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Age of Origins Lets Alliances Fight for Supremacy in a Zombie Wasteland with Duel of Dominance Event

Camel Games has announced an exciting new update for Age of Origins, letting players duke it out in a battle for dominion in the zombie-apocalypse-themed SLG. Players will have to join forces with their Alliance members to fight in the Duel of Dominance for some valuable in-game rewards.

age of origins duel of dominance event

In Age of Origins, the Duel of Dominance event will shake things up as players not only have to survive the hordes of the undead knocking at their door, but they’ll also have to learn how to manage their City in the midst of a harsh post-apocalyptic environment.

In particular, the Duel of Dominance event is a Nation vs Nation battle where the top four Alliances in each Nation will compete for the top spot in the rankings. Commanders with a City level higher than Level 15 (and who have been with their respective Alliances for more than seven days) can also join in on the fun.

age of origins wolf

In the Group Matches stage and the Knockouts stage, players will need to score Dominance Permits from Tifa’s Donation Station or donate resources. These Dominance Permits can be exchanged for useful buffs at the Items Shop. Then, Armies can be placed across 7 Districts on the map to begin their attack on strongholds in each area.

If you’re keen on joining the fight, you can download Age of Origins on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android devices. New players that join the free-to-play strategy title before February 24th can also redeem the code Fv5TFK for some extra in-game goodies to get started.