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Highrise: Virtual Metaverse Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies You Need to Know

Highrise: Virtual Metaverse is not just a simple mobile game. It is a virtual world where you can freely express yourself and socialize with other players from all around the world. Not only can you customize your avatar and show off your room-designing skills, you can also join a crew and earn rewards from building contests, player-made games, and major events. The game also has a Facebook-like feature where you can share text posts and photos in their very own Newsfeed.

highrise intro
Your new virtual hangout.

Created by Pocket Worlds, the folks behind Everskies, Highrise is a game that fostered an inclusive and fun community that anyone can fit into. You can easily spend hours on end chatting away in one of the rooms, completing mazes, or even just jamming into one of the player-made DJ rooms. To help you ease into the game, we’ve played the game ourselves and put in some research into the wonderful world of Highrise. Below are the fruits of our labor, a collection of useful tips and tricks that anyone could apply to their game:

1. Connect Your Account

highrise account
Connect your account to have a backup of your progress at all times!

You can connect your account to your Google, Facebook or Snapchat accounts to make it easier for you to log into your Highrise account. Connecting your account also ensures that your progress won’t get lost if you decide to uninstall the game. This also lets you log in to a different device.

2. Create or Join a Crew

highrise crew
Join a crew and make some friends!

Crews are groups of players that come together to socialize and compete in events. There can be up to 50 members per crew but you can only be in 1 crew at a time. If you haven’t joined any yet, you can send in multiple requests to different crews.

create a crew in highrise
Can’t find one? Make your own crew!

You can create a crew by tapping on the Crew button at the upper left side of the screen and tapping “Create a Crew.” There you can customize your Crew’s logo, by combining ready-made colors, patterns, and images. While you can customize colors, there is currently no option to use your own graphics for it. You can also name your crew, write an introduction for it and set it to public or private.

If you’re not interested in forming your own crew, you can join an existing one by typing its name on the search bar or sending a request to join a public one from the list. Some crews prefer to have you message one of the members (like their crew leader or recruiter) instead of sending a request. Many crews also have specific rules that they want their members to follow so be sure to view their page before sending in your request. Tapping the “Request” button next to a crew name won’t automatically send a request but will instead show you their page. The “Request to Join Crew” button can be found inside.

3. Join Events to Earn Tickets

highrise events
Events: A fun and exciting way to earn more rewards!

Events in Highrise: Virtual Metaverse and only last for a limited time. Each event gives you a chance to earn Tickets which determines your Rank at the end of the event. The higher your Rank, the more rewards you can obtain.

For this section of the guide, we’ll be diving into the modeling and judging events in the Highrise Catwalk. While this may not always be available, it’s a good example of how events in the game usually work. There are two ways to participate: Modeling and Judging.

Model Your Look With Cherie

highrise model

For this activity, you have to talk to Cherie who is found on the left side of the room in the pink booth. She’ll ask you which theme you’d like to enter before letting you edit your avatar. You can submit your look any time before or after voting begins. Voting lasts 2 days per theme with a preview day before each theme. You can update your look anytime you want but take note that only your most recent outfit will be judged. Players will judge your look and if they like it, you’ll receive Model Tickets.

If you own Grab items from today’s theme, you’ll get a Ticket Boost. You can also spend Trend Tokens in your Boost tab in the Event Menu to boost your Model Ticket rewards and increase your chances of receiving votes.

Judge Models With Mojo Max

highrise judge

For this activity, you have to talk to Mojo Max who is found at the center of the room by the stage. You must choose the look that best matches the theme. Every time you pick a look that has the most votes, your Critique Streak goes up one point, letting you earn more tickets. Getting a Critique Streak of 10 will earn you a mega prize.

In our experience, the model with the most items or fanciest, most expensive outfits are usually the ones with the highest votes regardless of theme. If you want an extra edge for judging, you can purchase Magic Glasses for 700 Bubbles or 300 Gold. These will automatically choose the most-voted model for you. After getting many tickets, you’ll sometimes be awarded these Magic Glasses for free. We recommend only using these glasses if the models you must judge are both extravagant and are hard to choose between since each Magic Glasses can only be used once.

highrise items

Take note that you cannot simply keep judging looks infinitely. Each time you choose between models, you spend Energy. A Half Energy Refill costs 300 Bubbles or 50 Gold but if you want to max out your Energy Meter, a MAX Energy Refill will cost you 1,000 Bubbles or 100 Gold. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can also buy Event items for every member of your crew.

highrise boosts

Just like when you’re modeling your look, you can also use Trend Tokens to boost your Judge Ticket rewards.

End of Event Resets

Themes change every 2 days along with all Model and Judge Tickets. Along with this, all Ranks are reset when a new theme is announced and rewards offered will be changed every 3 days. Trend Tokens, both the ones you’ve spent on modeled outfits and ones you haven’t used, are both reset. Boost items, which are initially account bound, will become tradeable at the end of the event. Any Batteries or Magic Glasses you’ve collected or purchased will disappear at the end of the event so make sure to use them before it ends!

4. Take on Maze Challenges

highrise maze challenges
How did they get there?

Maze World features 4 new mazes created by players every week. To participate, simply approach one of the four teleporters by the entrances to teleport to the maze to begin. Completing mazes earns you Maze Money which can be exchanged for special prizes from Miss Maisie at the counter.

5. Earn Freebies and Rewards

There are many ways to earn freebies and rewards in Highrise: Virtual Metaverse and we’ve listed the ones we found below:

Complete Your Goals

You can check your goals by tapping on the icon at the upper left side of your screen underneath ‘Rooms.’ The types of goals you must complete varies and may include the following:

OOTD Challenge

highrise ootd challenge

OOTD or Outfit of the Day Challenge gives you a random selection of items to work with to create an outfit that aligns with the day’s theme. There are no right or wrong combinations. Feel free to express your creativity and experiment or just post whatever the avatar is wearing immediately to clear the goal.

Collect or Purchase Goals

highrise purchase

Collect or Purchase Goals are goals that require you to collect or purchase an item from the shop or Grab machines.

Solo Tasks

highrise solo tasks

These are tasks that do not require you to buy or collect anything and just ask you to do an action. These actions may include visiting a room or using an emote.

Social Tasks

highrise social tasks

These tasks encourage you to socialize with other people and may even require you to interact with them. They may ask you to sit next to someone, like posts, or ask a crew member to visit you. Because a few of these pop in every now and then, it’s highly recommended to find a crew early on.

The kind of rewards you get at the start of your game varies greatly to the rewards you’ll receive for the goals you get afterwards:

• Starter Goals

highrise starter goals

Starter Goals are a list of simple tasks that are made to familiarize you with the game. They are fairly easy and will help you get your first few Bubbles. Bubble rewards per task range from 500 to 2.5k and completing it will also reward you with more currency and items for customizing your character.

• SkyPass Rewards

highrise skypass rewards

SkyPass Rewards are what replaces the Starter Goals once you complete them. The goals listed here will not reward you with Bubbles like before but with SkyPass Stars. These stars fill up a gauge that will level up your tier. For every tier you reach, you’ll get rewards in the form of an item or currency. If you activate SkyPass+ by buying it with real money, you’ll get bonus rewards from each tier. If you want to skip some tiers, you can do so by spending Gold to fill up the gauge.

Collect Daily Gifts

highrise daily gifts

Daily Gifts are a great way to earn some extra cash in the form of Bubbles, Bear Tokens, and Gold. You can claim 1 Gift for free and 6 more by watching ads. These are replenished once a day.

Spin the Lucky Wheel

highrise lucky wheel

Once a day, you have a chance to earn rewards by spinning the lucky wheel. These rewards come in the form of items or currency.

Grab Some Stuff

highrise grab

Grabs function like loot boxes: getting random rewards from each draw. The color of the ball you get can tell you the rarity of the item you obtained before it opens:

  • White – Common
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Blue – Rare
  • Purple – Epic
  • Gold – Legendary

There are several options and themes you can choose from when drawing. While most Grabs must be purchased with Bubble, Gold, or Special Currency, there are a few freebies and cheap Grabs as well:

Welcome Grab

highrise welcome grab

The Welcome Grab has a few common, uncommon, and rare items you could obtain from draws. At the start of your game, you can get 5 free grabs from the Welcome Grab. The draws after that will require you to pay 1,000 Bubbles per draw. We do not recommend buying the draws after the free grabs since there are other options that can give you good items for just 500 Bubbles per draw at the bottom of the menu.

Free Daily Grab

highrise free daily grab

The Free Daily Grab contains many common and rare items. You can draw up to five times per day, with each draw requiring you to watch an ad.

Daily Bear Tokens and Bear Grabs

highrise bear grab

Once a day, you can buy 10 Bear Tokens for 50 Bubbles. Once you get 20 Bear Tokens, you can use them to draw from Bear Grabs which contains a good selection of common and rare items.

highrise completion rewards

Some Grabs have completion rewards, giving you an extra incentive to complete a collection. These rewards are usually rarer than the items listed for draws.

highrise grab machines

You could also visit other players’ rooms to buy from their own Grab Machines.

Watch Videos for Gold

watch videos for gold in highrise

When you go to the cash store, you’ll find an option to watch videos to earn gold at the bottom of the menu. You’ll have to check every now and then since there won’t always be videos available to watch.

highrise avatar

You’ll often find avatar features like hair, eyes & eyebrows, makeup, mouths, and noses listed for 0 Bubbles or Gold in the featured tab in the Avatar menu of the shop. If you find your current avatar customization options limited, this is a good place to go.

6. Watch out for Limited Deals in the Black Market

highrise black market

The Black Market contains a variety of items that can be used to customize your avatar. Many of these listed items tend to be rare, epic, or legendary. The Black Market is only open for a limited time so be sure to take a peak before it goes away!

7. Create a Storefront Ad

highrise storefront
Let’s sell some stuff and earn some Gold!

Do you have items you’re not too fond of? Or perhaps you’d like to earn some cash to fund your ever-growing collection of hairstyles? If that’s the case, consider creating a Storefront Ad! You can make one by going to your profile, tapping the Storefront tab, and tapping ‘Create Storefront Ad.’ From there, you can choose the items you want to list.

highrise account bound

Take note that not all items that you own can be sold or transferred. Some of these items are account-bound and will forever be in your inventory. You can easily tell which ones are account-bound by the link icon at the lower left corner of an item’s image. Unfortunately, most items you get for free or purchased with bubbles are account-bound and you may have to invest some real-life money or wait until you get rewarded with Gold to buy some non-account-bound items to sell.

Great sources of wares to sell include the Black Market and Grab Machines. The Black Market often has items that can go as low as 150 Gold. Grab Machines on the other hand are a little riskier since it involves luck. However, if you manage to snag a rare, epic or legendary item, you might be able to sell them for a hefty price.

8. Sell Your Account-Bound Items at Welcome Plaza

highrise welcome plaza
They’ll take the stuff you don’t want!

Account-Bound items cannot be sold to other players. If there are a few items in your inventory that you are not particularly fond of and want to get rid of, you can visit the Welcome Plaza and sell them to the NPC at the leftmost side of the area. He’ll buy them from you for a few Bubbles.

highrise outro
See you in Highrise!

And this marks the end of our guide to Highrise: Virtual Metaverse! We hope that this article aids you in building up a life in the game and earning enough cash to buy items to customize your avatar and rooms. Do you have any interesting tips or tricks that you’d like to share with us? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area!