café becomes a fast food chain, and so on and so forth. Eventually, your establishment will thrive on its own and you’ll move to another city to make your mark.

eatventure restaurant upgrade
First, your neighborhood street; next, the world!

Managing your establishment starts out small, with you being the only employee until you get to have multiple employees all at once. As opposed to your humble beginnings, you’ll go from serving one customer at a time to multiple customers simultaneously. At one point, you’ll even be operating a drive-thru where people will be ordering by batch, not individually!

Thankfully, Eatventure is just a game and food won’t be dying at the pass if they’re left there long enough. Unlike most restaurant sims, it would seem that the customers in Eatventure would be able to wait forever (oh, if only life were just as convenient), you don’t have to account for employee salary so much, the food is always fresh, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning tables after the customers have used them.

Eatventure, by nature of the game, is also an idle game. How this works is that even after you’re done playing, putting it down means your establishment will still be running and earning in the background. So the next time you log back in, you’ll have a bonus waiting for you, which can be used to further improve your business. Earnings are capped at 3 hours max, so your restaurant won’t earn any more when it hits that ceiling. Adding to the idle game flavor is that almost everything is automatic. The only time your player is involved is when you make upgrades or collect tips from the customers.

eatventure food stand

The game is so fast-paced that one moment your establishment has only two items on the menu and the next moment, you already have five. But it’s this kind of pace that could get one lost.

How do you maximize your earnings? What do you need to do to get a more sizable staff? Does product quality really affect profits? If you wear a traffic cone on your head does it make you walk faster? Okay, for the last one, the answer is yes—in-game, at least. If you really want to know how to grow your restaurant empire, keep reading and feast your eyes on our tips and tricks below!

How to Grow Your Business in Eatventure

1. Watch Ads to Boost Earnings and Gain Fast Cash

eatventure advertisements
Your restaurant has sponsors. Really!

Advertisements—you love ’em, you hate ’em, you can’t live without ’em (okay, not really), but they’re everywhere nowadays!

You open up your favorite social media site or app and bam—an ad. Watching your favorite episode of Kitchen Nightmares on YouTube? Bam—a mid-roll ad. Turn the TV on and the episode of your favorite show’s getting good? Bam! Ad time! While we’re uncertain whether people still watch TV or not, we’re quite certain that ads are indeed everywhere. They’re common in mobile games, too, wherein watching them rewards you with bonus stuff. It’s unfortunate, but this is going to be one of your lifesavers for Eatventure. But trust us, this is a good thing!

Watching ads can be as simple as tapping the big rectangular button at the bottom of the screen, which promises to boost your earnings by a small multiplier. This multiplier can be increased by using the Remote Control item from the Vault (more on this later). Watching ads from this button will increase your earnings by said multiplier for 5 minutes but it can accumulate all the way up to an hour. It sounds like a chore to watch ads 12 times in a row, sure, but take your time; we promise that the boost in earnings is all worth it.

eatventure investor
That’s a nice wad of cash.

Keep your eyes open. Because lurking among your crowd of faithful customers are mysterious Investors who come to give you large sums of money. These dapper gentlemen are dressed only in the finest threads wealth could afford, and they also glow. Ignore them and they’ll vanish for a time, but tap them and you’ll have to watch an ad.

Much like the profit boost we talked about in the previous paragraph, we highly recommend that you take the offers of Investors if you want your business to improve. If you manage to get a special item from the Vault later on, Investors may even offer gems instead!

Naturally, with the sum of money given to you by Investors, you will want to spend this on shop upgrades, the next product on your menu, and upgrades of the products themselves.

2. Upgrade Food Station Levels

eatventure food station level
That’s a lot of money for ice cream.

When was the last time you visited a restaurant and noticed that their portions might have gotten bigger or tastier?

The change could be subtle, but it’s there. Juicier burgers, more flavorful seafood, crisp and crunchy vegetables, thick and filling French fries—there are many other ways the restaurant owners may have improved their recipe. Of course, the same can be said in the opposite manner: sometimes the quality of the food of a restaurant can get worse over the years. Let’s not do that here and not plateau with any of your establishments—you have to keep improving what you sell if you want the customers to come and come back to you.

By simply tapping the station where food is made, you can upgrade the overall profit and quality you get from these products. Each tap will increase the amount of funds needed to upgrade it, as well as fill a bar. When the bar is full, you earn a single gem and a star, doubling the product’s individual profits.

Through upgrading, you will also unlock an expansion to its station, allowing for more members of staff to make the food if need be. Each food station can be leveled up to 150 in the main game mode. During events, each food station you encounter can go even higher than that, but that’s only for these special occasions.

But you can’t just reach 150 or higher levels in one fell swoop. Eventually, you’ll have to diversify your menu.

3. Get the Next Product ASAP

eatventure next menu item
Bet you wanna know what you’ll be making next.

Imagine that you own a coffee shop.

While you should just be selling coffee, you can’t just sell that. You’ll need other things that go well with it like doughnuts, cake slices, or sandwiches. It’s these that keep the customer at your establishment while enjoying a nice cuppa—not to mention it helps you earn more (it’s always about the money, baby). Which coffee shop you’ve recently visited has that one item or dish that another coffee shop doesn’t? This is why getting the next menu item is quite important.

When you start out in any restaurant in Eatventure, you will notice that there are squares with dotted outlines stationed in a few areas of your restaurant. Once you have hit a certain amount of earnings, your restaurant will prompt you to open these squares in the form of a shaking box (you’ll see these often whenever you unlock something). They’re new stations in which new food could be made! Tapping the box will open up the new food station.

When the new station is active, you might quickly notice that the station costs more to upgrade but, in return, gives overall better profit. A new variety of items should be welcomed as you’ll have newer, better avenues of earning.

However, spending on your first product still helps. Naturally, increasing the levels of the new food stations will also give you gems after each star is earned, so newer stations, while they’re more expensive, give out these gems more quickly since the low level upgrade costs are cheaper. That said, the very nature of Eatventure is to spend money to make money; high-leveled stations means greater amounts of monetary gain.

But we can all get lost in all this upgrading. What do you do when you plateau in your profits? It’s time you reassess what you have and work on it.

4. Focus on Your Least Profitable Product

eatventure profitable products
It’s bitter and it keeps you going. What is it?

Your best product is usually that which put you on the map.

If we go back to the coffee shop example, it’s most likely the coffee. Then you’ll have other dishes to go with it and, pretty soon, you’ll be swimming in dough because of all the fancy new stuff that got you earning mad bank. Then all of a sudden, sales hit a plateau—you stagnate and struggle trying to unlock that new upgrade or hire that new barista. It’s tough, sure, but maybe if you took a step back to figure out what might be hampering your earnings, you’d be able to bounce back and chase your goals down. This is where you review which of your products might not be earning so much.

eatventure coffee
Don’t get confused!

To understand which of your products is lagging behind, simply tap each and every station you have. You’ll notice that at least one of them isn’t earning as much as the others are. In the photo above, it’s the coffee. Pay attention to its profit. To be clear about this, the profit of the product is the number on the upper left of the upgrade button. The upgrade button itself doesn’t denote how much a product makes when it’s sold, but how much a product costs to make it sell more. Funny how that works, right?

Something that can further increase your earnings from that specific product is to put it up as the Popular Dish by tapping the Popular Dish button. This looks like a black circle at the top center of the screen. After you’ve upgraded the least-earning dish and put it up for sale, customers will clamor for it for a few minutes; they’ll be more likely to order that dish instead of anything else that you currently have on the menu. If said dish has a decent amount of upgrades (e.g. production speed, overall profit, and quality) you’ll make a killing! Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is no way you can check that.

What did we mean by the last part of the previous paragraph, you ask? Let’s get to the upgrades!

5. Carefully Pick Out Upgrades

eatventure upgrades
What would you choose here?

When you bite into your favorite sausage from your favorite restaurant, what do you notice first?

Is it the flavor? The texture? The meat? The overall quality of your meal? Sometimes, the establishments that prepare your favorite food make sure to improve the quality of their dishes, and that’s where your money goes. The same is true for Eatventure: your customer’s money should go to the betterment of your restaurant as a whole. But be warned that these aren’t cheap!

Tapping the arrow on the lower-right corner is what opens up the upgrades menu. These upgrades are permanent and necessary if you want to renovate your establishment. Some of the upgrades involve making food faster, or giving you better profits from certain dishes.

For example, if you run a fast-food joint, you’d eventually increase the profits of your pizza by giving it stuffed crusts. It can also be made faster using pre-made pizza dough (though, the quality of which might be dubious at best in real life). If your focus here is your food, save up and try to aim for food upgrades before other upgrades.

eatventure upgrades 2

Though, if you feel like your food might be doing fine for now, you can try running upgrades through your staff or the restaurant itself. Giving your staff things like better shoes, roller skates, gym memberships, and the like are expensive, but these can surely help them prep the food better.

In a way, you will be earning quicker this way: food flies out quickly to satisfied customers or diners, more customers show up, everyone’s at their stations, and the cycle repeats. Eventually, you’ll also encounter the Overdrive upgrade, which increases all of your profits by a massive amount.

That said, do not blindly tap away at upgrades; read them first and see if it’s what you need. Sometimes you can buy the more expensive upgrade before the cheaper one if it’s something that’ll help the restaurant in the long run. The cheaper ones or the ones you can immediately afford on the list (the items in the Upgrade menu are arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive), are usually just for the short term. Practicality always wins!

eatventure vault
Look! It’s the upgrade that gets Investors to occasionally give out gems—the one on the right!

But upgrades aren’t just limited to the ones found by pressing the arrow button; there are Vault items as well. These are also permanent, and you carry them all the way to the next restaurant. This means that regardless of where you are in the game, your Vault upgrades remain and they can still be upgraded.

Perhaps the biggest catch here is that they are even more expensive than overall restaurant upgrades from the arrow button because Vault items cost gems instead. Much like increasing the profits of your food and food stations, the prices of gems increase every time you make these upgrades.

Let’s take the Tip Jar for example. This will most likely be your first Vault item. Its mechanic is simple: customers are going to be likely to leave tips for your restaurant. The tips are a small sum, but they certainly help when they’re abundant. Tips don’t collect themselves, however, so you will have to look for glowing, spinning coins on the tables or counters and tap them to collect them. When you’re struggling to get that upgrade, tips will most certainly come in clutch.

Another form of upgrade in the game is extra staff and extra customers. But don’t get too many of them either—unless you’re prepared for your restaurant to get hectic!

6. Balance Staff and Customers

eatventure balance
One waiter, one table. How hard could it be?

A sense of balance always gives your restaurant an air of order.

Too many servers and cooks and you’ll have service a little too speedy; too many customers and you’ll have a backed up kitchen with food that dies at the pass. It’s never a good thing to have too much of one thing, especially if it’s people. This is why when it comes to the people visiting or even working at your establishment, it’s quite important to keep a balance between them.

You can attract all the customers you like by sending out flyers, through word of mouth, posting on social media, and whatever else the Upgrades menu can offer you, but service will drastically slow down if that’s all you focus on. Your kitchen will be so backed up that getting food out will take eons and, in turn, reduce your profits to a painful crawl. The same goes for having too much staff. Service is quick, sure, but nobody’s gonna be coming to your restaurant. The speed at which you earn your profits would be highly inefficient.

eatventure customers

Each time you upgrade your restaurant by adding a new member of staff via the upgrades menu, they show up in a crate (just like the equipment). Tap the crate to have your new staff member start working or you’ll be stuck with the same number of people you initially had.

Meanwhile, gaining customers is without any crate tapping. You just purchase the upgrade and the new customer shows up at your establishment. We recommend doing one and the other; after hiring new staff, get that new customer and vice versa. It’s a nice way to make sure that your profits flow smoothly.

Sometimes, the ability of your staff or extra staff, for that matter, just won’t cut it. They’re at base-level stats and can only be upgraded via purchasing their boosts in the Upgrade menu. Your restaurant will need a hero, and that hero is you!

7. Dress to Impress, Dress for Success

eatventure dress
Dashing. No really, our dude runs really fast.

Because you are the owner of your establishment, you have to act the part.

Everything from here on out is your responsibility and each direction the restaurant makes tells the customers about what kind of person you are. Your aim is to make the customer your priority but you can’t sacrifice the quality of your restaurant to solely pay attention to the customer per se; improving everything for the customer is caring for them, too.

This also includes improving yourself and to do that in Eatventure, you have to look the part. You need an outfit that screams “I’m the owner of this fine establishment and I care to serve you flawlessly!” Okay, sure, our guy here has a traffic cone on his head, a blue vest with a red bowtie, and a pasta spoon, but it helps! Let’s explain how the outfit works, exactly.

eatventure dress 2

Each outfit is divided into three sections: hat, clothes, and utensils. The outfit pieces themselves are also divided into four different tiers: white (Common), green (Rare), purple (Epic), and orange (Legendary). The tiers denote the efficacy and amount of bonuses your outfit piece gives. Each of these grant a significant boost solely to your character’s stats. For example, our guy’s traffic cone headgear helps him walk around the restaurant faster. If we could guess how that works, it’s probably because everyone’s avoiding him.

That aside, the clothes and utensils also help improve the performance of your character. For instance, some utensils give a small chance to instantly prepare a dish or some help make dishes faster.

Overall, outfit pieces also increase all the profits you receive, so there’s no reason to run your restaurant completely naked—that right there is a violation to health and safety regulations! Jokes aside, you must also understand that what your character wears is not the uniform of your restaurant; your chefs and cashiers are not going to be wearing the same thing you’re wearing. This definitely ties into what we mentioned in the last paragraph of the previous section: you are your restaurant’s hero. That said, you can also be the hero of other players’ restaurants.

eatventure helper invitation

Notice that on the upper left of your screen is a person icon. If you tap that, you will be able to hire other players who can help you run your restaurant. The same thing can be done for other players: they can hire you to help them with their restaurant. Looking at the list of players, you’ll also see what they might be wearing currently. Going by the outfit tiers from earlier, hiring a fellow player that has more purples or oranges are better. Though, if you can’t find any at the moment, it’s still safe to hire those who have lower-tier outfits.

An extra helping hand always makes a difference. The best part about hiring other players or having other players hire you is that gems are rewarded to the person hired. If you really want those gems to come to you, wear the best outfits you can; don’t settle for green if you can help it—go for purple and/or orange! However, if green is all you have, that should be fine, too.

You know where else you can earn gems? Events!

8. Try Out Events

eatventure event
Alexa—play Sea Shanty 2.

Stuck in your same old boring restaurant? Feeling a little stumped? How about trying out the events?

Events in Eatventure occasionally take you to a restaurant far from the one you currently own. It could range from a fish market to a crop farm on the moon (yes, you read that right) with every other possibility in between. While the concept of this offshoot restaurant is similar to your current restaurant down to how upgrades work, everything here is a little bit more challenging.

The time that food is processed during events is longer and the establishments are usually gigantic in size so there’s going to be a lot of walking involved. Our best advice when trying out events is to keep yourself boosted using the profits booster, which is activated by watching ads. That way, you’ll be able to afford upgrades that help your character and staff walk around the place much faster.

eatventure merchant info
He only comes around once in a while!

Otherwise, some events merely give you a special shop that you can access. The shop usually takes special currencies that can only be earned via the event. Said special currencies can be earned simply by playing the game, usually by upgrading food stations. Do not be imprudent with these currencies, however—they’re hard to come by and saving up for things you actually need from the special shop is a must!

For instance, if a box or a high-tier piece of clothing is up for sale in the special shop, save up for it instead. Do not settle for the cheaper items. We highly suggest earning as much as you can and then spending the special currencies on the last day of the event itself. Just don’t forget to do it. Sometimes, some events give out nothing but gems. Take advantage of this and play the game for the event’s duration to take all the gems you need if you want to improve your progress by a longshot. Good luck!

Speaking of spending special currencies, did you know that there’s a way you can spend gems better?

9. Spend Your Gems Wisely

eatventure gems
Pretty shiny things here… But what should you choose?

Premium currency—just like ads, we see these everywhere.

They usually come in the form of gems, precious materials, and a lot of other stuff. Eatventure chose the gem variety and the game rewards you with some of these depending on the things you do in-game. Your usual source of gem income, as we’ve stated earlier, is by leveling up your food stations.

Upon reaching a certain number of upgrades and after earning a star for a food station, the game rewards you with a single gem. Since the later establishments in the game have even more stations, earning gems will be a breeze. But where exactly can one spend their hard-earned gems? Bottom line: spend on equipment boxes—cash and boosters are temporary, but fashion is forever! Allow us to elaborate.

By tapping the shopping cart icon on the upper-left corner of the screen, you can access the shop menu (as pictured above) which gives you some deals that cost real money. This is where you, if you really enjoy Eatventure, can send the developers your support for the game.

That aside, this is also where you can spend your gems. There are two categories in which you can spend them: Cash & Boosts and Equipment Boxes. While the Cash & Boosts section looks quite tempting since you get all this profit quickly (or at a quicker rate with the profit multipliers), we recommend spending on the Equipment Boxes instead. Opening up these boxes will get you some gear for your character, which will last and carry over to your future renovations.

eatventure blue beanie
That’s one way to make a beanie better.

Even if you get those of the white grade, you can still upgrade your favorite equipment pieces with the ones that you don’t need. By tapping the equipment piece of your choice, you can upgrade it by tapping the arrow icon. Here, you can choose to sacrifice clothes that you don’t use. The catch is that they have to be of the same category.

This means that hats can only be upgraded by hats, outfits can only be upgraded by outfits, and utensils can only be upgraded by utensils. Higher-tiered items like those of the purple and orange colors will require more equipment, but the upgrades are definitely worth the trouble.

After all is said and done, Eatventure is still an idle game. What better way is there than to let the game idle on its own?

10. Let It Idle

eatventure offline earnings

When nothing can be upgraded anymore, you’re running low on funds, or when you’re not in the mood to watch ads, it’s time to put the game down.

We’ve mentioned this at the very beginning of this guide: Eatventure is an idle game. This means that it’ll continuously run and play itself even after you’ve exited the game. Do something else with your time: play another game, focus on your work or studies, cook yourself a good meal (ha, fitting!), watch an episode of your favorite show, talk to friends and family, run your errands—do anything. Time will fly and when you come back to the game, preferably after 3 hours or more, you’d have made a ton of money that you can use for your upgrades!

As we’ve mentioned in the very first section of this guide, watching ads is a good thing here in Eatventure. When you open up the game, you’ll see a prompt stating how much you’ve earned, which gives you the option to watch an ad to double those earnings. Take that opportunity. A few seconds of your time for a lot of in-game money will all be worth it, especially because within these 3 hours, you might’ve earned a ton. You can use this to your advantage by repeatedly taking breaks from the game every so often.

eatventure invitation

Eatventure, although simple, has a wide range of ways you can earn more efficiently. Just remember what you’ve learned from reading this article:

  • Ads are good for you. Watch them and get rewarded!
  • Your food stations need to be constantly upgraded.
  • Chase the next product and sell it immediately.
  • Your least profitable product might just be your ticket to more earnings.
  • Be picky with your upgrades.
  • Staff and customer count goes hand in hand with each other. Too much of one or the other will slow business down.
  • Your clothes make your character more effective—but only your character and not your staff.
  • Give events a shot—they reward handsomely.
  • Gems should be spent only on the best items.
  • Eatventure is an idle game—let it idle every now and then.

And with that, we conclude our beginner’s guide for Eatventure! We hope that great ideas are cooking in your head after having read this article. But lettuce not keep you here much longer; it’s time for you to get back into the game, dish out your newfound knowhow, and bring home the bacon. Make like a dozen eggs and get cracking!

Are you an experienced restaurateur? Have you gone through several successful renovations or moved through different cities over the course of your game? Do you agree or disagree with any of the tips we have presented here? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!


Friday 27th of October 2023

Just a note, some clothing items can also boost other workers, such as the tall black hat gives +20% perfect and +20% instant to all workers, along with the profit bonus being for all of the workers too. Also ultimate items exist with a 12% chance of being pulled in event boxes, giving +243% base profit also legendary items and ultimates are forged from blueprints, you can't get the full item itself from the boxes.