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Hospital Inc. Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build the Best Health Center in Town

Lion Studios is a prolific mobile game design studio based in California that’s behind some fun and entertaining games we’ve covered in our previous guides including Clue Hunter and Slap Kings.
The developer’s most recent release – in collaboration with Mindstorm Studios – is called Hospital Inc. and it’s a hospital management game built around simple yet addictive mechanics.

Like the title aptly suggests, the game puts players in charge of running a hospital where hundreds of patients come to seek help for their afflictions every day. As the player, it’s your job to start hiring suitable staff and acquire the latest technology to ensure the smooth running of your health center.

You’ll also need to identify the correct treatments for your patients and learn to apply them accordingly. By focusing your efforts on providing top-notch patient-care you’ll soon be able to unlock additional patient facilities and treatments so that you can transform your hospital in one of the best medical centers available in the area.

hospital inc gameplay

Obviously, you’ll need a hefty capital to support your healthcare vision. In Hospital Inc. players automatically receive a subsidy for every second they spend in the game. While, initially the amount of money coming in will not be a large one, you’ll be able to supplement your earnings by continuing to update the hospital’s equipment and capacity. At the same time, it’s important that you also keep bringing in more staff, including qualified medical personnel.

While anyone can learn to play Hospital Inc. within minutes, most players will probably start looking for ways to accelerate the pace at which the game unfolds, almost immediately. If that’s how you feel as well, then you should read our Hospital Inc.’s beginner’s guide which is filled with all the tips and tricks you need to build a top notch hospital quickly and efficiently.

1. Master The Mini Games

There’s not a lot that can go wrong in Hospital Inc. Despite the setting of this game being a hospital, there’s virtually nothing you can do that could irrevocably damage your evolution in this game.

So remember this – you can take a relaxed approach to playing Hospital Inc. The first thing you’ll need to do is to start treating the patients who show up in your emergency room. They arrive suffering from varying ailments ranging from tooth problems and bacterial infections to dermatological and psychological issues.

It’s important to start receiving patients as soon as possible, as this is the main method of making profits. In addition, doing so also leads to unlocking new areas around the hospital. With each new ward that’s added to your hospital, you’ll need to hire a dedicated physician from the dedicated Doctor Tab. Don’t worry it won’t cost any money whatsoever to get another medical professional on board. Actually, for each new doctor you hire you’ll receive a cash bonus which will be added to your routine subsidy.

hopsital inc treatment

To treat patients throughout Hospital Inc., you’ll have to complete different mini games. Most of them are super easy and you won’t have any problem dealing with them. On top of that, there’s no time limit hanging over you to finish a challenge, so you can take all the time in the world to tackle them.

Some mini games will grow in difficulty as you make progress, but don’t worry they will never get so hard as to make it impossible for you to complete the challenges. Actually, most of them are as straightforward as they can be, so in this section where going to detail only those mini games that might pose the occasional issue.

The Pharmacy – patients who visit the pharmacy are in need of medicine. In order to make the required prescription, you’ll need to group all pills of a certain color in distinct containers. This mini game start off easy enough with only a handful of pills and containers, but it can get a bit harder along the way. Upper level features pills of multiple colors mixed in different containers and so you’ll have to do your best to untangle the mess if you want to win.

The optimal approach to this challenge is to concentrate on a pill color at a time. If, for example, a container has two red pills at the bottom, make sure you start filling up this container, first. Find the other two pills of the same color and transfer them to the container holding the other two.

hospital inc pills

The Therapy Session – patients who are struggling with psychological issues will ask to see a mental professional. They can complain of various problems which in the game are emoji-coded. So if a patient is feeling sad, for instance, the emotion will manifest in their brain as a bunch of sad face emoji. Naturally, the patient’s brain is also filled with other thoughts and emotions. It will be your job to comb through their minds and weed out the unwanted emojis in order to remove them and win the challenge.

While, at first, spotting the emojis you need to get rid of is a pretty easy affair, things become a bit more complicated later on. As the number of emojis in a patient’s brain increases, you’ll have to remain calm and perform an in-depth search in order to fish out the right emoji.

Make Me Taller – patients might come to your hospital requesting your help to increase their height. As you place them under a special machine, you’ll need to tap the display until they reach their desired height. But that might prove a bit trickier than it actually sounds. We recommend you abstain from performing long-presses on the display, because the growing process happens a bit too fast and might get out of control if you don’t stop it in time.

If you end up making patients bigger than intended, you’ll need to begin playing the level all over again. To avoid that you should be using small taps to increase the person’s height until it reaches the desired limit.

You are required to play these games until you hit the patient quota for the day. With the goal reached, players will receive a nice cash bonus and will be able to unlock the next day.

2. Take Advantage Of The Ad Watching Fest To Upgrade Your Hospital Without Shedding Cash

Hospital Inc. is one of those games that simply breathes ads through every pore. You won’t be able to do much without one popping up. While these can be highly annoying, you’ll have to shoulder through them if you want to progress rapidly through the game. Of course, there’s the alternative of removing all ads, but that will cost you some real-world money. Another solution is available which we will be detailing in section 5 (the last one).

Not everyone is willing to pay in exchange an ad-free experience, and if you wish to play the game without swiping your card, know that’s possible along with some advantages included, as well.

how to upgrade a hospital in hospital inc

On top of treating patients, your other top priority in Hospital Inc. is to upgrade your hospital by bringing in more staff and the latest equipment, as well as extending capacity. You can find all these options in the Upgrade tab, which also offers an overview of your expanding hospital.

From here you can upgrade the center’s Capacity, Staff and Equipment by tapping on the dedicated buttons that are located at the bottom of the display. Obviously, upgrades usually cost money. But not always. A lot of times, you’ll be given the option to watch an ad in exchange for an upgrade. So if you’re looking to save money, you should always keep an eye out for free upgrades. Don’t rush to upgrade, instead revert to treating patients and playing the mini games until the option to watch an ad in exchange an upgrade becomes available. Don’t forget to constantly check for that.

The thing is, it will take you quite some time to accumulate the sums of money needed to make higher level upgrades. So in order to skip over this part, you can just watch ads instead. Right now, you can only upgrade the Capacity, Staff and Equipment to level 30, but the developer will probably issue an update for the game soon which will add additional upgrading options, but until then you can only go so far.

Watching ads will increase your in-game progress exponentially, but if you ever feel fed up with ad fest, you can simply switch to upgrading your hospital the regular way, by paying with the in-game currency you’ve accumulated. If that’s the route you want to take, then you should also increase your efforts of making more money.

3. Take A Break From the Game

Hospital Inc. comes with a small idle game component embedded into its gameplay. Players are given the opportunity to redeem idle rewards every time they come back to the game after a leave of absence.

hospital inc offline income

Give this detail, it’s highly beneficial to take a break from the game from time to time. To maximize these rewards, you should find something else do for at least 2+ hours at a time, even more, if you can.

When you come back, you can reap the benefits. You can watch a quick ad to be able to get your hands on a larger sum of money. Or you can wait a few seconds and get a smaller one – no extra ad watching involved. Given the huge amount of ads in Hospital Inc., you might want to give yourself a break and opt for the smaller sum. This is why it might be a good idea to take larger breaks from the game, so as to be able to redeem a larger sum of money upon your return.

4. Collect Even More Cash By Playing Endless Runner Games

Sometimes the odd scenario will arise in Hospital Inc. – for example, a patient who is in critical condition shows up in the emergency room or you receive a call from the president himself asking for medical assistance for someone in his inner circle. These cases unlock a special type of mini game in Hospital Inc. where you are required to drive an ambulance to someone’s house or direct a patient to the operating room through the maze that is the hospital.

hospital inc emergency

The goal of these types of challenges is to get to the certain point (the house of a patient, the operating room etc). But while in transit, you’re given the chance to collect some extra money as well. If you’ve played endless runner games before, then you already know the drill, but noobs will also get the knack of things pretty quickly.

hospital inc ambulance

All you need to do is to try your best to collect the rewards scattered around, while avoiding the obstacles until you get to your destination. Don’t worry if you can’t though, as you won’t be disqualified in any way in Hospital Inc. Our advice is to focus on getting the money, and not worry too much about the obstacles, because they won’t hold you back. Ultimately, remember that it’s impossible to lose in this game, so be bold!

5. Play Ad-Free With This Trick

The overbearing ads that pop up everywhere are undoubtedly the game’s Achilles’ heel, as they threaten to ruin the entire gameplay experience for some users. As we explained above, there is a way to remove all ads from Hospital Inc., but this solution costs $4.99.

Fortunately, there’s another workaround that can allow you to play the game without ads – although it does come with a few limitations. All you need to do is turn your device’s internet connection off and you’ll be able to play without pesky interruptions. It’s that simple, so give it a try.

how to treat patient with critical condition in hospital inc

However, keep in mind that if you do that you won’t be able to access some of the features and advantages that ad watching offers. For example, to admit a critical patient into your hospital and in turn, unlock the endless runner game that could earn you some extra cash, you’ll need to watch an ad. With the internet off you won’t be able to do that. So you’ll have to refuse admission and simply focus on taking care of regular patients.

Additionally, you won’t be able to watch ads to increase your payout after you’ve successfully treated a patient, nor will you be able to upgrade your hospital in exchange for watching a quick ad. Instead you’ll need to rely on your own cash reserve and that could lead to progress slowing down considerably. So be careful when you make your choice. All things considered, you could simply get ad-free playing a go, and if you don’t like it you can simply revert to the standard gameplay with ads by turning the internet back on.

This sums up our list of tips and tricks for Hospital Inc. These are simple yet effective strategies which we hope will help you navigate the game much better. If you know of any additional tips that we might have missed, or if you need more help with Hospital Inc., don’t hesitate to let us know by dropping us a message in the comment section below!