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Gunman Taco Truck Guide: 3 Tips & Tricks for Tacoing Your Way to Safety

Shoot monsters! Make Tacos! Survive! Rinse and repeat. There is no easy way out in the latest shooting free runner game from Romero Games; Gunman Taco Truck. The game is a product of the famous game designer and developer John Romero and his gaming powerhouse. Gunman Taco Truck is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. The game has retro style graphics which will make you reminiscent of video games of the nineties and a gameplay style similar to “faster than light” and typical fast shooter games. Gunman Taco Truck provides an ample amount of stimulation and action with decent graphics in a reasonable package size of 110 MB. This game also receives regular love from the developers with a new version being released almost every other week. The fan feedback is also taken very seriously and recent updates have seen user suggestions being implemented into the game as well.

Gunman Taco Truck is set against the backdrop of a worldwide apocalypse initiated by an accidentally set of atomic bomb. The fallout from this explosion has created extreme mutations and led to the breeding of strange creatures of enormous proportions. Our hero is trapped in an area full of these creatures and our ultimate mission is to escape to the relatively safe and unaffected land of Canada. However, a true American never wastes a good opportunity to do business and our hero takes his family taco business to the road in a taco truck. The smart plan is to escape and earn a ton load of cash along the way. Who said doomsday couldn’t be fun?

John Romero and his team have made sure that Gunman Taco Truck provides the ultimate difficulty level and the game is essentially unbeatable. However, you will find the first few levels to be relatively easier. This is to keep potential players from dropping out at the start. However after you reach the state of phoenix, things really start to spice up and you will find yourself sandwiched between monsters left right and center. The learning difficulty curve of this game is very similar to other lightning paced games like “Faster than Light”. Even though you might be able to get past the first few levels fairly easily but there is no doubt at all that you will need significant help as you move on to the harder levels. This is the part where this guide comes into play as the tips mentioned will help to build upon the learning curve that you have already established and give you the boost required to become the greatest Gunman that ever lived on the face of this cursed earth!

1. Develop Inhumane Reflexes

Gunman Taco Truck is a game which focuses purely upon the reactive skill and capacity that you possess. You need to have lightning fast reflexes in order to shoot down and survive amongst the plethora of monsters and weird creatures surrounding your truck while you are on your journey towards safety. This aspect of the game cannot be stressed enough because a fast reaction time is able to make all the difference between a high score and death for you.

Another major reason to focus upon this area while playing Gunman Taco Truck is because you obtain the majority of your ingredients for the tacos that you will make later from the monsters that you shoot on the way. Gross right? The point is that buyers are willing to buy tacos with monster bits in them as long as they contain the right amount of cheese and spices. This makes your job that much harder because you cannot afford to miss any monster bits on your way as they are priced very high when you opt to buy them from the grocery store at the next town that you stop at.

An easy way to shoot at an optimum efficiency is to detect the pattern that the game follows for the appearance of the monsters in front of you. This can be very difficult to remember especially during the higher levels when you do not even have the time to blink let alone scratch your brain for which monster was about to come next in line. However this strategy is still extremely rewarding and once you practice enough even if you fail, you will eventually master the art of rapid shooting.

An easy tip to implement this strategy effectively is to always aim for the human mutants first because they have the highest amount of health and consequently take much longer to kill. You should aim for the purple speeters and frogs next as they are easier to kill but be sure to observe their movements as they can suddenly reach up to your truck without you realizing and you will suffer a significant amount of health loss as a result.

As if the shooting at monsters part was not challenging enough, the developers have ensured an extra layer of difficulty through the monster part collection mechanism. You will be instructed when the game starts to shoot at the monsters and at the remains that fly out. These seemingly wasteful parts are scrap and you will require these as a raw material for purchasing various add-ons and upgrades for your Taco Truck. A hidden gem which the game does not reveal is the ability to shoot things in the background as well as certain plants which are also a source of scrap. You can shoot at the mile markers which are green in color as well as on big boulders and benches along the way. As you move to higher levels, you will also notice small chickens and birds added to the similar scenery. These are very easy to miss but you should always aim to get a shot at the chickens because they form a major ingredient of the taco later on and to be frank you should not ignore the most life like taco recipe in this game just because you were too lazy to spot a chicken.

2. Be Mindful Of Your Fuel

In Gunman Taco Truck, you are basically a taco seller who is carrying on the family business and for the most part of the game you will be driving your truck around huge expanses of land. Travel is never free and in case of Gunman Taco Truck, fuel is the most expensive commodity that you will have to purchase again and again almost after completing each level successfully. A full tank of gas will on average cost you around 40-50$ worth of cash and that takes a huge chunk out of your earnings even of you did get lucky and got tipped by all three of your customers at a town.

The map is your greatest ally in this quest to save as much fuel as possible because it shows exactly how much fuel it would cost for you to travel from one state to another in your journey for survival. In addition, the map helps you decide routes which you can take in order to optimize the fuel that you will be spending as well as the possibility for you to cover the distance across the states with the shortest number of trips. If you are a gamer who is looking to make a record among your friends and end the game as quickly as possible, a good study of the map will enable you to achieve just that. However being a Gunman is a life worth living only when you take up the challenge head on and put all your energies towards destroying as many monsters as you can.

The worst possible scenario that can exist for you is if you are left with only 1 point or zero fuel. The earlier levels do allow travel with such low fuel but as you progress to the higher levels of the game, you will be faced with the choice of either abandoning your mission and starting all over again or purchasing fuel through in app purchases by spending some real money. Making this choice is quite dependent on how serious you are about Gunman Taco Truck and if you can afford to invest all the time that took to complete the earlier levels once again. If you are serious enough about your progress, you will resort towards the option of making the purchase of fuel with real money. However if you must go for this option, here is a tip that will help you get much better value for your dollar.

When you arrive at the state of phoenix, you will see a much larger workshop than those in other states. When you enter this shop you will notice a lot of cool upgrades and tweaks for your truck on display. Hidden in the right corner, a red tank of gas gives you the option to upgrade your fuel capacity to the maximum. Make sure that you save up before arriving at Phoenix though because this tank costs a hefty amount of scrap and that means you will have to shoot a ton of monsters while on your way to Phoenix. However once you get this upgrade you will immediately notice the logic behind this tip because now even if you fill up using the in app purchase with real cash, you will be getting almost the double amount of fuel and your Taco Truck will be able to withstand the ruthless onslaught of monsters for much longer than you would have ever expected it to.

3. Know Your Tacos

In Gunman Taco Truck you are running your family business and customers naturally assume that you would know how to make every kind of Taco imaginable. This is true to the extent of the character that you are representing in the game but you yourself might only be able to remember a handful of Taco recipes. There is a recipe book accessible from the in game menu and it contains all the unlocked recipes of tacos that you possess. As you advance to higher levels, the volume of your recipe book will start to increase and the recipes will also start becoming much more complicated. Therefore this section aims to explore the different types of tacos available in the game and the special operations that will help players to obtain the maximum number of cash revenue from their customers without being too difficult to apply in their Taco operations.

Carne Asada Taco

Tagged as the “best use for a cow”, this taco is a fan favorite and you will be able to find regular customers for it at almost every stop that you make on your journey towards freedom and safety. As the tagline reads, the taco uses a strip of cow meat which you have obviously collected along the way by shooting at lots of cows. In addition, the Carne Asada Taco is one of the best paying tacos as customers pay on average 15-20$ for it and if you are able to provide them a taco almost instantly, a good tip is almost guaranteed. Therefore you need to know what order of ingredients to follow when making the Carne Asada Taco for maximum efficiency and to increase the possibility of getting better and more frequent tips for your buyers.

After practicing and repeating many different combinations for adding the ingredients, the best possible combo has been mentioned for your convenience. First off place the taco bread as quick as you can. It’s not right next to you but you cannot have any other ingredient before this as it makes the base of your Taco so just try to pick and place it really really fast. Now for the next ingredient, go for the onions first since they are right next to you. Don’t think as if you are eating the taco and how you would like to be served because your customers are apocalypse survivors with much more on their plate than tasting onions first. Now add the meat strip and do it fast as it is right next to the onions. Finally add the spices and in the end add a piece of lettuce to finish off your fastest taco yet. Your customer will be just as impressed as you and will definitely offer a sizable tip for your efforts.

Speeter Taco

Another very popular taco category, the Speeter Taco is as gross as you can get with a giant bug embedded as the main filling for your Taco. However you need not worry because your customers are going to pay good money for it and frankly who cares when you are getting dollars for the hard work you put into making a taco. In order to get the best results you need to follow a customized order for the ingredients in this taco as well. As for any other taco, you will have to place the taco bread first. The Speeter meat comes up next as this is the ingredient closest to you now and should be instantly recognizable due to its sharp purple coloring. This is followed by the spices and lettuce toppings and voila! Now you have a delicious Speeter Taco for the customer standing outside your Taco Truck.

Catfish Taco

The catfish is one of the most common monsters that you will encounter while on the road. This means making catfish tacos is a business you really want to be good at since you will most probably never be short of the ingredients required except for the cheese that is. This is the first taco in the game which introduces us to the add-on ingredient of cheese in the taco. As cheese is not so commonly used in the tacos you need to be aware of where it is kept so that you can spot and add it while processing a real order.

Slices of cheese are placed on the top left corner near the taco truck window and can be quite inaccessible for an inexperienced taco maker. However once you know the position, you can easily master getting the order of ingredients right to create the best taco in the shortest amount of time. As a rule of thumb, always keep the addition of cheese for the end because there is no lettuce to be added in the catfish Taco and this technique will help avoid any delays and potential loss of tip from your customers. The catfish Taco is also one of the most expensive tacos and if you are able to make a lot of them you will be set for your journey.

Cheese Taco

The simplest Taco in the game and a quick solution to world hunger! The cheese Taco is extremely easy to make and you can get a happy customer within 5 seconds if you know your way around your Taco Truck. As you have been already introduced to the place where cheese is stored, it is only a matter of placing the taco bread and adding the cheese on top of it. Sounds bland right? Well some customers aren’t as affluent as others and they have to survive too so do not expect a huge tip for this 4$ taco. Try to be as quick as possible though because the more time you save serving each customer means more cash for you and even 4$ can make the difference between an average and a great taco sale sometimes.

Cheese Enchilada

This is a taco that will get your taste buds tingling as you prepare one for your customer. Free of monster bits and laced with spices and onions, this taco is harder to make but well worth the money if you are thinking from a customer’s perspective. In order to get the fastest results, place the special tortilla bread first to make the base of your Taco. Next, you will have to decide between the onions and spices as they are right next to each other and very accessible to you. The best option here is to not spend too much time thinking and just go for the ingredient that gets your fancy first. After adding both spices and onions, it is time to add the king ingredient, the cheese on top of everything. And your top notch mouth-watering cheese Enchilada is ready to be served. Be as fast as you can and you can always aim to make at least 2-3$ above the price that customers are paying for this taco as they tip quite often and generously.

Frog Taco

Another gross taco but one that is always high in demand, the frog Taco tastes exactly like chicken according to happy customers. Well we shall leave it to them to decide whether a frog is just as delectable as the tender soft meat of a chicken but what is important to you is the good money that they are paying to eat this stuff. No cheese is involved in the making of frog tacos so you will be able to complete the recipe much faster than before. Just remember to add the lettuce on top at the end because the taco is accepted without it but you will never get a tip if you do so and an angry customer who paid more for the taco than he should have.

Polo Loco

A signature Mexican Taco, this is the ultimate use for the chicken leg pieces that you are able to harvest after shooting those sly chickens on the road. A relatively inexpensive option, this taco does not become available until Salt Lake City but after that you will see the demand for it rise so try not to miss the chickens on your way as they can be extremely hard to spot. To make the fastest Polo Loco, lay down the tortilla, spread onions followed by the chicken meat and finally add the lettuce on top to create a scrumptious taco for your customers. Do this fast and you can expect generous tips from them as well.