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Guns of Glory Gift Codes (December 2022 Codes)

Whether you play Rush Royale or Last Shelter, there is no shortage of finding that one strategy game that could scratch your itch. For some they’d find relief in fantasy-themed strategy games, but others would find it in games like Guns of Glory.

Diandian Interactive’s title takes its player to revolutionary France with a steampunk twist. You are the Man in the Iron Mask; why you were imprisoned in the Bastille is a mystery you uncover as you play through the game. After being taken to a noble’s estate by an intrepid airship crew, it becomes your mission to take down a cardinal who usurped France’s throne. At your behest are brave troops who are willing to risk their lives for your sake. If this is your first time picking up the game and you’d like to get firsthand tips on how to become more powerful, then be sure to head over to our comprehensive Guns of Glory guide!

Much like other titles in recent times, Guns of Glory is no stranger to keeping its players loyal. Through the use of gift codes, Guns of Glory players should be able to amass resources, premium currency, and other impressive hoards of swag.

Guns Of Glory Gift Codes: What Are They And Where Can I Get Some?

Gift codes are special, limited-use codes given out to the players of a game. Such codes are used by players to gain exclusive in-game items packaged as gifts and giveaways from the developers themselves. This is to also ensure that the loyalty of their playerbase does not waiver as the devs are showing the players that they didn’t forget about them. Additionally, they also do this to celebrate special events, holidays, major updates, and other special occasions.

To acquire these is to simply wait for the developers to release these anywhere they can reach their playerbase (usually through social media).

If you’re here to learn how to claim these gifts, look no further than our Guns of Glory gift code tutorial below!

How To Redeem A Guns Of Glory Gift Code?

Step 1: Tap Your Lord Profile

guns of glory gift code step 1

On the game’s main screen, navigate to your Lord Profile by tapping on the upper left-hand portrait of your character. It’s there you will access your Lord Profile.

Step 2: Open the Settings

guns of glory gift code step 2

In your Lord Profile, look to the right portion of the screen. You should see a gear-shaped icon. Tap that and it will take you to the Settings.

Step 3: Tap Gift Codes

guns of glory gift code step 3

After finding the Settings, you will be presented with a number of options. On the second row, you should see Notifications, Community, Gift Codes, and Terms of Service. Tap on Gift Codes.

Step 4: Enter the Code

guns of glory gift code step 4

If you’ve received a gift code somewhere, try entering it in the field given. If successful, you’ll be given your reward immediately.

Guns Of Glory Gift Code List (Updated: December 2022)

guns of glory coupon codes

Below this item is a list of codes that can be used while playing Guns of Glory. Try any of these and see which ones work for you. However, if new codes have become available, this article will be updated. Please bookmark this article if you wish to be informed. Additionally, you may also follow the Guns of Glory official Facebook page.

  • HalloweenCastleSkin
  • PumpkinMonster
  • FridayofGlory
  • NEWUPG720
  • AirshipSkin
  • MoonCakeGoG
  • UPG700GoG
  • GoGKRisON

Did we miss a Guns of Glory code or do you have a code that we don’t? Let us know in the comment section below!