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Helly Copter Tips & Cheats: How to Get a High Score

Helly Copter is a new casual game by Playgendary for iOS devices, and your main goal here is to stay alive as long as possible. You probably get the idea from that musical reference – this is an endless helicopter game, an “endless flyer,” if you may. You will get to control your helicopter with just one finger, and while it may seem as simple as riding a bicycle, as the game suggests, your “bike” is on fire, and so is everything around you. There are 15 characters for you to collect, and it comes with that prerequisite note that often comes with casual endless runners/flyers – it’s easy to learn, and hard to master.

Yes, this game is easy enough to learn, and Playgendary is right on the money when they say that. But they’re also right when they say the game is hard to master. We’d like to help you master this game, score a lot of points, and collect all the characters available in the game, though the tips below include the standard disclaimer for these characters. Read on, as we’ve come up with some Helly Copter tips and hints for lasting as long as possible in the air.

1. Keep Your Speed Moderated

Your “Helly Copter” isn’t easy to manage. You’ll find this out early enough, as the copter doesn’t maneuver as well as you may expect it to. In particular, you’ll have to take good care when trying to maneuver underneath obstacles. The copter drops at an unusually slow pace, and while that might seem like an advantage at first, the physics actually work against you in most cases. You might crash into an obstacle and end your run if you aren’t careful! The Helly Copter doesn’t move as quickly as one may expect either, so you’ll have to look out for that quirk as well.

2. Make Your Taps As Quick As Possible

When playing the game, you want to use quick taps when navigating your Helly Copter. If you tap quickly, your copter will go up gradually, but in similarly quick bursts, and that will allow you to react faster to obstacles that may get in your way. Using tap-and-hold motions will allow you to ascend faster, but going down will become much harder. Yes, it might sound like the instinctive thing to do, but tap-and-hold motions won’t do you too many favors. Make those taps short and sweet, so that the momentum doesn’t overwhelm you while trying to move your copter around.

3. Keep On Practicing

Helly Copter is one of those games where the best way to last long and score a lot of points is to keep on practicing. Again, we’re calling back to the “easy to learn, hard to master” mention in the game description – the physics may seem as crazy as the game’s premise at first, but just like any other mobile gaming mechanic, it all takes a little getting used to. Likewise, you’ll learn the best tapping strategy through practice, and know the best time to use short taps, as well as those rare times you’ll have to tap-and-hold.

4. About The Additional Copters

As we mentioned above, the game comes with 15 “characters” to choose from – these aren’t actually characters, but rather copters, or should we say, copter skins. These new copters won’t change the way the game plays, and don’t come with any statistical advantages or disadvantages. They’re collectible skins and nothing more, so don’t expect any bells and whistles; this is a casual game in the truest sense, so set your expectations accordingly. But if collecting skins is your thing, there are various ways to get more of them.

5. How To Get Those New Copters And How To Earn Coins

The first way for you to get more Helly Copters is to open a free gift. These gifts will become available every few hours or so, and would usually come with coins, but you will win a new skin on occasion. Similarly, watching an ad video could win you a “magic gift” that’s similar to the standard gifts, with the same odds of getting a new copter skin. Lastly, look out for the x2 marker in the game; you’ll see this once you’ve reached a certain point in the game. You won’t get any score bonuses here, but you will earn twice the coins you normally would if you crash within that x2 zone. If you’re farming for coins, this is a great way to stock up on them, and have enough to buy the new skins in the in-game store.