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Hungry Dragon (iOS) Strategy Guide: 11 Tips and Hints for Intermediate and Advanced Players

Video gaming leader Ubisoft has made its mark in the mobile game space in recent years. Nowadays, they’re known for more than just iconic franchises such as Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance, but also mobile games that include, but are not limited to those based on other IPs such as South Park. They’re also the makers of Hungry Shark World, and in a similar fashion, they’ve also released a new game for iOS and Android called Hungry Dragon.

This is an action-arcade game that has an endless mechanic, but goes far beyond what endless casual games have to offer. There are 10 dragons to unlock and more than 50 pets which can be hatched, upon which you can equip them to help you in eating more and more quirky creatures in the in-game world. Human farmers and archers are fair game, and so are small animals like birds and larger ones like horses, sheep, and even flying pigs. Anything to feed your dragon, pretty much!

Previously, we had published a list of beginner tips and tricks for this game, but we’re now going a bit further and focusing on more advanced tips in this Hungry Dragon strategy guide. If you’re an intermediate player who’s just unlocked Sparks or Don Drago (the third and fourth dragons in the game, respectively), you can also benefit from these tips as early as then, so read on if you need some advice on how to satisfy your dragon’s seemingly unquenchable appetite!

1. Your Dragons Can Dive Underneath The Water

The game doesn’t really make this obvious, but in Hungry Dragon, you can send your dragons diving underwater for food. For the longest time, we had some difficulty completing one of the missions, which was to dive a certain number of meters; at first, we thought this meant simply having your dragon fly downwards in the air. But a closer look at the picture accompanying the mission shows a dragon submerged in water. You won’t need to look long and hard for the water. By going left or right on the map, you’ll see some waterfalls and a bridge, and all you need to do is to venture down a little further, before you see a body of water, with the one on the left being substantially deeper. Dive down, and you’re set, as far as the aforementioned mission goes. Just don’t expect a ton of food apart from fish and the random turtle, as most of the good stuff is flying in the sky.

2. Use Your Boost When Performing Special Tasks

You will be prompted in the game if the opportunity arises for you to use your boost, but generally speaking, you can use it whenever you’re doing something rather unusual and difficult in the game, such as killing the giant, diving especially deep into the water, or flying into the clouds. We think the boost is especially useful for the former task, or for defeating and eating any particularly tough creature, as you probably wouldn’t need to fly so high or dive so deep in the game. Don’t make the mistake of continuously boosting while flying — you won’t need it anyway, unless your health is running low and you’re in desperate need of consuming more food to survive! You can get by without boosting in most cases, so save it for those times that really count the most.

3. Save Your Gems For The Eggs

Hungry Dragon will suggest many times in which you can spend your gems, which are the game’s premium currency. But you should know by now that it’s hard to get these gems, as you won’t always see a pig flying in the sky, and the events take several days to complete, as we will be explaining in a bit. That makes it important to save your gems and use them only for important purchases. Don’t blow them on coins — be patient, and grind it out, completing more runs and accomplishing more missions as you go along. What you want to do instead is to spend your gems on the purple eggs, which cost 25 gems, can be opened right away without waiting, and typically give you a better chance of unlocking an uncommon pet. This won’t always be the case, as you may still end up with a common pet, but purple eggs are definitely better than their orange equivalents, and worth the 25 gems you’ll be paying to open them up instantly! (Unfortunately, there’s no option to wait when it comes to these eggs.)

4. Be Especially Careful Of Eagles And Other Dragons When Controlling Longer Dragons

As we had explained at several points in our first guide, there are certain situations in Hungry Dragon where you could get wounded by one of the creatures you’re supposed to be hunting. These include eagles and other dragons, which you could, and should be eating. But what if they show up at the wrong place and time, just as you’re chasing after other types of food? They could easily cross your path and “wing” you, which is a minor injury if everything is to be taken into account, but one that could throw you off nonetheless. This is especially true when you’re controlling a longer dragon such as Sparks (the third one you unlock), as those flying creatures can be a huge nuisance. The best thing to do in such a situation is to turn around and eat whatever is trying to wing you!

5. Join The Events

Hungry Dragon has special events where you can win big prizes once they’ve ended — these include coins, gems, and purple eggs, depending on how well you place once the event is over. In order to take part in an event, simply hit the Play button on the bottom right of your screen like you normally would, then tap on the trophy button on the middle for the global events. Be prepared, however, for some daunting tasks! For example, the current event asks you to eat a total of 500,000 archers for the entire course of the event. With two days remaining as of the current writing, the leader has eaten 4,118 archers so far, meaning there’s a very good chance nobody will win the bonus dragon as the special prize. What you can chase for are the currency rewards, which, for the current event, include tiers for 1,000 coins, 2,000 coins, 10 gems, and a purple egg. That’s not bad, all things considered, so don’t fret if you see the requirements for the bonus dragon and see them as being way too unrealistic!

6. Daily Chests, With A Twist

The good news is that the folks at Ubisoft are wiling to reward anyone who plays Hungry Dragon at least once a day. The bad news? Let’s just say that these daily rewards come with an interesting twist. In order to qualify for the daily reward, which starts at 600 coins on the first day, and goes all the way to 7 gems on the sixth day, you’ll need to actually find the chest that contains the reward. That should be your incentive to search high and low during your runs, and while it may seem inconvenient, as compared to other games that simply give you a reward for logging in, no questions asked, that’s probably Ubisoft’s way of getting you actually engaged in the game, instead of the usual minute-long login for those who don’t have time to actually play.

7. Buying Gem Packages – Should You Take The Plunge?

Hungry Dragon allows you to buy gem packages with real-life currency, should you be in need of some extra gems to buy more eggs, or to outright purchase a dragon instead of waiting for it to become unlockable with your coins. (We do not recommend the latter, unless you’re filthy rich in premium currency.) We think that it might be worth a shot, provided you’re not skimping on what really matters — for $1 or its local equivalent, you can get 10 gems, but you get 5 percent extra, 10 percent extra, and all the way up to 50 percent extra as you purchase each succeeding gem package. (The 1,200-gem package, in case you’re wondering, costs $80 USD or its equivalent in local currency, but you get 50 percent more gems than you normally should.) You also have the option to pay gems in exchange for some quick coins, though as we mentioned earlier, you’re better off grinding for those coins instead of spending premium currency that can otherwise be spent on purple eggs.

8. Use The Mini-Map

This one’s easy to ignore if you’re a new Hungry Dragon player, as your first instinct may be to explore the in-game world at random, and go your merry old way as you keep on consuming creatures. But if you use the game’s mini-map, which can be accessed on the upper right hand corner of your screen, you may be able to visit locations that you didn’t know were possible to reach, while allowing you to consume new types of creatures and learn more about the hostile environment around you. You can also be pointed to the direction of letters, which will earn you some bonus XP, and help you add to the Fire Rush meter faster. And we meant it when we say “hostile environment,” as you may encounter some creatures that we didn’t mention in the beginner’s guide, such as the ones we will be talking about below.

9. The Ghosts Can Curse You

We mentioned in the beginner’s guide that ghosts could put a curse on your dragon, compromising their health and making it harder for you to recover by finding more food. That too can happen if you get cursed by the ghosts, which are those blue (and occasionally gold), transparent creatures that usually hover in the mountainous regions of the game. You can only eat them if you have a large-sized dragon or larger, but if you’re still using one of the smaller dragons, you’ll need to steer clear of them, as they could pose some trouble during your run by putting you under their spell!

10. Watch An Ad Video To Reveal The Bonus Locations

Want to be pointed to some secret parts of the game map that you never knew existed? All you have to do is to watch an ad video by clicking on the play button on the rightmost mission on the Missions screen. Doing that will unlock the bonus locations, making them visible on the game’s mini-map for a span of four hours. Take note, however, that you may not be able to actually visit all these locations, as there are parts on the map that are blocked or barricaded unless you’re using a higher-level dragon! Patience is the key here, as is often the case when playing Hungry Dragon.

11. Your Pets Can Eat For You

This is something that we didn’t mention in the beginner’s guide, but believe we should have, because it could help simplify things for you as you try to grab more grub along the way. We didn’t notice this too much with the first few pets we unlocked, as they were quite slow and seemed to be rather picky eaters, but over time, we found that the pets can indeed help you by eating creatures, never mind if they’re bigger than them. Each time a pet consumes something in the game, that helps satisfy your hunger and keeps your health bar going in the right direction, and the best thing about it is that the creatures they eat could go toward your mission objectives. In other words, you’re not the only hungry creature out there, because your pets happen to have an appetite that, in many cases, could match that of your dragon’s.

Lillianna Aldridge

Sunday 14th of October 2018

Ok... so I’m stuck.. In Hungry Dragon... does anyone know how to get to the areas beyond the goblin tunnels and goblin caves.. it just keeps saying “you shall not pass just yet.. I have all dragons, and all costumes.. spelled hungry multiple times and been to the beyond going through hoops and killing the goblin copters or what ever they are...and have dove as deep in the water as possible.... not sure what to do next to advance to those areas.. are they just not available yet or is there a special trick to getting in Any info would be great Thanks


Wednesday 7th of November 2018

It is probably an area that will open after an update, just give it some time and the update will come.