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Hospital Craft Beginner’s Guide: 5 Tips, Cheats & Tricks You Need to Know

These days, crafting games are gaining in popularity, thanks to the unique mechanic of combining different materials to come up with something new. But did you know you can do some crafting in a hospital setting too? That is the premise of Fat Lion’s new Android game, Hospital Craft: Doctor Games Simulator and Building, or simply Hospital Craft for short. We can tell you that this is a game where you will be asked to examine patients, find out what’s ailing them, and use different types of doctor’s equipment to heal them. You can also design your hospital to your liking, decorate it inane way you wish, and “mine and craft” new wings, entrances, and equipment for your medical facility. There are also “intense emergency games,” which, in other words, are your mini-games. We’ll get to all that in a bit, don’t you worry.

Although the game’s makers build up this new title as a children’s game “for boys and girls,” it’s an in-depth game that offers fun for all ages, as well as frustration, if you’re finding yourself unsure of what to do at any juncture. Fret no longer, as we have a Hospital Craft strategy guide for beginners, as we shall be discussing some of the simple things you need to do in the early to intermediate stages of this new and interesting title.

1. In The Beginning – What Should You Expect?

Hospital Craft, as the name suggests, isn’t just a crafting game, but also Fat Lion’s own take on the Minecraft experience, only this time in a hospital setting. You’re free to roam around as you please, and take advantage of the sandbox mechanics. And since there’s a lot to explore, we recommend that you play the game regularly, and try to be as active as possible. This should help you in unlocking new features, crafting materials and options, and the like. You’ll also be able to cure more patients and earn more money, money which you can spend to upgrade your hospital and do other things.

2. Become An Expert In The Curing Mini-Game

If you want to cure a lot of patients early on, one of the first things you need to do is to keep practicing your mini-games, especially the curing mini-game. Unlike in other titles, mini-games are a mandatory part of Hospital Craft, and are not to be treated as throwaway side quests or bonus rounds. They’re also challenging at first — you will likely fail at the curing mini-game at first, and you may even see your patients blow up, as informed by this game’s quirky sense of humor. But to underscore our earlier point, the mini-games are, in fact, the lifeblood of the broader game. That makes it important to practice, practice, and practice some more.

When playing the curing mini-game, the best strategy is to tap slowly until the germ is either on the left or the right side, then hold on for as long as you could. It sounds simple but is challenging, and once you master this technique, you’ll reach a point where curing patients would be second nature to you.

3. How To Date Other Characters

Yes indeed, it is possible in this game — you can actually date other non-playable characters, meaning your very own patients! Just choose your favorite character, cure them, tap on them when you see the heart show up, and that’s it. At some point, the game will allow you to date them. You can even take advantage of the AI-powered chat feature and talk to your patients — again, Hospital Craft’s quirky sense of humor shines through in this feature!

Fortunately, the game allows you to date male and female character alike, regardless of your player character’s gender. Somehow, the game also allows you to date multiple characters, but at the moment there’s not much else you can do with your date aside from talk to them.

4. Feel Free To Explore

Hospital Craft won’t spoon-feed you with any easy answers. In other words, it will be in your best interests to explore the in-game world and interact with as many items as possible. Don’t be afraid to experiment with one item or another to see what effects would be — the items may be as simple as the radio, which you can use to play music and to get people on their feet and dancing. But bear in mind that there’s a wealth of different items you can use in the game; it’s just a matter of finding them and interacting with them.

5. Basic Crafting Tips

We’re not going to go much into detail here, as we want to focus on the bare essentials of crafting in the game. First of all, remember that this is a Minecraft-like game, which means you can mine blocks and craft products from a varying form of materials. You’ll need to do a lot of mining while exploring, as you will need some rarer materials if you’re trying to craft higher-end, more advanced items in the game.

When talking about the stuff you can craft, the common thread tying them all together is that these items will improve your hospital, and improve your chances of healing more patients and earning more money. For example, you can craft hospital wings, or simply craft an ambulance which, of course, will allow you to transport people faster. Dig around, mine for stuff, and look for new blocks while also trying to understand what they mean.

Pro-tip – when mining, there is a delicate balance you need to maintain — should you mine for resources, or should you mine for stuff that could improve your hospital’s standing and help you earn more money? It’s essential to find just the right balance, as this will allow you to prosper faster in the game.