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GRID Autosport Heading to Android in 2019

GRID Autosport, one of the hottest racing titles today, has been confirmed for a launch on Android devices in 2019. The game is currently available on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, as well as iOS. It follows the career of the player as a driver for hire who has the choice to specialize in certain disciplines or to conquer all in the world of professional motorsport.

grid autosport android

While there is little known information about the features of the Android version, the console and PC versions all have over a hundred routes spread across 22 different locations. Another feature that players are looking forward to seeing on their mobiles is the authentic handling model that recreates the feel of professional race cars. Players are also keen on testing their skills against the advanced, realistic AI that the game is known for. Those who have a thirst for competition are also waiting to see how the online multiplayer aspect of the game will be integrated into the Android version.

Feral Interactive has announced that the game will only be supported on a limited range of Android devices due to its technical demands. On the one hand, that is unfortunate for those whose devices will not make the cut. On the other, that means players can expect a lot of great features to make it into the mobile release.

GRID Autosport will be available on Android upon its launch next year. Feral Interactive has also announced that the release will be restricted to North America, Europe, Australia, and some Asian territories. To stay updated on future announcements, players can check out the game’s official website.