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Guardian Stone: Second War Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 9 Awesome Hints You Need to Know

Guardian Stone: Second War has just arrived as a new tactical RPG from NHN Entertainment, and you can download it now regardless whether you’re on iOS or Android. You can collect over 69 unique Guardians in this epic mobile game, as you team up with other Guardians to fight against monsters, discover the “mysterious” Guardian Stones, and do much more. Mechanics-wise, the game offers turn-based battles with “simple touch control” that allows you to tap just once to launch certain weapons. Each Guardian has “dozens” of unique powers, so that should spice things up and keep things interesting throughout the game.

The game was released earlier this month, which means it’s one of the newer RPGs out there. Now, if you’re hoping to gain some valuable experience and go farther than the average player has gone so far, then you can check out our detailed Guardian Stone: Second War strategy guide. We shall be focusing on general tips and strategies that you can refer to any time you’re having some difficulty moving forward in the game.

1. There Is No One Right Way To Play This Game

Guardian Stone: Second War is quite an expansive and immersive role-playing game, and if you come to think of it, there’s really no right way or wrong way to play the game. For instance, you can focus your efforts on completing achievements, or you can try to complete all the daily quests instead. Alternately, the Challenge Mode is available for you to check out. All three methods can earn you Special Summoning Stones, gold, or rubies, which underscores the wide range of options you have in this game if you want to be successful in it.

2. Learning The Basics – Elemental System And More

There is an elemental system at work in Guardian Stone: Second War, and it makes use of simple rock/paper/scissors mechanics to determine which type of Guardian is stronger or weaker than the other. Stellar beats Lunar, Lunar beats Solar, Solar beats Stellar; keep this in mind when you’re choosing which Guardians to use against certain monsters, and pay attention to the glowing icon next to the character avatar, which we shall be discussing with you below.

What’s that glowing icon, and how can it help you in Guardian Stone: Second War? The moment you see it, that means the next attack you launch will do considerably more damage to its target than usual.

3. Closely Monitor Character Equipment

The moment you’ve got new equipment unlocked and ready to buy, you should immediately buy those pieces of equipment (only choose the best ones for your needs, of course) and equip them on your characters. Also make sure to upgrade that equipment whenever possible; as you go through Story Mode, you’ll gain tons of equipment, and you can easily collect a sizable surplus of gear which can then be used as upgrading pieces for other types of equipment in the game.

4. Why Runes Are Useful To Your Guardians

Runes play roles in so many RPGs, but in Guardian Stone: Second War, they serve as your Guardians’ equipment. With Runes, a regular Guardian could get a huge boost in skills, though it’s not like you should outfit a Guardian with a random Rune and expect great results right off the bat. The Runes are similar to the Guardians, as they both come in varying rarities and star levels, and can be upgraded to become more powerful. Always check a Rune’s information before equipping it on a Guardian.

5. What Do Guardian Shards And Essences Do?

Guardian Shards, also known as Pieces of the Guardian Stone, are smaller bits that make up Guardian Stones (well, naturally), and if you can combine all the pieces for a stone, you can create a new Guardian at the Sanctuary. Essences, on the other hand, are used to evolve Guardians and make them significantly more powerful. You can collect more of both in specific stages of Story Mode, so just be patient and you just might have all that you need to create that rare Guardian.

6. Unlocking Two-Star Guardians

In the grander scheme of things, two-star Guardians won’t really do you a world of good, but in the early goings of the game, you will certainly need them fighting alongside those one-star common Guardians. Pretty much, you’ll have to complete the trophy reward so you can quickly earn a two-star Guardian; if you receive three trophies in all stages, you will be guaranteed to receive a two-star Guardian for your troubles.

7. About Upgrading And Sacrificing Your Guardians

As you may have noticed from the above tips, there are multiple ways in which you can make your Guardians better. These include sacrificing less impressive Guardians, or those whom you no longer need on your team. Sacrificing a Guardian or two, especially if they’re already surplus to your needs, can make existing Guardians better, increasing their stats by 5 percent per upgrade or more. Pay attention to the +1 sign next to the target Guardian’s avatar to have an idea how much your sacrifice would pay off when it’s done.

8. What Is The Special Summon?

We told you about two-star Guardians above, but what you really want are those with three stars rarity or better. You can have a rare Guardian (three stars and above) with a Special Summon, but also remember that Guardians with one to three stars can be used in the upgrades detailed above. It might be better to look for Guardian Shards, but if you’ve got a Special Summon, don’t be shy to use it.

9. Take Part In PvP Mode

Why should you play in player vs player mode in Guardian Stone: Second War? Since we focused so much on Story Mode, you may wonder why you would still need to play PvP in this game. For starters, this option allows you to take part in leagues, with ten heroes per category, and your league ranking will depend on how far you progress. Higher ranking means higher rewards , so do your best in the PvP leagues so you can earn some tantalizing rewards for rising up the rankings.