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Hang Line: Mountain Climber Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Rescue Survivors and Complete More Levels

Lives are at stake in this extreme rope swinging game released by Yodo1 Games as you hang precariously from the edge of an icy cliff. Hang Line: Mountain Climber puts you in the shoes of a mountain rescue agent whose job is to climb and swing his way to the top of each icy mountain with nothing but his trusty grappling hook. His mission? To search for and save stranded survivors from freezing to death.

Developed by Ed Kay, this fantastic mobile game will have you holding your breath with each leap. It starts out intense, with your character swinging over dangerous terrain, but that is only the beginning. You will also have to dodge boulders and ice, escape from wild beasts, and even run away from fiery molten lava! There are over 50 levels for you to conquer in the game. You will need the help of our Hang Line: Mountain Climber cheats, tips and tricks if you want to make it through all of them!

1. Think Before You Leap

hang line mountain climber tips

This probably applies if you were a rescuer in real life. Make sure you take your time before reaching for the next ledge. The good news is that the game does not have a time limit. If you are feeling nervous, you can take all the time you want before making that leap. Carefully check your path and consider all options before making a move. The last thing you want is to work all the way up the mountain only to fall to your doom because you got too excited on that last jump.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

The controls of Hang Line: Mountain Climber are pretty straight forward, but the physics can be a little tricky to master. Each new level is more difficult than the last, so you might not want to keep moving forward if you struggled to complete the last one. Instead of rushing through the levels, you can replay any of the earlier levels until you have mastered the correct timing of the swings.

3. You Can Grapple Mid-Swing

The initial instinct of most players in the game is to let the swinging motion complete its full distance before grappling again. That is fine in a lot of cases, but there will be times when grappling while in mid-swing would put you in a better position. Do not be afraid to interrupt that swing a little early if you feel you have reached the distance you need. You might need to try a few times to get the hang of this, but it will definitely come in handy in later stages when you are dodging falling obstacles left and right.

There are times when you are unsure if you can actually grab onto a specific surface, making it difficult to decide when to swing. As a general rule, if there is a clear path between your character and the surface, then you should be able to grab onto it. Don’t worry too much if you think it’s too far.

4. Leave No Man Behind

While you may be in a hurry to get to safety, don’t forget that you have a mission. You are supposed to be rescuing others, not just your character. Each level has three survivors for you to look for. Do not end a level without finding all three of them in order to earn the most money from that mission. There will be a few bonus levels that will have unique rules about survivors, but you will be informed beforehand. Other than that, just make sure you have rescued all three people before you end your run.

5. Watch Out For Alternate Routes

hang line mountain climber cheats

There will be instances when a new path will open up below your character. You might be tempted to keep climbing, but it is actually better for you to go back down. It seems counter intuitive, but don’t forget our previous tip. You will never know where these survivors are, so it is better to check every nook and cranny before moving on. A lot of times, these new paths that open up are put there for a reason. Worst case is that you waste your time climbing back up, but that really doesn’t affect you in a game that does not have a time limit.

6. Go Around The Mountain

One thing you might overlook in Hang Line: Mountain Climber is the ability to go around the mountain. Sometimes, the items or survivors you are looking for are just outside your view. You may need to go around in order to find them. To do so, just toss your hook to the side of the mountain then use your momentum to reach around it. You might want to practice this move a few times in order to master it without slamming into the mountain itself. If you have been looking everywhere for missing items or survivors, then it might be time to check the other side.

7. Swing With Care

Make sure you take care of yourself when swinging around the mountain. There are numerous perils waiting for you, and one absent-minded leap is all it takes for everything to literally come crashing down. First thing you should remember is to plan ahead where your next grappling point will be. This will help keep you from crashing face-first into the mountain.

Even if you are paying attention to where you are going, you may still end up hitting the mountain if you are swinging too hard. The momentum will still make you crash into the mountain, stunning you for a few seconds. When you are stunned, you will not be able to grapple until your head is no longer spinning. Even though there is no time limit, you still wouldn’t want to be dizzy while hanging from a ledge.

Finally, keep an eye out for falling objects. Sometimes, the rocks you grapple on to will break off and fall. You can dodge them easily by grappling onto another surface right away. Avoid those falling rocks at all costs. If they fall on your head, your run will end immediately. You will know if a surface will eventually give out if it cracks after you grapple onto it. This is one of the few situations in the game where you can’t afford to wait for too long because the cracked surface will only hold together for a moment. You need to swing before that happens.

8. Cracks May Be Necessary

When surfaces crack and fall off the mountain, it can definitely be stressful. You will have less to work with, and that’s only if you managed to survive the falling debris. Don’t focus too much on the problems, though. There are times when these altered surfaces open up new paths for your character. Make sure you analyze the mountain again after a few pieces break off. There might be better ways for you to climb now that there are also less obstacles in your way.

9. Let The Animals Help You

hang line mountain climber tricks

While the animals in the game are generally dangerous for your character, there may be times when you will need their help. This is particularly true for the mountain goats that headbutt you to oblivion. There will be areas where it will not be possible to grapple and swing, but a handy goat will be hanging out nearby. See if you can get that goat to give you a boost onto the next area. Letting a goat headbutt you on purpose may seem painful, but it might be the only way to move forward in some cases.

10. Hold On To Your Power Ups

As we mentioned earlier, the game has over 50 levels, each one more difficult than the last. This is important to remember whenever you pick up power ups that can help you complete levels easier. Keep in mind that power ups are consumable items, which means you won’t have a lot of them unless you whip out your credit card. Avoid using any power ups in the earlier levels because they will surely be a waste. If you can’t survive the easier levels without spending a power up, you will have an impossible time in the last few stages of the game. It would be better for you to keep practicing until you master the game than waste the handful of power ups that you acquire in the game.

The Radar is undoubtedly the most useful gadget in the game as it helps you locate the next survivor with ease. There will be a few times in the game when you will be offered to use it for free, so take advantage of those instances. You will also sometimes receive ad offers in exchange for power ups. Make sure you always accept because there will be no other way to purchase these items without spending real money.

11. How To Earn More Money

If you are short on cash, an alternate way to earn them is by playing through the endless levels. An endless level just lets you keep climbing the mountain until your character dies. You will be able to earn more money every time you complete objectives. These objectives often include rescuing a certain number of people or climbing a specific distance. It doesn’t matter if your run ends because you can just start another one afterwards. It is also a good way to practice your swinging and grappling skills if you are stuck on a particular level.

Another way to earn more in this game is to pick up items that may be hidden on the mountain. As you explore the mountain in search of survivors, you will sometimes encounter collectible items instead. Make sure you pick those up as they will add to your overall earnings at the end of the level.

It is time to rescue all those stranded survivors on the mountain in Hang Line: Mountain Climber! Make sure you follow our tips and tricks above and you will be conquering all the levels in no time!