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Gourmet Ranch: Farm, Cook and Serve Cheats and Strategy Guide

Want to “escape to the country and release your inner chef”? That’s what Playdemic’s Gourmet Ranch: Farm, Cook and Serve will let you do. This is a classic farming game with a twist – you start by growing crops on your ranch, before including them in your recipes and serving them up to your customers in your café. In other words, Gourmet Ranch combines elements of farming and restaurant games, and it’s currently quite a popular title for iOS users – sorry, Android device owners, Gourmet Ranch is only available on the App Store/iTunes Store for the moment. If you do own an Apple device, meaning an iPhone or iPad, we have some great Gourmet Ranch cheats and strategies to help you make good business in this game.

1. Use The Time Lapse Cheat

You can make use of the classic time lapse cheat in Gourmet Ranch: Farm, Cook and Serve, but in a different way than most other games. How does this work? It’s simple. Exit the game, change the time on your iPhone or iPad by however long it takes to perform a farming, cooking or selling task, then return to the game. There is a method to this, though, and that’s setting the time ahead based on the task that takes the most hours to complete. Just make sure you switch the time back to normal so as not to miss out on appointments or reminders.

2. Make The Most Out Of Your Trade Store

The trade store is a virtual marketplace where other players can buy items from you, where you yourself could go ahead and buy items from someone else. Be aware of the products that are most in demand and those where supply is running low. You can also look for undervalued items, or grow them and cook them on your own. Regardless of how you go about it, these are the best ways to sell your products for a generous markup.

3. Complete Orders And Deliveries For Free Gems

You can earn more gems, or the game’s premium currency, by completing required orders and delivery. You’ll earn more gems by completing more orders, though you may have to be patient, as you won’t get too many gems during your first few orders. There is, however, another way to get yourself more gems, and there are a lot of people who favor the latter Gourmet Ranch tip when it comes to earning more of the premium currency.

4. Connect Your Game To Facebook

You know how the drill goes; connect your Gourmet Ranch game on your mobile device to Facebook, look for friends on Facebook who play the game, and work together by sending free gems to each other. You can always look for other Gourmet Ranch players on Facebook, meaning total strangers; we would suggest, however, creating a separate Facebook account for your mobile gaming, so you don’t come about as overly pushy when using your main account.