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Hex Crush! Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Hex Crush! is the creation of developer Kirito Sakurai, who describes his brad new mobile title as a “simple strategy game” where you can drag different-shaped tiles onto the board. If any of the lines are filled up with tiles, that eliminates “all tiles of that line,” and you can score higher by making multiple eliminations.

Does that sound simple enough to you? For some, it may, but for others, it may be a bit challenging. After all, you’re going to be working with a hexagonal grid, hence the game’s title, so it’s not going to be as 1010-esque or Tetris-esque as you may think. So with that said, here’s a list of Hex Crush! tips and tricks that can help you score more eliminations and make those eliminations last longer.

1. Place The Difficult Pieces First


You’ll be given three pieces which can be played at any time in the game, unless you’re all out of space. So how do you go about placing those pieces, or should we say, playing them? We would suggest playing those difficult-to-play pieces first, or probably the larger ones. The idea here is to save the best, or easiest for last. Then again, you can work with whatever you have, play anything that fits, and hope that you encounter a few pieces down the line that can be placed somewhere else.

2. Work Your Way Inside The Puzzle

When playing the game, you want to start from the corners. Once you’ve done that, you can then work your way inside, though that’s easier said than done. Once you start making those eliminations, it will be harder to work in an inwards motion, but you should, in general, work toward filling in all the holes. Avoid open spaces, much like you would when playing Tetris.

3. How To Earn Points In The Game

If you clear, or eliminate a line, you earn some points. You’ll earn even more by clearing multiple lines with one move. Now if you’re able to string together a set of multiple two-three line combos in one round, you’ll earn a considerable amount of points. As you can see, scoring is based on how well you string combos together, so keep that in mind if you’ve got a high score you’re trying to chase.

4. You’re All Alone

What do we mean by this tip? Well, since this is a new game, or maybe because the developer didn’t see it as necessary, there are no power-ups, boosts, or bonuses. You cannot make any in-app purchases either, may it be with in-game or real money. Hitting the “X” button will take you to the title page, but will keep your game running. So if you want to restart your game because you made a mistake somewhere, simply hit Refresh.

This would be our collection of tips and tricks for Kirito Sakurai’s mobile game, Hex Crush! Are you enjoying this game as much as we do? Or know some other hints, that we didn’t include in this guide? Let us know by commenting below!

Alison Murray

Thursday 24th of August 2017

I think you should be able to buy tiles with your coins. If you are stuck.