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Guardians Clash Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Dominate Every Game Mode

A recent release from FunPax Games, Guardians Clash is an immersive fantasy RPG full of unique legendary heroes, loads of character enhancements, and tons of game modes. If you enjoy fantasy RPGs where you can choose and customize your team while continuously collecting more heroes, battle through hordes of enemies in strategic combat, and fight other players’ teams in PvP combat, then this game is for you.

Guardians Clash sends you off to an epic adventure as you initially take control of a single hero gaining new allies along the way. Considering the volume of content it has, parts of the tutorial is spread out as you move forward with the campaign, gain new levels, and unlock new content. It’s a fast-paced, mind-blowing first few minutes, and even to the most experienced players, it may seem a little too much to handle at first.

With so many things to do in Guardians Clash, it’s no surprise that new players will want to try a lot of its unlocked features at the soonest possible time jumping from one game mode to the next, doing upgrades here and there. There’s more than one way of going about RPGs, and there will hardly be mistakes you won’t recover from. Check out our Guardians Clash cheats, tips and strategy guide, however, and you’ll discover more efficient ways of progressing through the game and raise your team to be of top tier quality.

1. Progress Through Normal Campaign As Much As You Can

Even with your starting heroes, you can breeze through the first few stages of the Normal Campaign. It constantly gets harder though as you reach a point where the gap between your level and the opponents’ level grows wider. With a well-balanced team that has a competitive enough BR (Battle Rating) you can take on enemies that are about two to three levels above you. Given that you really don’t lose anything after suffering a defeat in battle, it’s best to try first before deciding to move on to other game modes.

guardians clash normal campaign

Campaigns are divided into chapters and each chapter is laid out like a map where there are major nodes or areas and minor ones. Defeating minor nodes with any rating is okay but for the major ones, it’s better to go for a three-star rating on your first win here, meaning none of your heroes faint in battle. This is because you will get rewards at the end of each chapter for getting three-star ratings for every major node and rather than going through an area again and again to get that three star rating, you might as well spend your stamina on other battles. Additionally, farming for items later on will require you to earn the same results prior to doing so. Keep in mind that you can always opt out of a battle as soon as one of your heroes gets K.O.’d. Doing so will give you back the stamina you spent, much like when you are defeated in battle.

2. Set Up Your Main Team

After going through the initial chapters of the Normal Campaign and earning all those rewards, you’ll most likely have at least three heroes set up as your team. Chances are, you could already have about five or six depending on how much you have accomplished to earn certain rewards. Now would be a good time to visit the Summoning Altar. You can claim five free summons per day on the Summon Ritual and one free summon every twenty-four hours on the Epic Rite. You will certainly have enough resources to use the altar beyond the free attempts. The best way to go is to take advantage of the 10x summon. It’s important to note that you can only get class A heroes and shards from the Summon Ritual and up to class S shards and heroes on the Epic Rite.

Similar to other games that categorize heroes by classes, class S heroes, with everything else kept equal, are essentially more powerful than the class A heroes. Balancing this out, however, class S heroes are a lot more difficult to upgrade, most especially since their hero shards are more difficult to acquire. It is likewise important to know that with the right mix of roles and good strategies, a squad of class A heroes can beat a squad of higher class heroes.

guardians clash team

Moving further on to establishing your main team, what you would want to have is a good mix of heroes with a variety of roles. Perhaps for the three-hero squad it could be a tank, a support, and a crowd controller or a DPS, healer and tank. The decision is entirely up to you. What’s important is you have a good idea of how these heroes blend together in battle to survive and defeat multiple situations.

With the heroes you’ve already obtained, you can check their respective skills, even though some of it still needs to be unlocked. It should give you an idea already of what role they play in battle. All heroes being strength, agility, or intellect-based may influence the role they would serve in a squad, but not all the time. This classification is perhaps more influential on the type of damage they inflict and the type of damage they are more resistant to.

If you feel that the heroes you have can sufficiently take you through most battles then it’s time to focus on them moving forward. If you feel that you are still missing an essential component of your team-to-be, as none of your heroes fit the profile to your liking, then you can take another trip to the Summoning Altar.

3. Keep Your Main Heroes Upgraded

In the early stages of the game, you’ll have a three-hero team to use on most game modes but later on it will grow up to a five-member team, depending on the type of battle you engage in.

Initially, you will have an abundance of most resources to upgrade more than your main heroes. In several instances, you might be tempted to upgrade other heroes beyond the ones you are currently using. That’s perfectly normal and completely understandable. Keep in mind though that as you progress through the game, it’s going be a lot harder to keep your main heroes in tip-top condition, and so it’s best to save all your resources until you really need to upgrade additional heroes to join your team.

While you gain experience in most battles it’s hardly enough for your heroes to keep up with your level and with your level being the max level that your heroes can attain, you’ll soon be spending experience potions on them just so they’ll be on the same level. No need to max out the experience bar per level though as that may already prove to be a waste of valuable resources.

Following the heroes’ levels are the levels of each hero’s respective skills, which should be ranked up too. As your heroes become stronger and unlock more skills, the drain it puts on your once overflowing stash of gold becomes taxing. Remember that once you have unlocked a hero’s second ultimate skill, and upgraded it, you need to “deploy” it by selecting it on the hero’s skill tab. This means that the hero will now use this skill in battle instead the other skill.

guardians clash upgrading heroes

Each hero can be equipped with six gears with maximum enhancement levels at par with the hero level. While you will initially auto-equip your heroes and move on to next upgrade option, later on you would hunt for the ingredients you need to craft the recommended gears for each of your main heroes.

Another upgrade feature in Guardians Clash is the Hero Rank Up, ranks are determined by color from Green all the way to Purple. You occasionally have to look into this closely as rank up level requirements vary from one hero to another, with higher class heroes having higher requirements. Ranking up heroes open up additional skills and all additional skills add up to a higher BR and, of course, makes each hero stronger and more versatile. As such, you may want to check on missing requirements and try to obtain them as you can.

One of the more challenging character upgrades in the game is the Star Up element where you collect hero shards to increase your hero’s power. This goes all the way to reaching five stars, then finally six stars through hero awakening, which has additional requirements beyond having the necessary number of shards collected. There are a number of ways to obtain hero shards and some of it you have already encountered early in your adventure. What’s important to consider at this point is, when it comes to collecting hero shards, it’s best to focus on one hero at a time.

Each hero owns a unique artifact that you can also upgrade for a variety of stat boosts. As divine stone shards, the resource needed to perform this enhancement, are very limited, you’d want to balance using these among your main heroes depending on what you feel will be most helpful to your team. If you change your mind at some point you can retract these upgrades and re-allocate at the cost of a few diamonds.

Lastly, there are also gems that you can attach to each piece of the heroes’ equipment. These gems offer a variety of stat enhancements but are rather difficult to come by, especially if you’re just starting out. Higher level of equipment, as denoted by their color, comes with more sockets for these gems. Again, given that it may take a lot of time to have more than enough gems to fill in your main heroes’ requirements, carefully splitting them across as you see fit is the best way to go.

With these many upgrades, your heroes will raise their BR continuously. As you go on from one battle to the next, you’d best look into each of your main heroes as there may already be something new to enhance. This is most especially important when you are beginning to struggle at a certain battle and again, BR isn’t everything, it’s about how your team is set up to work effectively together.

4. Battle Through The Epic Campaign

guardians clash epic campaign

Finishing a chapter in the campaign unlocks its more difficult counterpart, the Epic Campaign. In here, enemies have higher levels but the rewards are better than the normal campaign. You can earn hero shards of class A heroes here as well as other materials not found in the normal campaign. These costs twice the stamina per battle so again you should consider opting out if you can’t clear a node with a three-star rating. Don’t be threatened by the disparity between your level and the enemies’ levels here, give it a try first.

5. Add Some Friends

guardians clash adding friends

Don’t delimit your in-game friends to people you know in real life. Like in many other games, having more friends in Guardians Clash offers beneficial rewards. For one, getting free stamina as free gifts from your friends is an opportunity you can’t pass up on. So with more friends you’ll have more opportunities to receive these gifts. Friends can also help you on some game modes.

6. Join A Guild

guardians clash guild

On top of additional quests and perquisites and having more people to help you on your adventure, guilds in Guardians Clash has a lot to offer which is why you must, at the soonest possible time, apply to join in one. At the Guild Camp, you can place your strongest heroes that will serve as mercenaries that can assist your guildmates in some of their quests. Likewise, you can use mercenaries on some game modes at the cost of gold, with the stronger ones are more expensive. Make it a must to donate to the guild as well as this will help raise your guild’s level, benefitting everyone, and give you extra stamina as well. There is also a guild shop that sells hero shards, amongst other things, which are hard to acquire anywhere else.

7. Compete In The Arena

The arena is a very challenging place to be in especially if you came in later to the server you’re on and everyone has pretty much outclassed you in terms of BR and hero roster. Don’t fret though because there are still ways to win a few matches, for starters.

guardians clash arena

Again, a team with a higher BR won’t necessary win, as what’s more important here is how your team’s skills work together in conjunction with your team’s battle formation. The matches are on auto-battle and you won’t have control over your heroes for the duration of the battle. So whenever you can, take a good look at your target’s roster and determine their skills, strengths, and potential weaknesses. You can infinitely browse through opponents as well so with a lot of patience, you’ll potentially find a suitable target. For better rewards, save an arena battle attempt or two towards the ranking rewards cut-off which is at 9:00 p.m. (GMT+8) as daily rewards from the arena are given at this time.

8. Finish As Many Demon Invasions As You Can

guardians clash demon invasion

Invasions randomly appear as you battle through a variety of dungeons in Guardians Clash. You get to choose one of three battles each with different enemy buffs given. Once you choose and finish one of the three battles, you can ask help from your friends and your guild to finish the remaining two and rewards will be given once all portals are successfully sealed. While playing the game, you’ll often see an indicator on the Assist Icon on the main screen. This means that a friend or a guildmate has an open invasion and you can choose to help out. You should choose to do so whenever you can as the rewards from this battle will greatly aid you in upgrading your heroes.

9. Recharge Your Stamina

You replenish one stamina every six minutes and there are tons of daily quest incentives and game progression rewards that provide you with free stamina on top of the free lunch, 12:00 noon (GMT+8), and dinner, 6:00 p.m. (GMT+8). While all these should be enough to get you your fill of Guardians Clash for most days, efficiently progressing through the game demands you to seek out more. For starters, you can check your inventory for consumables that replenish stamina. There won’t be any indicator whatsoever on this one so it’s best to look whenever you lack the stamina needed to complete a quest.

how to recharge stamina in guardians clash

It’s almost a given that on many games you’d save your diamonds for something special like that 10x Epic Rite Summoning or perhaps some hero shards from the multiple shops you can buy it from. While this is always a smart decision, it’s also important to open as many features in the game early on and spending on stamina is a necessary thing to do to progress further faster in the game.

For one, if the only reason hindering you from completing a certain quest in campaign is lack of stamina, that’s reason enough to get more. If you need to upgrade your heroes’ equipment by farming some ingredients, you’ll need loads of stamina as well. Spending diamonds on stamina purchases become more and more expensive but make it a must to at least do so at least 3x a day. If you still need more, check the mall prices for stamina as well as the diamond costs there might be cheaper than directly buying stamina on the main screen.

10. Maximize Participation In The Escort

guardians clash escort

The Escort is a game mode in Guardians Clash where you form a defensive formation and be open to other players’ attacks for fifteen minutes. Whether or not you get attacked and regardless if you make it through both attempts, you’ll still earn divine stone shards for upgrading your heroes’ artifacts. You can also try to “rob” other players’ escorts to gain additional shards. As these shards are very hard to obtain you should do your best to finish as many attempts in this as you can.

11. Progress Through The Relics

guardians clash relics

The Relics game mode is basically a series of battles climbing up a dungeon tower. There are a total of fifteen floors with each floor being tougher than the previous one. Each floor offers a treasure chest as well. As you try and make your way to the top, the best way to proceed is to manually control your heroes. You can save up your ultimate skills for later to when you really need to use them. If you have additional ranked up heroes by the time you go through with this, you can switch heroes in and out so you’ll have a lot of heroes with charged up ultimate skills for the harder battles. It is expected to not finish this on your earlier play but when you have more heroes and stronger ones later, you’ll eventually make it to the top.

12. Finish Whatever You Can In The Trials Dungeon

guardians clash trials dungeon

Another daily quest you’d want to accomplish is the Trials Dungeon. In here, there are several game modes that offer a variety of conditions, some of which can be attempted daily while others are open only on specific days. These dungeons have difficulty settings that can be unlocked as you level up but you may still go for the lower level ones if you fail every attempt on the next difficulty level. As you’ll initially have limited heroes to use in these trials, it’s a good idea to use mercenaries from your guild. You can earn a lot of rewards from these trials so don’t hesitate to spend a few gold coins on mercenaries.

13. Don’t Forget To Claim Your Rewards

guardians clash rewards

Before logging out of the game make sure you claim all your event, quest, and bounty rewards as well as those sent to your mail. Guardians Clash has a very generous way of providing a lot of in-game rewards that you’d best claim them before the end of the day.

That’s it for our Guardians Clash strategy guide and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed preparing it. If you have additional Guardians Clash cheats, tips and tricks that we forgot to mention, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment section below!