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Growtopia’s UbiWeek Crossover Event Will See Cameos from Ezio, the Rabbids, and More

Growtopia, the distinctive 2D sandbox game from Ubisoft, is getting a week-long series of crossover events throughout the last week of January. 

The UbiWeek event will see seven different Ubisoft franchises appearing in Growtopia on consecutive days, with megahits like Assassin’s Creed, Rabbids, and Far Cry III: Blood Dragon all lined up to take part.

growtopia's ubiweek crossover event

In case you need a refresher, Growtopia is a colorful MMO that sees you growing items from seeds, taking on quests dished out by NPCs, and visiting other players’ worlds. Every world in Growtopia is procedurally generated, making them all unique from the get-go. 

The game’s slogan is Be Anyone & Create Anything, which sums it up nicely.

The full list of games and franchises that will feature throughout the week looks like this: Rabbids, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Far Cry III: Blood Dragon, Assassin’s Creed, Immortal Fenyx Rising, Prince of Persia, and Brawlhalla. 

Each crossover will be different. The Assassin’s Creed event will let you play as an adorable Growtopia version of Ezio, complete with cowl and dagger.

In Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell event will fully transform your character into everyone’s favorite elite field operative, Sam Fisher. With this iconic outfit you’ll be the sneakiest agent in all of Growtopia. 

But the Rabbids crossover will take a different tack, plonking a Rabbid on your shoulders armed with a plunger. The Immortals Fenyx Rising event, meanwhile, will give your avatar the Wings of Diadalos.

The Brawlhalla event will be absolutely on-brand, equipping your avatar with Bödvar’s gigantic hammer or Val’s gauntlets, while the Prince of Persia event will turn your world into a 2D tribute to The Sands of Time’s iconic palace locations, and the Far Cry III: Blood Dragon event will give you a pet.

Not just any pet, of course. A Blood Dragon that fires lasers from its eyes. 
The UbiWeek event is set to run from the 24th till the 30th of January. You can download Growtopia right now on Android and iOS.