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Hop Shot Tips, Hints & Cheats to Earn More Coins and Get a High Score

Hop Shot is an addictive new iOS title developed by Fish Logic, where your goal is to make your animals hop from island to island without falling into the water. You can also collect up to 30 characters and buy them with the coins you earn.

This is very similar to the titles that Ketchapp seems to churn out on a regular basis. Obviously, it isn’t by Ketchapp, but still, the similarities are there – gameplay is easy to learn, and collecting characters and earning coins are essentially your main goals. However, mastering the game is where things get a little tricky, but that’s why we’re here. Check out our exclusive compilation of Hop Shot tips and hints if you’re looking for a less troublesome way to collect all of the game’s characters, earn more coins and get a high score.

1. Don’t Hold On To The Cursor, As It Could Be Really Fast

One common mistake for beginners is holding on to the cursor for too long. That isn’t the wisest thing to do, as the cursor could move lightning-fast, and there may be times when it could move after just a split second. As such, we advise against holding on to that targeting cursor, as you may end up overestimating your jump. Timing and quickness is key here, so don’t camp out on the cursor.

Though you need to tap quickly, there is no actual time limit for your moves, so you can take as much time as you need to ensure yourself of the perfect jump.

2. You Can Reset Your Jumps

Now if you make the mistake of holding on to the target cursor for too long, you need not worry. Holding on long enough would pull up an option for you to reset your jump. If that’s the case, your cursor will disappear and you can give it another try. And once you go for that next try, make sure not to overshoot!

3. How To Deal With The Moving Platforms

Jumping from one static platform to another is easy enough, but what if they’re moving platforms? That’s another thing you should expect in this game, as you will eventually have to deal with platforms that move. Take into account how far the platforms are moving when planning your jump; you want to move where you think the platforms will be, and not to where they are at a given point in time.

4. Watch Ad Videos To Earn More Coins

The game comes with an option for you to watch ad videos in order to earn coins. It won’t always come after you complete a game, but oftentimes it would, and you’ll want to play the game online so that you have a chance to watch the ads. Each ad is worth 25 coins, and these can add up quickly throughout the course of the game.

5. Play The Daily Prize Game

The daily prize game is available to you once a day, and comes with a chance for you to win one of four random characters. Matching three animal cards will win you that animal, though there is a catch to this game; it costs 250 coins in order for you to play it.

And this completes our list of tips and tricks for Fish Logic’s exciting new title, Hop Shot. If you know other hints, that we haven’t included in this guide, don’t hesitate to let us know!