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High School Simulator 2018 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Uncover Everything in the Game

Following the huge success of High School Simulator GirlA and High School Simulator 2017, with each garnering over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, KUMA GAMES released the most well-received version of the franchise yet. High School Simulator 2018 has already been downloaded more than 10 million times and continues to top charts in several countries after its initial beta version release late last year. Packed with much better graphics than its predecessors along with more people to interact with and a lot of things to do, it’s no surprise how the game managed to attract and maintain millions of fans eagerly awaiting updates and future releases. It somewhat resembles the equally popular Yandere Simulator but doesn’t set strict objectives on what you should do and where you should go. If you enjoy simulator games that offer absolute freedom and fun (with some mature content), you should definitely give High School Simulator 2018 a try and see for yourself what this uniquely hilarious game has in store for you. Just a fair warning though, due to some explicit contents you may want to ensure that kids too young for such content should probably keep away from the app.

Don’t let the school outfit and appearance of the protagonist fool you as your character can do a lot of things ordinary people can’t or won’t. As there are no goals or quests available in High School Simulator 2018, the only achievement you can set for yourself is to actually try out everything you can as you explore the schools as well as the wide open city. Of course, what’s more important is having fun as you go, so feel free to explore much of the game as you can and try to do as you please knowing that there may be consequences as well.

High School Simulator 2018 doesn’t actually offer any tutorials and you can roam around and explore all on your own as soon as you step into the game. There are several outfits and accessories to try, people to interact and play with, and weapons and vehicles to make your adventure all the more fun. The basic controls are very easy to grasp as you will utilize twin virtual joysticks with the left one used for movement and the right one for changing and adjusting the view. There are also 4 virtual buttons to use for most of your actions and interactions. (X) is used for crouching and (A) is for jumping. You use (Y) to talk to people and (B) to pick up and discard objects. There are a lot of weapons and items you can grab and for most of these items you can press (X) as well to attack or use the item. The game is pretty easy to navigate and control and perhaps the only challenge is knowing the full extent of what you can do in the game. So leIf you are still scratching your head over what you might be missing from this 3D action adventure simulator, then our High School Simulator 2018 cheats, tips and strategies can help you uncover everything in the game. t’s not waste any of your time and instead let’s check out our High School Simulator 2018 guide, featuring some useful tips, cheats and tricks!

1. Customize Your Looks And Everyone Else’s Costume

high school simulator 2018 cheats

In High School Simulator 2018 you can always edit your character’s appearance with a variety of hairstyles and costumes to choose from before you start the game. Once you are playing, you can also make quick random changes by pressing the Settings (Gear) Button and clicking on various boxes that can change your face, hair, hair color, and costume as well as add or remove a variety of accessories. If you also explore the map you may notice that you won’t be able to access every building. Some that look distinguished enough offer a variety of things to do once you enter them. The salon which is just outside of the school is one of the few structures you can enter and inside, you can change your hair, hair color, face, and costume as well. So just in case you were not able to do this before you start playing, you now know of two easy alternatives to customize your character.

Beyond yourself, there are 101 other unique characters in the game that you can customize to your liking. You can change each one of their costumes to make each a lot more different from the rest. To do this, you should click on the third icon on the upper left hand side of your screen which brings out your cell phone and then press on the phone button. Choose the character you want to customize on the list, click their name, and then press the costume button to change their appearance. Choosing to press the call button will send them running towards you and you may want to do this first so you can see how good they look sporting their new costume.

2. Buying Gifts And Receiving Kisses

high school simulator 2018 guide

When you first launch the game, you will start at your house and you can already grab a gift from your desk. You may initially want to keep holding it and remember that you can only carry 1 item at a time. There is also a grocery near your house where you can buy gift cards and chocolates. Be sure to talk to the shopkeeper to buy the gifts you need to earn a kiss from any of the other characters. There’s no need to worry about running out of money as you can just go near any cash register and get more cash.

Once you have a gift in hand, you can now proceed to earn any person’s love and affection. Talking to any of the other 101 characters will now open a new option; pressing (X) will make you ask them for a kiss, and you will always get one no matter which character you give your gift to. So as unconventional as it is, you can see two people of the same gender kissing one another, and no one will mind at all. Doing it in front of the teacher during class or in front of the cops doing some investigations make it all the weirder.

For some bizarre reason though, everyone you kiss will walk away from you immediately after the kiss. You can always bring out your phone and call them again or you can also just run to them and tell them to follow you. Once you do it’s like nothing happened just moments ago and you can give gifts and ask for kisses from anyone in as many minutes.

3. Everyone Can Follow You

high school simulator 2018 tips

Running around the school yard and its numerous facilities can be lonely sometimes despite seeing people from time to time especially during school hours. As you may want to have some people walk or run with you as you explore the school as well as the rest of the town, you can have as many people join you in two easy ways. The first one is to approach a character and ask them to follow you. Doing that and asking the next person to do the same won’t stop your previous follower from walking or running behind you. As doing this 101 times may take a bit of time, you can always just bring your phone out, which is the second and faster way, and start calling each person up. You can do this faster if you start at the bottom of the list.

The time for each person you contacted to reach you may vary depending on how far they are from you when you called them. Just be patient and in just a while, you will be surrounded by so many characters in that you will even find it difficult to navigate past them.

4. Joining Clubs And Playing Sports

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In some areas within the school yards, you can talk to Club Leaders to initiate an activity that club holds and with each club comes its own unique sports or activity you can enjoy. You can talk to Yumie and join the Football Club to spawn some club members in the football field for you to play with. It’s not as elaborate as some football games but it can also be fun to try and score a goal when everyone is trying to take the ball off your feet. You can talk to Daisy and join the Swimming Club to mingle closely with its members and by “mingle closely”, everyone in the pool will swim to where you are so that’s pretty much how the Swimming Club spends their time. Even without joining clubs, you can also try to shoot some hoops at the gym although it is awfully hard even without those other students pushing you around.

There are also clubs that don’t engage in sports like the Garden Club which is probably the first club you’ll see when you first enter the school. Once you join this club you can grab a shovel inside the tool shed and start digging on the soft soil at the center of the garden. There are many places to visit and many places as well to explore. So as you may feel that you are running out of things to do, be sure to check each club leader and try to join some clubs.

5. Riding Bikes And Driving Vehicles

high school simulator 2018 tricks

When facing the school, walking towards the left side will bring you to a parking lot with several vehicles that you can drive. You can choose whichever you like and there are other unique vehicles that you can try as well around town. Perhaps the most unique one is the helicopter you can find on top of the police headquarters where a police car is parked as well. It’s a bit tricky to control but it can give you a different look of the entire map when you’re up in the sky looking down on the town. There’s a bicycle just outside your house and there are several just laying around within the school grounds and around town. While riding bicycles won’t cause any trouble at all, getting into motor vehicles seems to drive cops crazy. It’s a good thing they won’t hurt you if you stay in the vehicle, but trouble may soon follow as soon as you step out, even if you actually didn’t run over anyone.

6. Weapons, Effects And Countermeasures

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For a school yard, there sure are plenty of weapons in High School Simulator 2018 that you can see just laying around. If you choose not to touch any of them, then nothing bad can happen but there’s probably not a lot of fun in that. Before you touch any of it though, know that people around you will react differently to you even if you are just standing still with any weapon. You will know that people are uncomfortable as huge yellow exclamation marks appear above them. While some will just run away or freeze in panic, some will actually try to disarm you or even hurt you and even if you don’t fight back they will often hurt themselves and, more often than not, the results can be fatal. It is a challenge to avoid these situations whenever you hold a weapon in your hand so what you can do is to just run far from the scene of the crime or clean it up before the police arrive.

Running away may often be the best course of action but for a lot of people who enjoy simulator games like High School Simulator 2018, it probably involves standing your ground and trying to fight against the cops. Alternatively though, there is a third, almost equally fun, and effective way of reacting to these situations; hiding the evidence and cleaning up the mess.

You can go near the lifeless person and grab him or her to wherever you feel is a place no one would find or at least no one goes to and so most probably at this point you will stop to wonder what all that Garden Club digging activity was good for. The hard work is only half finished though as you will still need to pick up a deck brush to clean up some blood stains on the ground. You can easily find one just close to the main gate of the school. If there are also smears of blood on you, you should change costumes or dive into the swimming pool.

7. Built-in Cheats And Modifiers

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As easy as the game comes, KUMA GAMES makes High School Simulator 2018 even a lot easier with its built-in Cheat and Modifiers Menu that you can easily access through the Options (Gear) Icon on the upper left side of your screen. There are simple game features you can adjust like the weather, the time of day, and camera views as well as instant item and weapon spawns and costume and accessory changes. You can also instantly warp to any location within the school premises with just a click of a button.

Perhaps the most fun-enhancing cheats in the game are super jump and infinity jump as you can practically fly and hover around the map for a totally unique experience (as well as an escape tactic). For one, it would be pretty challenging to get to that helicopter at the rooftop without this ability. There are just so many places you just won’t be able to go to without the super jump and infinity jump, which is why there are many places as well where no one can follow you with these cheats on.

In any case, be sure to try each of the available choices out as you may discover even zanier things than what you would normally experience in the game by just playing through it normally. Also, as different times of days do impact some behaviour of people such as going to and leaving school, the multiple options here to jump through time can help you fast forward to a scenario you may be waiting for.

And that is all we have for our High School Simulator 2018 cheats, tips and strategies. Be sure to keep watch as we may return to uncover more of this game if several new updates are released in the future. We hope that our High School Simulator 2018 guide has helped you discover more of this game that you may not have noticed on your own. As there may still be some deeply hidden secrets we have yet to discover ourselves we hope that there will still be plenty of surprises for you to find out on your own. If there are some High School Simulator 2018 tips, cheats & strategies you would like to add to our list, be sure to let us know as we welcome and appreciate every bit of it. You can send us messages through our comment section just below this article so please don’t hesitate to do so!


Saturday 26th of February 2022

when i talk to the shopkeeper i cant buy gifts does anyone else know why??

Macleata D Kirkwood

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

What about the classroom when you participate in class, I can’t get my character to write


Wednesday 22nd of December 2021

@Macleata D Kirkwood, It lets you just sit down or sometimes they don’t write and just sit


Thursday 20th of May 2021

There was a trash incinerator or something just by the gate. When you put a body next to it and lit "fire" withthe Y button, the body will disappear and burn even just beside the incinerator. Just another noice way ofhiding the body hehe

Uh no

Sunday 7th of August 2022

@Bibi, the gardening club members will somehow still see it


Wednesday 22nd of December 2021

@boysaltik, And you can go to the garden and get a shovel and dug a hole and put the body in there and cover it with the dirt again


Sunday 10th of January 2021

They should add where you can revive and more stuff


Wednesday 22nd of December 2021

@Sara, The creator sure isn’t adding any updates you can try contacting him or write a review I love your response but he might not add anything 🤷‍♀️


Thursday 22nd of October 2020

can you play on a crombook