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Crossy Maze Tips, Cheats & Guide to Survive the Dire Tower

Tigrido’s new game called Crossy Maze has nothing to do with Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road. Its premise is completely different, and the only similarity those two games have is in the name. That, and the game is also available for both Android and iOS devices. According to Tigrido, “some evil cubish-honed guy kidnapped Pip’s girlfriend,” and it’s your job to help Pip head to the Dire Tower and save his girlfriend. That’s where the titular Great Crossy Maze of the Dire Tower comes in, and it’s filled with a variety of traps and enemies. Nope, it’s not at all related to Crossy Road in any way, shape, or form. Except the name, that is.

Tigrido is known for releasing some interesting mobile games such as the Dictator series, and this game is no exception. But it also doesn’t have to be a hard game, especially if you check out these Crossy Maze tips and hints.

1. Master The Controls

We should warn you beforehand that the controls in this game can be a little hard to master. Mistakes are very easy to be made if you’re just starting out, but in order to avoid this, you can try swiping on the control pad. This will allow your character to move in the direction you’re swiping; this also lets you have a better look at your character, instead of the pad. So, to keep it short and sweet, you want to swipe, not tap, when using the control pad.

2. Misdirect Those Monsters

One thing you can expect while traveling through the Crossy Maze is monsters. Lots of monsters, in fact. In order to survive all those monsters, you can try misdirecting them, meaning forcing them to follow you as far away from the actual route. Once you’ve lost the monsters, you can swipe in the direction you have to go so you can step on the squares. But if the monsters keep following you, you can kill them with your sword, simply by swiping into the monster.

3. Unlock More Characters By Scoring More Points

You can unlock new characters by scoring higher in the game. Fortunately, the characters here are all unique from each other, with special abilities, weapons, or attributes. For example, some characters may come with completely new weapons, while others may have higher points assigned to their weapon of choice. Focus on scoring more points and you’ll have no shortage of characters at your disposal.

4. How To Manage Your Currencies

The in-game store allows you to purchase hearts, coins, or bombs, with gold as your default means of purchase. But you can also watch advertisement videos in order to earn the item you wanted to buy, in lieu of paying gold. But if you want to buy more gold, you’ll have to pay some real-life money for that – for example, the Gold Piggy costs $3.99 USD, and allows you to multiply your gold earnings fivefold. Unfortunately, though, there’s no option to watch ads in order to earn coins.

These would be our tips and hints for Tigrido’s new game, Crossy Maze. Stay tuned for updates, as we will share more tips and tricks whenever we discover them!