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Gorgeous MMORPG, Black Desert Mobile, Launches Globally to Shake Up the Competition

Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Mobile has finally arrived for iOS and Android to shake up the MMO genre in a big way. Its pre-registration campaign drew in over 4 million players, and that’s likely due to the game’s console-quality visuals, compelling storytelling, and layered, satisfying combat system.

black desert mobile release

Another reason many have been talking about this one is its unparalleled character creation system. There are just so many options, and it’s made incredibly intuitive thanks to its smart use of touchscreen controls. Outside of the cosmetic options, you’ll also have to pick which of the five classes best suits your intended play style. There’s the Warrior, Witch, Ranger, Giant, and Valkyrie, and you’ll find that they all perform very differently in combat, with their own pros and cons.

Clearly, you’ll want to put some time into perfecting your avatar, as the world of Black Desert Mobile is huge, with a lengthy campaign storyline to work through and dozens of hours of side content to tackle. You can also expect a robust multiplayer experience, with co-op dungeons and world bosses to take on as a team, as well as a challenging 3v3 PvP mode to test your mettle on.

Progression obviously comes from earning EXP and better loot, but you should also pay attention to your Life Skills. Some of these include crafting, dyeing fabrics, fishing, and gathering, and they’ll all reward you with helpful resources to build new camps or upgrade your existing structures. Worker NPCs can be brought in to help run your little town, though you’ll of course need to pay them.

Another interesting mobile-exclusive feature is the Black Spirit Mode. This is an extended auto mode that allows you to continue earning EXP and resources without needing to check in or burn through your battery life and data. It’s a great addition that makes complete sense for mobile.

black desert mobile gameplay

Following 4.5 million pre-registration, all players can expect to start the game with some helpful rewards, some of which include Skillbooks, Memory Fragments, Krenvatz Barding, and a Tier 1 Horse Emblem.

Black Desert Mobile could potentially become the new king of mobile MMOs, and you can find it available for download right now over on the App Store and Google Play.