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Granny Smith Cheats & Tips: 4 Awesome Tricks for Outsmarting the Apple Thief

Granny Smith Free (we have to include the word “Free” here because there is a paid version) is a game by Mediocre AB that’s available for Android and iOS devices. With a “be-wheeled thief” stealing apples from Granny Smith’s garden, your job is to control her as she “swiftly skates through farms and goldmines” and crashes through barns and train carts while going for the apples. Basically, you’ll have to get to the apples before the thief in this platform game.

As this is a free version of the original game, the degree of difficulty in here isn’t that high compared to the paid version. But the levels get progressively harder, and if you’re looking to ace this free version of the game, we recommend reading our collection of Granny Smith cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Spend Coins To Skip Levels

Sure, Granny Smith Free is much easier than its paid equivalent, but the levels will become more and more difficult and you might be looking for a way to skip some especially tough levels. You’ll earn gold coins while playing the game, and you can pay some of this in-game money to skip a level. Still, we suggest playing those levels through, no matter how many tries it takes, as that’s going to give you the best playing experience possible.

2. Time Your Jumps Carefully

Granny Smith Free is a platformer, which, of course, involves a lot of jumping. And these jumps need to be timed impeccably, which can be achieved through regular practice; this is another reason why playing through difficult levels instead of skipping them is most advisable. If you mistime your jump, that could slow you down considerably, so practice that timing and maintain your focus at all times; one wrong move could instantly end your level and force you to start from scratch. You also want to be focused so that you can avoid those obstacles and keep your eye on the thief, who would typically be faster.

3. Earn Gold Coins, Here’s How

Gold coins are the game’s only form of currency – there isn’t any premium currency like gems which you can use to buy higher-end stuff. Coins are earned by completing levels, and the better your score is in a level, the more coins you’ll earn. Aside from what we told you earlier, you’ll be using these coins to pay for power-ups, and that leads us to the next tip in our list.

4. Focus On Power-Ups

There are a total of three power-ups which you can purchase, and we would recommend using the bananas most often. Throwing bananas on the ground would slow down the thief and force him to slip. You can also use baseballs to throw at the thief if he’s right in front of you; that’s also going to slow him down and allow you to overtake him. The helmet is useful for crashing into objects, which you do a lot of in this game, and for maintaining your speed even if you crash.